Med 2 Contour

Med 2 Contour – cellulite killer

A perfect figure, without a gram of cellulite, is the goal of many women who try to deal with imperfections related to the accumulation of excess water or fat under the skin. A firm and resilient body is often the result of enormous effort, exercise and diets. But sometimes, this is not enough and specialist guidance is needed.

The solution we want to present is the Med2 Contour treatment – non-invasive, non-surgical liposuction and reduction of deep cellulite .

The treatment uses low-frequency ultrasound waves that accumulate in the tissue and lead to its breakdown and liquefaction. Thanks to this phenomenon, you can shape your body and get rid of the unwanted so-called; orange peel.

Special, patented Med Contour Medical head has two inclined ultrasound emitters and a suction system that ensures proper skin positioning. On the skin surface, the intensity of ultrasound is relatively low, while in the fatty tissue where the treatment is focused, the waves meet and overlap, and their intensity increases fourfold.

Other devices using ultrasound waves focus them in a very small area, which makes their effects unsatisfactory. The innovative technology of amplifying unfocused ultrasound waves used in Med Contour Medical causes that the area of ​​their cutting has a large surface, which transforms into the speed and high efficiency of this method.


First, we consult a specialized therapist who will perform the procedure. The first treatment session is preceded by taking photos to be able to compare the effects of work with Med2Contour, aiming at the complete elimination of imperfections.

The skin in the treated area is sucked through the head, creating a fold on which ultrasound waves are emitted which affect the fatty tissue. This ensures the safety of internal organs, vessels and nerves.

The waves emitted by Med2 Contour Medical heat the skin to a temperature of 42 – 44 degrees Celsius, causing skin redness and a feeling of intense heat. The treatment ends with lymphatic drainage, which accelerates the removal of liquefied fat.

After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red and warm. This effect may last up to an hour.

Med2 Contour Medical – to whom and when do we recommend?

– people with cellulite and problematic, locally accumulated adipose tissue(abdomen, thighs, sides, hips, arms, knees, calves),
– ladies who want to restore a slim figure after a pregnancy and childbirth,
– men who want to get rid of the troublesome tummy.

* The treatment is safe for tanned skin as well as for vascular problems.

Med2 Contour

The effects are visible after the first session and build up with each subsequent treatment.

Complete disposal of fat cells guarantees a lasting result and no yo-yo effect in the area covered by the procedure.

The quality of the skin and the elasticity of the skin are definitely improved.

For the best possible results, a series of treatments should be carried out. Their number is selected individually, depending on the condition and size of the changed area. Most often, the therapy includes from 3 to 6 treatments performed at intervals of one week. In the intervals between treatments, a short session of lymphatic drainage is performed in order to thoroughly expel the liquefied fat tissue from the body.

The entire Med2Contour therapy can be performed alternately with other treatments to strengthen the effect, including LPG endermology or Chinese cupping massage.

Of course, it is worth remembering about proper nutrition and physical activity – these are undoubtedly important factors affecting the final result. We have a holistic approach to human health, which is why we provide our guests with the entire A°quadrille zone, i.e. a swimming pool , dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and gym. Admission to it is included in the price of the service and for an unlimited time – always before or after the treatment.

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Kacper Wiśniewski
Deputy Spa Manager