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CANDLE MASSAGE- pleasantly warm aromatherapy massage

Made with warm candle oil, consisting entirely of natural waxes and an aromatic blend of essential oils selected individually to your mood and preferences. Loved by all amateurs of massage oils and the magical atmosphere of lit candles. Dissolved wax pleasantly warms the skin and leaves it soft. It does not freeze like the traditional one, but creates a pleasant to the touch cover. After the massage, the skin is well supplied with blood, fragrant, well-groomed and radiating radiance. Candle massage is a treatment that combines classic techniques, aromatherapy and the soothing warmth of a candle flame.

TIME: 75 min PRICE: PLN 320

Price for two people: PLN 600


This treatment is designed to remove hair, fibroids and close dilated capillaries using high-frequency direct and alternating current. Using three modes of operation: thermolysis, electrolysis and the combined method, it will successfully close the lumen of the vessel, destroy the hair bulb or remove fibroids, sperm whales and millet.

TIME: 15-30 minutes

closing the blood vessels 150-350
removal of fibromas 150-350
wart removal single PLN 80 , next +PLN 40
single hair removal 150-350

The given proposal is also available in the form of an elegant gift voucher.

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