Adventure with Quadrille

Nowadays, organization of a conference requires more than just booking a professionally equipped venue, preparing an interesting programme, inviting an inspiring lecturer and sourcing excellent catering services. Beside their scientific goals, participants wish to become a part of a group, to get a thrill…

For all those searching for interesting forms of team building activities with a touch of adrenaline, we highly recommend Kolibki Adventure Park in Gdynia. Located 4 km away from the Quadrille Hotel, this is a professional centre for organization of various activities and sports, with a wide range of attractions. Due to the programmes suited for the needs of a corporate client, here fun time is combined with team building, motivational and teamwork trainings.

Forest Expedition, a team building field activity, is especially worth recommending as it is a wonderful adventure which is all about introducing and bonding members of the group. Participants get to know each other in an unusual way, on a forest path, in a team effort, high above the ground and in many other out of ordinary situations. Under a watchful eye of an instructor, the group covers a path in the forest and completes several tasks along the way. Each task has its own guiding principle which the team discovers while completing it. The focus is placed on communication, cooperation, identification and role of a leader, responsibility and other principles. Each task is followed by a discussion, summary and drawing of conclusions. From the beginning of the path, the leading instructor maintains an atmosphere of “an incredible expedition in a tropical or winter cold scenery”. This results in truly unlimited imagination, fantasy and extraordinary hidden skills displayed by group members, it also often leads to humorous dialogues and situations.

An alternative programme involves an adventure on the heights with the following points included: an almost 1.5 km ziplining trail, an adrenaline rush from the height of 20m, a rope park or a trail of bridges, ladders, nets, wooden platforms fastened in the treetops, as well as climbing walls.

Car enthusiasts will surely get excited about an off-road perspective. The offer is inclusive of off road driving sessions combined with a professional training with an instructor. A professionally prepared track abounds in vertical climbs and descents, traverses, ravines and narrow muddy and rocky forest paths. In addition to excellent entertainment, the training advances driving skills of experienced drivers as well as beginners. This experience can be enriched by driving a quad on a motocross track.

Paintball, or a team game in specifically arranged scenery, is another interesting alternative. Obstacles in a form of barrels, walls, car wrecks and a World War II bunker create a real battlefield. Armed with rifles, masks and ammunition, participants set out on a mission. Offered scenarios include, among others, capturing flags, bunker defence or bodyguarding the president – adrenaline rush guaranteed! A shooting range is a more relaxed form of recreation, it is a test of participants’ concentration and precision. Group members can compete in several categories with the use of shooting equipment such as airguns and bows, under supervision of trained instructors.

Please contact our Sales Department in order to organize a team building activity( , +48 58 351 03 14) during your conference or stay. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right offer, plan your activities, provide transport and a warm meal.