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The Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia is an original combination of modern design and a whiff of history. This beautiful historic park and palace complex dates back to the 18th century. The whole has been refined in every respect, and even more fully savoring this place allows the atmosphere of peace and intimacy that prevails here. This palace, surrounded by greenery, is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet not far from the center of Gdynia and Sopot. Anyone who appreciates art, is passionate about history and has a romantic soul can feel here as if they have stepped back in time and found themselves in another era. This is not the only aspect that makes the Quadrille Hotel original and attractive to the conscious viewer.

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The attractiveness of the Quadrille Hotel is also largely influenced by the fact that the decor itself is far from that of a typical resort property. Here the focus is on class, elegance and... a reference to themes from the well-known book "Alice in Wonderland." Being in Quadrille, one enters a magical world, like Alice who jumped into the Rabbit Hole. The magnificent exterior architecture of the building alone can cause a thrill and foreshadow many exciting moments. On the other hand, upon entering the building, stepping on the intriguing checkerboard floor, one feels an aura of luxury and mystery. The Quadrille Palace also houses an exquisite restaurant, the White Rabbit, where you can experience a true explosion of flavors.

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– theme & design

Alice and Wonderland motif accompanies the whole concept of Quadrille, from the name itself, which refers to the quadrille danced by the novel’s characters, through the White Rabbit Restaurant referring to Alice’s guide in the fantasy world, to 10/6 Pub – the name derived from the Mad Hatter’s Day.

The entrance hall is decorated by a black-and-white floor as a reference to the game of chess played by the main characters of the novel, and the interior design of the Palace creates a fairy-tale illusion. In addition, one of the suites was inspired by a film adaptation of the novel created by Tim Burton.

Vigilant guests will notice many other fairy-tale accents in the object, however this does not mean that this place is dedicated to children. The object was created mainly for adults with high self-awareness, interested in discovering the world and with good knowledge of culture and art. Design lovers will find a number of stylish elements in the Palace which were created by world-known designers. Materials used for the interiors were ordered from the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers, in particular the wallpapers were chosen from the French “Elitis” or British “Cole & Sons” brands, the latter supplying a range of goods to the Buckingham Palace or the White House. The furniture was purchased from a Danish “Frits&Hansen” manufacturer or from one of the oldest Polish producers – “Paged” company.

The lamps and light installations are comprised of a gallery of international brands, such as Italian “Artemide”, “Karman” and “Modoluce”, Danish “VITA Copenhagen”, Dutch “Zuiver”, or “Areti” coming from London.

Each of the twelve exclusive palace suites delight with a different design and a one-of-a-kind concept. The diversity is also reflected in their names, which refer to the world-renowned literary masters and to the character of their works. The suites treasure such pearls of design as the Portuguese “Azulejos” tiles, handmade and covered with multicolour glazing. Real enthusiasts of interior design will also notice many design accents and icons. Classical style of the Palace was preserved in many places which made it possible to create an inspiring combination of historic and modern elements.



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