Pielęgnacja męskiej cery

Skin care for men

Men’s skin, like women’s skin, needs proper care. Cosmetics manufacturers create special lines of preparations for men, which, in addition to caring properties, must meet the most important requirements, such as: light texture, delicate, “masculine” fragrance and practical packaging. Cosmetics should be selected according to the type and problem of the skin.

Cleansing is the first and most important step in basic skincare. It is worth remembering that it is not enough to wash your face with soap, because we expose it to unnecessary and excessive drying. Men have more sebaceous glands, which is why deep cleansing is so important.


If you feel dry and tense immediately after cleansing with water and cosmetics, and you feel discomfort and roughness a few hours after applying the cream (even greasy), it is a clear signal that we are dealing with a type of dry skin, i.e. extremely susceptible to irritation and cracking. Which requires special treatment. If this is the case we should choose washing gels that do not contain strong chemicals and alcohol.


If we have skin that during the day looks as if it was smeared with oil and shines excessively – we can rightly classify it as oily skin. Therefore, use a cleansing gel that will contain substances with antibacterial properties (e.g. tea tree oil or clay). This will reduce the shine of the face during the day and properly prepare the skin for the application of further care products, such as moisturizing and matting cream. It is also advisable to use cosmetics containing peeling particles. Thanks to daily, gentle exfoliation, we will be sure that the skin is properly cleaned of dirt and excess sebum. Such a well-groomed skin will not be exposed to the formation of blackheads and pimples.


Combination skin can be a bit capricious and is characterized by excessive greasy in the so-called “T” zone (night, forehead, chin) and dryness around the cheeks. You should choose care products wisely to not hurt yourself and improve the appearance of your skin. It is most sensible to start with a well-cleansing product but at the same time use a delicate face gel and an effective moisturizing cream with properties regulating the work of sebaceous glands.

Choose a face cleanser – most often it will be a gel for everyday use. Immediately after washing it, we use a tonic to equalize the skin’s Ph to the appropriate level. In the next step, we apply a serum (adjusted to the skin type, if required) and a cream, e.g. moisturizing.

Once a week, it is also worth making a granular or enzymatic peeling (depending on the skin’s reaction) with the appropriate cosmetic. The peeling exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses the skin deeper. In addition, once in a while, we can also clean the nose with the help of an appropriate patch that removes blackheads, thanks to which we will get rid of all impurities in one stroke.

Men’s skin is approximately 25% thicker than women’s skin. So let’s not be influenced by the selection of our ladies’ creams. Each of us should individually search for the product that is most suitable for him. Although gentlemen are more resistant to weather conditions and the razor blade, their skin is much more susceptible to bacteria, which leads to blemishes and irritation. Therefore, it is worth considering salicylic acid in the care, which has the properties of cleansing the sebaceous glands of blackheads and prevents the formation of any blemishes. The action of the acid accelerates the healing process of inflammation and irritation and prevents ingrown hair. It can be an ingredient in a face wash gel or a tonic that will be used, for example, after shaving or simply before applying the cream.

If it is difficult for us to diagnose the complexion and choose the right products for daily care – we have specialists who will be happy to help.

You should go to a cosmetologist or cosmetologist’s consultation and talk about the products currently used and the effects of their use. If the cosmetics used so far did not bring a satisfactory effect, you will certainly need to change them or modify their use.

Anastasia Moroz