themed hotels

Themed hotels

Why does a stay in themed hotel seem so attractive?

People have constantly been looking for novelties and emotions. It also refers to planning leisure time. When we have already seen nearby attractions, we begin to feel like we are missing something and we want to visit other more remote places. As a result, we look for more exotic places abroad. Lodgings that are far from traditional ones become particularly interesting. How about combining exceptional leisure with a unique hotel? It is possible thanks to themed hotels.

There are more and more themed hotels in various cities around the world. It means that they have been increasingly popular. What makes them so phenomenal and do we have to travel far away to spend an unforgettable weekend in such an interesting place?

What are the themed hotels?

The main idea behind the themed hotels is to attract a particular group of guests. The whole building, its interior and surroundings are arranged in a similar style, often very unique that cannot be found somewhere else. The advantage of themed hotel is its uniqueness. We can be accommodated, for example, in an old library, in ice hotel, among vintage vehicles, in space or in a medieval castle. Sound abstract? Perhaps at first but when we think about it, it turns out that each of us can tell at least some of the world renowned hotels. Such as Disneyland in Paris or Tropical Island in Berlin. The themes used by the hotel owners can be very diverse as long as they attract guests eager for new experience so that for a few days they can feel as if they have entered a different world.

Themed hotels in Poland

The most famous themed hotels can be found outside our country but it does not mean that the hotel owners in Poland have rejected this idea. Although we fall far short of foreign pioneers in this area, when we analyse the number of such places we realize that themed hotels are also established in our country. If you want to check for yourself the interior as well as the services of a themed hotel you can visit Quadrille Hotel.

Why Quadrille?

Themed hotels are not to everyone’s liking. There are different preferences and there is always a group of people who loves the idea and the one that would prefer something else. So who will say that the stay in Quadrille is their dream come true? The hotel values will certainly be appreciated by visionaries, people longing for magic, uniqueness, and difference, sensitive to beauty, design, literature and art, and at the same time open to new challenges, ambiguous combination of structures, texture, colours and flavours … Thanks to the interior and the hotel setting, the guests will be able to enter the rabbit-hole and then the world of Alice and Mad Hatter, straight to the Wonderland.

Just like „Alice in Wonderland” is not a typical fairy-tale for children due to its multidimensional structure and ambiguity, Quadrille is a child-free hotel since only adults can fully appreciate its atmosphere and truly enjoy it. Leisure in cosy interiors with a touch of history in the background, in the vicinity of extraordinary nature enhances the feeling of retreat from reality and complete recovery.