Looking for a needle in a cosmetic haystack

Aesthetic cosmetology treatments are very popular, the number of their enthusiasts is increasing from year to year. They help us eliminate our complexes, make our bodies more attractive without surgical intervention. However, for these treatements to be conducted properly, safely and effectively, quality of the equipment offered in treatment rooms is of utmost importance.

Women’s magazines glorify effectiveness of a number of treatments and products related to the fields of cosmetology or aesthetic medicine. Blogs, Internet forums outrun their competition in cosmetics and therapy ‘testing’. Some of opinions are exceptionally positive, while other aren’t quite as favourable. Many of us are struggling to find a reliable source of information. It is advisable to keep some reserve while studying Internet and press opinions. A ‘top’ treatment frequently turns out to be a total disaster. Choosing a reliable machine or product is not a simple task. Cosmetic/medical market provides a wide range of machines which makes it even easier for a client to get lost in such a diverse offer.

Parameters which need to be considered when choosing a therapy with the use of treatment equipment include the following: country of production, acquired safety and effectiveness certificates, as well as conducted clinical trials.

Well-known distributors of machines cooperate to a great extent with producers from Israel, Italy, Spain, USA and UK. However, cheap cosmetic machines made in China still dominate treatment rooms. What about their quality? Not generalizing, it can be very different.

Moreover, cosmetic/medical equipment should hold certificates of their effectiveness and safety. In the European Union, the CE certificate is a standard marking which proves that the product is allowed to be used for medical purposes, confirms its serial production and safety within the scope specified in the specification. The FDA certificate is another proof of high quality, effectiveness and safety of a medical product. Acquiring the FDA certification requires several years of clinical trials and tests proving the quality of a specified medical device. The certificate is recognized internationally as a proof of the high class of products and standards in any respect.

Following fashion and relying on widespread opinions is not the best solution. Advertisements create a trend for using different devices or treatments but their efficiency can be doubtful. When choosing a therapy, you should consider your own comfort, safety and effectiveness of the offered therapy. The market does not offer any universal machines, lasers or cosmetic products. Before you choose any service, it is important to check what a selected institution has to offer.

Quadrille Spa is equipped with high-tech treatment machines by well-known producers. Their quality does not only constitute a combination of innovative technologies, the highest safety standards and certification involved, but it also represents the satisfaction of our Guests with the achieved results.

We have managed to source the latest technological solutions in the field of aesthetic cosmetology. Our machines (Zaffiro, Surgen, Hydrafacial, Endermologie LPG, Vectus and Med 2 Contour Medical) have been selected with utmost precision. They are used for non-invasive treatments and constitute a safe alternative to plastic surgery.

I am happy to invite you to take a closer look at the Quadrille Spa menu. During a charge free appointment, our therapists will tell you about offered possibilities and take into consideration the individual needs of your skin.