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Outdoor wedding in Gdynia

For all those who dream of taking their marriage vows in an unusual setting, we offer a wedding ceremony in the picturesque park surrounding the Palace. This is by far the most beautiful place for the most important “I DO” in one’s life..
Our outdoor parties are exquisitely imaginative, creating many arrangement possibilities. The extensive two-hectare terrain allows for virtually any setting.

Most often, couples get married under an ancient tree, in the central part of the park, with the Quadrille Palace and a charming fountain in the background. Another option is a secluded area next to the pond, surrounded by greenery and water. The park also has a climate arbour, which can be adapted and decorated to match the needs of the event. Another charming outdoor setting is a green area right next to the little creek.

All couples will certainly find something perfectly suited for their ceremony.

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Wedding in the outdoors– Offer

  • - preparation of the especially designated part of the estate (exclusive to 2 hours)
  • - table with tablecloth and chair for the city official
  • - glamorous chairs for the bride and groom
  • - white chairs for guests
  • - flower arrangements*
  • - a dedicated employee supervising and coordinating the event on the behalf of the hotel
  • - in the event of poor weather, efficient transfer of the ceremony to the designated palace rooms

*The offer includes a basic floral arrangements containing the centerpiece of the ceremony – e.g. tree, bouquet for the clerk’s table, rose petals decorations at external chairs and a carpet. Additional decorations are subject to individual pricing.



– do 50 osób – 4.500 zł
– do 100 osób – 5.500 zł
+ minimal gastronomic order* i.e.: tj.:
* 3 fingerfood items (3 × 15 PLN) and a glass of Prosecco (25 PLN)/ guest – up to 50 people
* 5 fingerfood items (5×15 PLN) and a glass of Prosecco (25 PLN)/ guest – up to 100 people

**The highlight of the ceremony may be a lunch, dinner or a wedding party in our award-winning White Rabbit restaurant. ,+48 58 351 03 14

The fantasy palace garden is the ideal space for a relaxing party with your loved ones, before or after the ceremony. We will take care and welcome arriving guests waiting in anticipation of the ceremony. The toast will commemorate the marriage itself and is the signal the celebration with family and friends may begin. This could be among the sounds of the violin and cello and the humming sounds of our historical fountain. This is the right moment to relax after the emotions associated with the ceremony itself, time for wishes and personally welcoming your guests. This is the option our Guests highly recommend.

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Paid Extras

  • - welcome bread
  • - finger food menu
  • – colorful drinks/cocktails/soft drinks
  • - a glass of Champagne or Prosecco as a wedding toast
  • - sound system with technical support
  • - white umbrellas in case of poor weather
  • - extra time of garden rental
  • - music arrangement
  • - host / hostess
  • - a tent for the city official and the bride and groom

Upon request, we will also organize a humanist wedding for you in cooperation with one of our partners.

In the open air or in an elegant historic interior – your wedding will be truly unforgettable! We offer comprehensive ceremony services that will leave unforgettable memories. Our professional staff, led by the Wedding Coordinator, will take care of all details so that everything goes harmoniously, according to your desires.


Please contact our staff to prepare a dedicated offer: ,+48 58 351 03 14


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