Single Deluxe Room of Charles Dickens

"Oliver Twist"

Sometimes meeting another person changes our whole life.


As a child, Charles Dickens had to face cruel reality when his father got arrested for debts and he had to start working twelve-hour shifts in a shoe factory. This difficult experience left a trace on the writer's artistic works which frequently contained records of social inequity and poverty ("Oliver Twist" is one of them).

"Every man's his own friend, my dear,' replied Fagin, with his most insinuating grin. 'He hasn't as good a one as himself anywhere."


Single Deluxe Room of Charles Dickens

Feel the atmosphere of a palace attic and become a fairy tale character.

With its tower view and tall skylights, this suite resembles one of the castle’s top chambers where beautiful princesses used to be locked up. A fairy tale atmosphere is emphasized by elegant plush bed framings and lamps in the shape of steel-rimmed ball dress frames. You will feel an atmosphere of mysterious palace attics where the court, folk and modern worlds meet.