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Double Deluxe Room of Bashō Matsuo

Innovative furniture serves as decoration of the suite's interior and at the same time ensures the highest level of comfort and pays tribute to contemporary Japan. The sofa and armchairs look like effortlessly arranged stones. Black accents, wallpapers inspired by old paintings and Zen philosophy introduce a feeling of peace and harmony into the interior.


Prices start at: $79 per night

Double Deluxe Room of Scheherezade

Architecture of the royal palaces of Marrakesh served as the main inspiration for this suite. The design impresses with its colour madness. Characteristic blue, golden and rusty red colours undoubtedly refer to the richness of Arabian marketplaces. Large windowsills are made of exotic Merbau wood and covered with many pillows. An Orient atmosphere is created due to such elements as a pouf with a naturally dyed leather upholstery and multicoloured tiles.


Prices start at: $59 per night

Double Deluxe Room of Emily Brontë

A cow-spotted bed framing and a row of wooden beams are not the only rustic accents of this spacious suite. A humorous accent is made by the wallpaper with a pear-breeding willow which introduces an unrestrained idyllic atmosphere.


Prices start at: $119 per night

Single Deluxe Room of Francis Scott Fitzgerald

An atmosphere of the suite will make you think of a countryside vacation spent with a favourite book. Skylights and exposed illuminated roof beams serve as main decoration elements of the suite. A unique atmosphere is created by the wall covered with an old newspaper style wallpaper featuring everyday life in the era of automobiles and aeroplanes.


Prices start at: $35 per night

Double Deluxe Room of Leo Tolstoy

Marble windowsills, an originally preserved fireplace and an antique chest create an atmosphere of an apartment in a bourgeois tenement. A white wardrobe with a decorative crown, hanging bird cage style lamps and subdued colours make the interior look elegant and peaceful. A flawless design, a feeling of space and a remarkable park view create a perfect setting for a comprehensive relaxation process.


Prices start at: $39 per night

Double Deluxe Room of Gustave Flaubert

A chaise lounge with dark green plush upholstery takes the centre stage of a French boudoir style living room. A lacy, corset style wallpaper in the living room creates a contrast with a white palace trimming. Quilted with decorative buttons, a white upholstered headboard, fastened to a wall, plays the main role in the suite’s bedroom. The attention is also captured by hanging lamps made of feathers, a lacy rich red wallpaper and chalice-shaped wall lamps.


Prices start at: $29 per night

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