Business Double Room in the Outbuilding

The Outbuilding - Business-friendly approach

The Outbuilding was built right next to the historic Palace to serve as its extension. The building was designed to house comfortable rooms with all conveniences, however with a more toned down design comparing to the Palace suites. The Outbuilding offers a perfect setting for work and relaxation, so highly valued by businessmen coming to Tricity or guests who prefer comfortable and toned down designs. Despite the close proximity, both buildings are connected by an underground corridor with a unique architectural style.

“Begin at the beginning,"the King said, very gravely,"and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”


Business Double Room in the Outbuilding

A business class room located in the building called the Outbuilding, which is adjacent to the Palace and connected with it through an underground corridor. Rooms are located on three storeys; the rooms on the first storey provide an access to the terrace. Each of the 21 rooms features living space of around 20m2, an en suite bathroom, one large double bed (180 x 210 cm) or two single beds (90 x 210 cm) convertible into a double bed.