Single Deluxe Room of Francis Scott Fitzgerald

"The Great Gatsby"

Life is a game; if you want to win, you better learn its rules.

Despite the writing talent discovered at an early stage, Francis S. Fitzgerald was a mediocre student with a serious spelling disorder. He gained popularity due to his debut novel entitled This Side of Paradise which made him a real celebrity of the so-called Jazz Age. "The Great Gatsby", however, did not drew much attention for over a quarter of a century.
„Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window, after all.”


Single Deluxe Room of Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Make ambitious plans in a private interior inspired by New York of the early 20th century.

An atmosphere of the suite will make you think of a countryside vacation spent with a favourite book. Skylights and exposed illuminated roof beams serve as main decoration elements of the suite. A unique atmosphere is created by the wall covered with an old newspaper style wallpaper featuring everyday life in the era of automobiles and aeroplanes.