degustacja serów

Cheese tasting

Led by our philosophy of rediscovering traditional Polish products, we offer our Guests the tasting of excellent Polish cheese. This selection is guided by variety of types, textures, colours as well as producers. We would love to share with Guests unique flavours created with passion by native cheese factories, accompanied by homemade pastries and preserves.

Starting from the intriguing  way of exposition it foreshows a promising experience. Every day we arrange our trolley with great care with highest quality and fresh products to make it as attractive as possible.

Our offer consist of eight types of cheese, intense cow’s long-ripening, blue, smooth goat cheese and many other. Their individual, special character is perfectly underlined by properj am made by Marcin Popielarz’s secret recipe.  Every flavour enthusiast will find something for themselves. Guests can combine their own set of three or six cheese or give themselves full pleasure of variety and taste all of them. All this creations are realised and served by a waiter at the Guest’s table. He cuts thirty grams slices of chosen cheese and serves it in proper categories grouped by style and intensity. Then they offer some confiture as well, flavours depending on amount of  tasting cheese. Last but not least served are our own-baked brioches, flatbreads and crumpets straight from an etagere. During this service Guests can get to know about origin and production of each cheese to understand and discover better their hidden flavours.

Our sommelier made his best to fulfil the experience and chose three wines from our list creating a small pairing with cheese. Fresh and fruity Sauvignon Blanc with its acidity underlines delicate flavours of goat cheese, semi dry sherry oloroso with its nutty notes corresponds with aged hard cheese as well as tawny port is a great match to our blue cheese.

Tasting of our cheese selection is a perfect ending of a special dinner, when after the desserts the magic of the evening may last even longer….