Amber Package

We invite you to take an unusual journey along the amber route at Quadrille.

This “stone that burns” is one of the hallmarks of the Tri-City area and a semi-precious stone that has been used here for over ten centuries both in jewellery and in natural medicine. No wonder, since apart from its beautiful appearance, it also has a lot of health properties.

Our Amber Package is the quintessence of the Gold of the Baltic Sea, its versatile values and above all, an inspiring adventure we invite you to take.

Pakiet Bursztynowy

Amber Package for two:

– for a good mood: accommodation in a Double Deluxe room at the Palace with breakfast
– for a good start: a welcome souvenir with an amber accent and a sweet inset
– for chilling: 2 x Amber Cocktail at Pub 10/6
– for relaxation: 2 x Amber Ritual* in Quadrille Spa
– for a surprise: 2 x trout tartare smoked with amber / pickled mushrooms with dried yolk and cucumber
– for admiration: 2 x ticket to the Amber Museum in Gdansk
– for farewell: an amber gift to be used at home

price: 1420 pln

*Amber Ritual Quadrille

exceptional relax combined with cleansing and nourishing of the skin
The original, Amber Ritual Quadrille was created especially for those wishing to get to know and feel the amazing qualities of the Baltic gold on their own skin. During each step of the treatment we use a composition of natural algae, vegetable oils and amber extract.
According to many books and beliefs amber is as source of good energy, contains many valuable microelements, facilitates healing and regeneration of the skin and also has antibacterial features. The use of natural, crushed amber, combined with algae extract, makes the skin cleansed after the treatment. Massage with amber oil intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin leaving it silky smooth whereas the real amber powder applied immediately after the treatment, leaves a delicate glow while supporting the body’s regeneration processes. The uniquely composes fragrances will let you forget about the daily hardships.

• Cleansing the body using peeling with crushed amber, and algae extract,
• Massage on amber oil,
• Application of amber powder.

Pakiet Bursztynowy

Duration: 90 minutes

Reservation: , +48 58 351 03 00

We encourage you to experience the advantages of amber at Quadrille !

Pakiet Bursztynowy

Booking terms & conditions:

– promotional offer, cannot be combined with other promotions
– offer valid until 31.03.2021
– the offer is not valid on holidays, long weekends, during special events
and on selected dates from 01.07-31.08.2020
– we reserve the right to accept the booking of only two promotional offers within one day
– packages are in a non-returnable offer, 100 % prepaid