Ideas for inspiring conferences and business meetings

Contemporary conferences and company meetings often extend beyond its substance by offering additional benefits to the participants. These may include an interesting interlude facilitating absorption of information, as well as team building activities or activities aimed at relaxation and simply having good fun and building positive emotions related to the event.

The whole infrastructure of the Quadrille Hotel creates ideal conditions for all these endeavours. Delicious lunches and dinners served in a sophisticated formula at the three halls of the White Rabbit restaurant will make even the longest day much more attractive. Located in the palace underground area, 10/6 Pub invites guests for Friday night live music sessions and serves as a great venue for a fun evening combined with cabaret improvisations or stand-up performances. Whereas the hotel’s Spa with a water section is a comfortable area for regeneration, offering cosmetic treatments, massages and relaxing Tibetan bowl and gong concerts. Last but not least, the two-hectare park with a garden surrounding the hotel offers a possibility of organization of a golf tournament or a picnic by the pond.

Nowadays, there is a noticeable trend of combining company trips with personal development of employees. This way, conference participants, as an additional benefit, have an opportunity to advance their soft skills, take care of their psychological condition and improve the quality of their life. Even a 2 or 3-day trip accompanied by a proper programme is bound to bring truly impressive results.

To keep up with these new tendencies, Quadrille’s rich offer includes such proposal as Tension Release Exercise sessions promoting methods of transforming tension caused by the pace of life or type of work into energy, activity. Our certified coach efficiently combines her business experience with knowledge on personal development and can conduct a certified Mindsonar psychological test, considered to be an invaluable tool for evaluation of employees and optimal team building.

More and more people, despite what seems to be a good life situation experiences a lack of satisfaction and life balance. They do not know exactly how to help themselves and it is a fact that such long-term condition may gradually lead to depression. To satisfy their needs, we are offering the CLOSER TO YOURSELF workshop aimed at using one’s own potential to the full and living in line with oneself and one’s own priorities. The sessions are conducted by a qualified coach and bodyworker who uses thirteen years of personal experience for discovering and developing personal and professional potentials.

A conference accompanied by such activities will undoubtedly increase attendance and involvement of its participants and their satisfaction while building a positive image of the employer. Supporting your employees on their professional path is worthy of this additional effort because besides the obvious benefits derived from enhancing their competences, problem solving skills, it also improves their loyalty and strengthens their bond with the company. Employees who are confident of themselves and their life will stay with you for a longer time and will invest more energy in their work.

From its beginning, Quadrille has been more than just a hotel – it is a place which is meant to inspire, arouse passion, show the path and which ceaselessly develops and enriches its offer. Quadrille Soul Sunday will soon become the hotel’s new offer which will include more developing and health related activities. Please follow updates on the Quadrille’s website and Facebook profile to learn more about our new offers.