Respite for Men at Quadrille Spa

A stay in Spa is a prefect offer for men with continuing lack of time and holidays, living under constant stress, as well as those who look for some alternative for typical male leisure activity.

Luckily, the stereotype indicating that Spa is a „mecca” for women and making use of various wellness treatments is extremely unmanly behaviour has been obsolete for a long time. A contemporary confident man takes cares of himself to no lesser extent than a woman by his side. Therefore, we are very happy that the group of male enthusiasts of Quadrille Spa relaxation has steadily been expanding.

From among numerous skin care and relaxation treatments we selected treatments that are particularly popular among men and address their problems and needs.

Massage can help avoid injury

Massage treatment is a necessary introduction to intensive training. The 25-, 55- or 90-minute massage can be used as a preparation before or relaxation after the training. The post-training massage helps reduce the effects of potential injuries and prevents muscle sores. And most importantly, it relaxes the body!

High-tech will enhance muscles

The high-tech treatments can be helpful in burning fat tissue from selected areas of the body and accelerate tissue regeneration after the training. Endermology and Med 2 Contour performed by professionals will certainly relieve overtrained muscles and enhance visual effects of the training.

We will take care of your hands and feet

For a man, a stay in Spa can also be used to take care of smart look. It is worth benefiting from basic beauty treatments, such as male manicure and pedicure.

We do not neglect your skin

Men are keen to use effective care, anti-ageing, moisturising and revitalizing Forlle’d brand treatments. More and more frequently, they make use of modern technologies and try rejuvenating treatments such as Zaffiro and Surgen.

Well-tended body, face or hands and feet constitute an essential image of the achiever. Our specialists can help you achieve best results as fast as possible, since we know you have very little time…

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Spa Quadrille Manager