Unique Corporate Christmas

Holiday season is an exceptional time of giving thanks to one another for the passing year, including our work colleagues. Summing up past months, appreciating one another, celebrating common successes and wishing one another all the best – this is a part of being a good team.

At Quadrille, we pride ourselves on creating a special atmosphere for each corporate Christmas event as we believe that it plays a significant role in integrating team members and key clients.

composed of the below positions

toasted herring with dill sour cream / compressed onion with campfire potatoes
parsley ravioli with smoked cod and poultry
vegetables salad with fried egg yolk
smoked goose breast with rye & salted pork scratching

fermented red borscht with marjoram / cottage cheese & potatoes dumplings
ceps soup with egg & lovage
fish soup with cream / salted salmon

smoked duck with red cabbage & chestnuts
pork cheeks with burnt celeriac & roasted beetroots with horseradish
trout boiled in butter with potatoes fondant
cod loin fried on brown butter with burnt bell pepper & crayfish sauce

brown butter pudding with blue honeysuckle berries
salted caramel ice cream with roasted sunflower seeds
Jerusalem artichoke fudge / sea buckthorn

cheesecake with mirabelle plum & hazelnuts
gingerbread with flowering quince & dogberries
chestnuts pumpkin with roasted pumpkin ice cream

3 courses: 150 PLN
4 courses: 170 PLN
4 courses + pré-dessert: 190 PLN

*available for groups over 15 people

trout macerated in beetroot & butter sauce
breaded sprats
veal in horseradish sauce
dumplings with smoked cod
pork loin with plum sauce
duck with apple baked in honey
noodles with ceps sauce
roasted pork belly in gravy
roasted goose with dried fruit sauce
beef cheeks with roasted parsnip

breaded oyster mushrooms
fried cabbage with dried ceps
glazed roasted beetroots
potatoes purée
red cabbage with dried plums and raisins
parsley noodles with butter
roasted buckwheat with vegetables

red borscht with dumplings
mushrooms soup with parsley noodles
fish soup cooked on roasted salmon with vegetables

fish à la grecque
herring salad with gherkins and potatoes
herring in sour cream with dill & onion
pulled beef with homemade pickles and mayonnaise
cabbage & mushrooms croquet
burned bell pepper with goat cheese / blackseeds pesto
salted rabbit in dried ceps mayonnaise
goose breast with blue honeysuckle berries and roasted buckwheat
duck breast tartare / marinated oyster mushrooms
grilled artichoke with gremolata
pork neck with honey & mustard sauce / celeriac remoulade
mushrooms crème brûlée
jellied trout
potatoes casserole with spinach
meat spread with onion and pickled cucumber
chopped salmon with egg yolk and rucola
toasted atherina in vinegar
luncheon meat with mustard and ramson

gingerbread with flowering quince
cheesecake with raisins
lemon tart with meringue
chocolate mousse with hazelnuts
strawberry mousse with brown butter jelly

145 PLN: 3 warm dishes / 5 cold dishes / soup / 2 additive / 3 desserts / bread / butter
165 PLN: 3 warm dishes / 5 cold dishes / soup / 2 additive / 4 desserts / bread / butter
195 PLN: 4 warm dishes / 6 cold dishes / soup / 4 additive / 5 desserts / bread / butter

Our offer is inclusive of:
– festive atmosphere of the palace restaurant in a Christmas setting
– sophisticated original menu with Christmas accents
– Christmas season music in the background
– assistance of our team

Depending on individual preferences, we can organize a traditional corporate Christmas Eve super or a crazy Christmas Party.

We will be happy to assist you in selection of the most suitable program and attractions in accordance with and possibly even exceeding your expectations.

Upon request, among others we can offer the following options:
– live performance of a string quartet, jazz duo, stand-up performance, etc.
– gifts for employees, for instance Spa or restaurant voucher
– dance party with a DJ in an atmospheric 10/6 Pub
– wine tasting or culinary workshops
– additional Christmas decorations

Feel invited !

Don’t hesitate to contact us at: marketing@quadrille.pl , +48 58 351 03 14