Double Deluxe Room of Vladimir Nabokov


Anyone can become a writer, finding your story is all it takes. historię.


For many years, "Lolita" was considered to be a scandalized novel, while the author struggled in his attempts to publish it. Nabokov claimed that he had drawn inspiration for this book from a newspaper paragraph about a monkey in the Paris zoo which, as a part of a scientific experiment, was given drawing instruments. The first thing sketched by the animal were the bars of its own cage.

Double Deluxe Room of Vladimir Nabokov

Discover the writer within...

This stylish suite emphasizes an ethereal and fanciful feminine nature. A turquoise upholstered bed frame and a stylized sofa introduce two dominant colours. Candy and pastel-coloured wallpaper and the inscriptions on a glazed bathroom door together create a light French-style combination.