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Quadrille Spa is a modern comfortable space where each of our Guests will feel exclusive and will escape from everyday routine. 

Our Guests’ well-being and beauty are treated comprehensively here which enables us to plan consistent and effective therapies. Cosmetologists and massage therapists keep an expert eye on maintenance of the balance between the body and the mind through a skilful compilation of treatment programmes.


Based on our two-track approach, we expertly combine care and relaxation therapies with technology. For the purpose of a psychophysical regeneration, we highly recommend the manual Forlle’d facial therapy and the Comfort Zone body therapy. Our Guests can also enjoy an incredible world of original massages and Tibetan bowls and gongs concerts. At the same time, the most modern solutions in the cosmetology field, such as Surgen, Zaffiro, LPG Endermologie, Vectus, Med 2 Contour and Hydrafacial, are a guarantee of reduction of fatty tissue and body hair, improvement of skin condition, rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles and much more.

About Us

The current Quadrille Spa menu corresponds with the trend in cosmetology industry for technology based treatments. As professionals, we not only care about the final result but also aim at maintaining the highest standard and comprehensiveness of our services during your entire stay in the Spa and a°quadrille area.


The current Quadrille Spa menu corresponds with the trend in cosmetology industry for technology based treatments.


We are a team of professionals with a good understanding of our Guests’ needs. We care about quality, atmosphere, comfort and safety during treatments, combining therapeutic experience and skills with innovative technologies and soothing rituals. The Quadrille Spa team is comprised of specialists in the field of cosmetology and therapists who continuously advance their qualifications.

Opening hours:

The A°Quadrille Zone is open during the following hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 – 21:00;

Friday to Sunday: 8:00 – 22:00.

The SPA reception is available during the following hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 – 21:00,

Friday to Sunday: 8:00 – 22:00. 

Treatments are available daily from 10:00 do 20:00.

To book treatments and massages, please contact the SPA reception: 

+ 58 351 03 20 / + 48 609 991 209 /


Kacper Wiśniewski – Wellness & SPA Quality Manager

A graduate of Career Counseling and Personnel Management and Health Promotion. A certified masseur with many years of experience, which he also gained abroad. He completed numerous courses and professional training in the field of medical therapies, oriental rituals, as well as cosmetic procedures. His passion is undoubtedly massage and work with people, he willingly shares his knowledge and experience by conducting trainings. His advantages are certainly a smile on his face, professionalism and honesty. Privately a huge automotive fan.


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