salt massage

Himalayan salt in Quadrille Spa

Increasingly popular, also in healthcare and cosmetology, pinkish salt comes from the Himalayas and is mined there under traditional methods. Its uniqueness originates, first of all, from crystal purity resulting from air quality present during its crystallization process.

The Himalayan salt of micro-molecular structure is a real abundance of elements and minerals. There are over 80 of them, including iodine, magnesium, iron and calcium providing unique properties responsible for supporting the acid-base balance.

The salt mined in the Himalayas is a natural, pure and effective agent detoxifying and purifying the human body as well as strengthening the disease and infection resistance. Another valuable feature involves controlling water balance in the body, which exerts considerable impact on the functioning of internal body organs.

Inspired by the former therapeutic rituals with the use of world purest Himalayan salt we have introduced into Quadrille Spa Menu – Salt Massage by Comfort Zone. The treatment with salt stones for people who need purification, sliming as well as relaxation. Salt Massage, just like any treatment in the Comfort Zone, takes our guests into the world of leisure and calmness … It soothes both the senses and the body …

The salt has numerous healthful mineral ingredients which penetrate the skin during the massage and detoxify as well as enrich our body with valuable natural ingredients.

During the initial stage the warmth of salt stones relaxes the muscles, which makes the massage a wonderful and relaxing experience. It makes the skin silky smooth, nourished and purified. Whereas, the coarse-grained Himalayan salt, applied on the body during the next stage of treatment, works perfectly as body peeling removing dead skin cells. It helps to reduce cellulite and makes the skin more firm. Moreover, the Himalayan salt has a tonic and antibacterial effect. Combined with Body Strategist skincare cosmetics which not only contain particular active substances but are also marked with unique liposomal technology, the treatment is a perfect solution for all skin types.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Quadrille Spa Manager