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Podiatric pedicure

A comprehensive treatment aimed at restoring the proper condition of the feet. It is dedicated to people who do not have a visible problem with their feet, but want to take care of their feet for their own comfort. This treatment will also work well in the case of problems related to excessive keratinization of the epidermis, often formed calluses, corns and damage to the nail plate. The stages of the treatment are individually matched to the needs of the feet. The service includes shortening and polishing nails, preparing cuticles and cleaning nail shafts, removing physiological calluses and applying appropriately selected care preparations, as well as advice on proper home care.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: PLN 200


Treatments with acids

Treatments with acids are undoubtedly an effective weapon against the most common skin ailments.Discoloration, blackheads, acne, small scars and wrinkles – these are the problems that can be avoided thanks to the medical action of acids.

Winter is the optimal time to start the series professional treatments with chemical acids ‘Peel Mission’.

Only now: when you buy a set of four treatments, you will receive the fifth one from us as a gift.

* The given proposal is also available in the form of an elegant gift voucher.

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