Plant-based products by Marcin Popielarz

“Plant-based cuisine is extremely diverse and it would be a shame to waste its potential.” Marcin Popielarz

Marcin Popielarz, chef patron at Biały Królik restaurant at Hotel Quadrille Relais & Châteaux in Gdynia and Biôli Trus at Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno, is well known from his passion for regional cuisine, strongly based on local products – vegetables to a large extent. During his career with passion he grasped the vegan dishes as the ambassador at Roślinnie Jemy and Chefs For Change projects which are bringing to general public this type of menu with our health and environment in mind.

Marcin’s Popielarz original plant-based products line came up from his will to bring closer diversity of Polish fruits and vegetables in surprising combinations.  It is a selection of plant-based preserves, which match perfectly with everyday cuisine, so that they will perform great on each table.

These are low-caloric jams made only with unrefined cane sugar and erythritol, essential oils based on polish sunflower oil and rapeseed oil (known as Kashubian Olive Oil), generally: creative vegetal preserves made without any preservatives or flavour enhancers, just classic reduction and quality natural spices. Marcin Popielarz offers also delightful  vegan sweets with reduced sugar amount which is not affecting the great flavours.

Chef’s main target was to make this plant-based products appealing for everyone, not only vegan and vegetarian cuisine enthusiasts. Marcin willingly shares ideas for use of his preserves which are also a brilliant concept for a healthy gift for loved ones.

Full Marcin’s Popielarz preserves line are:

JAMS (20 PLN each)

-Kamczacka Blueberry with Lemon Grass 150g
-Strawberry with Elderflower 150g
-Rhubarb with Juniper and Pomegrante 150g
-Sea Buckthorn with Kumquat 150g
-Mirabelle Plum with Ginger 150g

SWEETS (20 PLN each)

-Vegan Pudding Dulcze de Leche with Kłodawska Salt 150g
-Dark Chocolate with Beetroot Molasses Mousse 150g
-Creamy Amaranth with Rasberries and Hibiscus 150g

OILS (30 PLN each)

-Oil with Smoked Bell Pepper 250ml
-Oil with White Poppy-seed and Raisins 250ml
-Vege Beurre Noisset (Brown Butter) 250ml


-Dried Plum and Wild Garlic Chutney 150g
-Home-made Ketchup 250g
-Vegetal BBQ  250g
-Mushroom Pâté 250g
-Polish Kimchi 250g


You may order via e-mail:, or phone: +48 58 351 03 30