Double Deluxe Room of Gustave Flaubert

"Madame Bovary"

There are times when a man wants to challenge the world, to break free from conventions.


"Madame Bovary: A Story of Provincial Life" is a realistic and psychological novel by Flaubert, which he was sued for on the indecency grounds. The novelist drew the idea from life, however when asked about his inspiration, he claimed that Madame Bovary was his impersonation, emphasizing his involvement in the artistic process.

“What could be better than to sit besides the fire with a book and a glowing lamp while the wind beats outside the windows...”


Double Deluxe Room of Gustave Flaubert

Immerse yourself boldly in a romance and challenge the world and conventions.

A chaise lounge with dark green plush upholstery takes the centre stage of a French boudoir style living room. A lacy, corset style wallpaper in the living room creates a contrast with a white palace trimming. Quilted with decorative buttons, a white upholstered headboard, fastened to a wall, plays the main role in the suite’s bedroom. The attention is also captured by hanging lamps made of feathers, a lacy rich red wallpaper and chalice-shaped wall lamps.