Massage with volcanic stones again at Quadrille Spa

The philosophy from which warm stone therapy is derived presupposes the unity of body and spirit. Only good psychophysical condition guarantees health, great well-being and radiant appearance. Therefore, in the Quadrille Spa menu you will again find a stone massage, which in a holistic way will complement the offer of original massages or rituals of the [comfort zone] brand.

Massage performed using hot stones is a relaxing and health-promoting technique used already in antiquity. It is said to have its origin as early as five thousand years ago and is older than acupuncture. For the massage itself, stones of volcanic origin are used. They are obtained from specially selected areas of the world – ecological, clean places. Basalt itself is selected in terms of shape and weight. Attention is paid to ensuring that their surface is perfectly smooth thanks to natural grinding through water and sand.

The movements of stones during massage are based on the theory of energy flow through the body. Both Chinese and Indian medics, already in ancient times, developed maps of the distribution of energy points and the channels connecting them. It is according to them that the stones are arranged during the massage, and then moved along the (meridians) channels, which facilitates the flow of energy through the body. This treatment relaxes, relaxes and restores balance. It is distinguished by a multi-track effect on the whole body. And so it affects the skin, muscles, nerve, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It calms and minimizes stress, relaxes. In addition, it combines various therapeutic techniques such as: classic and lymphatic massage and thermotherapy, which is why it has been popular in massage rooms or Spa for many years.

Massage with volcanic stones will bring you relaxation and relief from ailments. It is especially worth giving in to it if you are bothered by joint diseases, back pain, especially those in the cervical region. Stone therapy helps to recover from tired and stressed people. Sometimes already one treatment is enough to feel much better, get rid of insomnia, feeling depressed. The most favorable results are achieved by using cyclical treatments, which is why we also recommend it for local guests.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Wellness & Spa Operation Manager