• Med 2 Contour

Med Contour is a non-invasive and non-surgical liposuction treatment known for its efficiency in cellulite removal and body shaping.

Med2 Contour Medical ultrasound machine emits ultrasound waves of 1 MHz frequency which reach the depth of 4 mm inside the skin. Ultrasound waves lead to a breakdown of fat cells and then by the means of a massage, melted fat tissue is removed through lymphatic vessels.


  • different stages of cellulite
  • local fat deposits


  • pacemaker
  • metal implants within the treated area
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins in case of leg treatments
  • heart diseases, arterial hypertension
  • skin diseases
  • liver diseases
  • fat metabolism disorder
  • skin cancer and any other cancer related lesions
  • inflammatory conditions


During the treatment, a client feels pleasant warmth. The Med Contour treatment is a painless and non-invasive procedure which requires neither anaesthesia nor a special preparation.

The treatment time ranges from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the treated area. Full therapy consists of 4 to 8 treatments at 1-week intervals.

It is a so-called lunch treatment which means that a treated person can instantly go back to everyday activities. For about an hour, however, the treated skin can be slightly pink.