Safety measures

Dear Guests,

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and out of concern for the safety of our guests and employees, we have introduced extensive security measures in accordance with official guidelines. We have developed our own security manual and devoted the last weeks to trainings related to it.

We believe that as an intimate boutique hotel dedicated to adults and located in some seclusion, we have every reason to provide guests with adequate security.

However, we know that success depends on us as well as on our Guests and mutual understanding of the situation in which we find ourselves. Our staff provides advice before arrival, as well as during your stay – we recommend contact by e-mail, phone or messenger.

The basic points of our sanitary regulations are as follows:

  1. Minimising direct contact where it is not necessary to provide the service. Therefore we suggest making payments by bank transfer, e.g. via the online payment link sent by our reception. This way, the registration procedure will be carried out quickly and efficiently. On our site we recommend card payment.
  2. We would like to mention that a maximum of 2 people can be in the hotel reception at the same time, in addition, they should keep 2 meters distance. The reception desk is sanitised every hour and the check-in desk – after each guest.
  3. At the entrance to the Palace and the Outbuilding there are non-contact feeders with hand disinfectant. All guests entering our facility are kindly asked to use them. Additional dispensers are located in the common areas of our hotel.
  4. In accordance with current regulations, a mouth and nose protection must be worn in the hotel. This provision applies to both hotel employees and guests.
  5. Breakfasts are served in the restaurant with a limit of 2 rooms every 15 minutes to minimize contact with other guests. Room service is also available on request for an additional fee (15 pln). As soon as you check in, the receptionist will send you our menu – by e-mail or in the form of a mms / Messenger message. Please select your dishes and forward it by phone or messenger to our reception no later than at 6.00 PM the day before.
  6. In addition, we have provided a special room service menu with a selection of pub dishes as well as various types of drinks, which can also be ordered through the Reception to the room.
  7. Our restaurant operates in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Development. Our three restaurant rooms were prepared accordingly – we limited the number of tables and introduced a minimum distance of 2 meters between them. Restaurant service also looks differently – waiters are equipped with masks and gloves. We cover the tables only when the Guest sits down – the tables are waiting empty before. The trays are scalded after each use. We also minimize the time spent by the waiter at the table. We introduce disinfection of door handles, computer screens etc. every hour. There is a contactless disinfectant dispenser in the restaurant room. The menu printout is one-off.
  8. The Pub 10/6 bar offer is available in the restaurant.
  9. The Quadrille Spa treatment area is opened in accordance with the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. We have introduced a special Sanitary Regulations to ensure maximum safety. Spa employees are equipped with masks, visors and protective plexiglass has been placed at the reception. Reservations are made by email or phone and only one customer can be in cabinet except for family members. Treatment rooms together with the equipment and all contact surfaces are disinfected after each person.
  10. We limit the number of Guests in the Spa zone, all visits are at appropriate intervals so please be there on time. After entering the Spa zone, we will kindly ask you to complete the questionnaire and disinfect your hands. We will also measure body temperature and set up the interview with a therapist / cosmetologist.
  11. The A°quadrille zone (swimming pool, jacuzzi) will be opened from June 11. For safety reasons we require prior registration to water zone. Details are available by phone: 609 991 209 or by e-mail: spa@quadrille.pl
  12. However, the gym is available on the basis of a prior reservation for 1 guest or 2 people sharing a room.
  13. The steam room is closed until further notice.

All service reservations (breakfast, room service, cleaning, etc.) should be made by phone +48 58 35 10 300) or via Messenger https://www.facebook.com/quadrillegdynia/

The introduced Security Policy is primarily aimed at protecting our common health. We count on your understanding.

We are invariably here to ensure you a safe but also pleasant stay. Both goals are equally important to us and we believe that we can meet them.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Gdynia,

Quadrille Team