Wedding beauty planner

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in our life. We all wish for this day to be absolutely perfect and become one of our most pleasant memories. And how does it really look like? A young couple get so exhausted with handling formalities and preparations for their big day that they forget about themselves. For this reason, it is better to work on our beauty care habits in advance. We all want to look exceptional on this day and this is the main reason why our facial and body skin needs to be in the best condition.

Taking into consideration the multiple aspects of preparations, we recommend that you schedule a preliminary appointment six months before the planned wedding date. Quadrille Spa therapists will prepare an individual programme which will make your skin perfectly smooth and well-nourished.

6 months before the wedding
Once the wedding date is agreed upon, it’s time to start preparations. As a rule, it is also time for the young couple to take better care of their figures. Before the big day, they often decide to change their dietary habits, enhance physical activity and undergo body shaping treatments.

Her and Him:
A few months before the wedding, we start performing body firming and shaping rituals. It is the right time to undergo a series of Med 2 Contour treatments which efficiently destroy fatty tissue, guarantee long-lasting results while minimising the yo-yo effect. At Quadrille Spa, body shaping therapies are complemented by a vacuum massage. Endermologie is perfectly suited for eliminating local fat deposits and reducing cellulite at any stage.

3 months before the wedding
Suitable beauty care before the wedding will make you look radiant. Three months before the wedding day, a young couple should start beauty treatments covering the face, neck and décolleté areas.

Her and Him:
It is a perfect moment to start professional cleansing and nourishing, moisturizing and individually suited treatments to be conducted every two weeks. During your first visit, we will assist you in choosing the best therapies and beauty products to be used at home. Hydrafacial, or a unique combination of microdermabrasion (exfoliation) with simultaneous infusion of active substances and antioxidants individually suited for your type of skin, should be one of your first treatments. For more problematic skin types, we highly recommend the Zaffiro treatment which uses infrared radiation to homogeneously and gradually heat deep dermis layers. The thermal effect which occurs in its bottom layers makes collagen and elastic fibres regain their original length. The second, long-term effect includes stimulation of fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibres. As a result, the skin regains its density and firmness, becomes more flexible, its texture is improved and wrinkles are smoothened.

1 week before the wedding
Her and Him:
It is highly recommended that you find a moment for each other and, combining pleasure with “business”, plan a romantic evening in the Spa enjoying the Comfortzone Tranquility treatment. This comprehensive ritual combined with exfoliation is perfect for efficient relaxation. A nourishing milk bath and a rich massage will calm you down and due to the wonderful properties of oils and active substances, will make your skin velvety and silky after the treatment.

1 day before the wedding
Her and Him:
Hand and foot care is very important as both bride and groom’s hands are photographed on this day. Wedding rings are placed on ring fingers and become the centre of attention of each guest. Pedicure is as important because the bride and groom’s shoes also attract a lot of attention. Their feet are visible during dancing or traditional wedding rituals and games.

Wedding is a perfect motivation to enjoy body rituals together and additionally, to relax and feel at one’s best shape. Experienced therapists at Quadrille Spa will surely plan a treatment schedule so that instead of looking pasty, your facial skin will glow with energy, while your body will be firm and perfectly moistened.