Double Deluxe Room of Scheherezade

"One Thousand and One Nights"

A meeting with the Far East, its splendour and sensuality is an inspiring adventure.

"One Thousand and One Nights" is an anonymously written collection of around 300 Arabian fairy tales and tales, legends, anecdotes and stories linked by the legend of sultan Shahryar and his wife Scheherazade, who spends 1001 nights telling incredible stories to her husband in order to postpone her death sentence. In the end, she succeeds as the cruel ruler has a change of heart.
"Whoever talks about what does not concern him, often hears what does not please him!"


Double Deluxe Room of Scheherezade

Let yourself be seduced by the wonders of the Far East and spin your own incredible tales.

Architecture of the royal palaces of Marrakesh served as the main inspiration for this suite. The design impresses with its colour madness. Characteristic blue, golden and rusty red colours undoubtedly refer to the richness of Arabian marketplaces. Large windowsills are made of exotic Merbau wood and covered with many pillows. An Orient atmosphere is created due to such elements as a pouf with a naturally dyed leather upholstery and multicoloured tiles.