Facial cleansing treatments

One of the skin prime functions is to protect the human body against any adverse impact of external factors. The skin is like a mirror and can reveal the lack of care resulting from incorrectly selected skincare or negligent cleansing.

We wash our face at least twice a day, which gives us 730 opportunities in a year to take good care of our skin and cleanse it properly. To help our skin breathe freely we should remove make-up, dust, dirt, dead skin cells and substance secreted by sebaceous glands, namely sebum. It would seem that in the morning our face is clean because it has not been yet exposed to external environment and sweat, etc. It is, however, a common misconception. In the night and during the day, sweat glands are equally active. Moreover, during the night our face touches the pillow which, despite changing our bedclothes regularly and keeping our place clean and tidy, is the habitat of bacteria, dust and mites.

The morning facial care should include delicate treatment with cleaning milk or micellar water followed by treatment with toner to restore correct pH (remember to do it every time after your face has contact with water). Then we can apply proper facial cream and make-up.
More complex cleansing should be performed in the evening to clean the skin after the whole day of wearing make-up, exposure to bacteria, external factors and regularly secreted sebum. Make-up can be removed in different ways. The most important is to do it effectively and accurately. We need to remember that during the night our skin regenerates so we should let our skin breathe and support it with nutrient night cream.

However, daily cleansing is not sufficient to remove completely the dead skin cells accumulating on our skin. It is worth performing facial peeling appropriate for particular skin type, at least once a week. In the beauty centres and chemist’s we can find a wide variety of products. The most popular treatment methods include: mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

The mechanical peelings include the so-called scrubs of various granularity and different origin. On the market we can find products composed of fruit seeds, sugar or salt. The products with particles work perfectly for oily skin and help to remove blackheads and dead skin cells. They should not be applied on dry and sensitive skin. The absolute contraindication includes also skin breakdown and whiteheads. To make the particles exfoliate the skin, we must rub the skin thoroughly. Consequently, we may transfer the bacteria from whiteheads to the healthy area. Granular peelings are best for peeling the body.

Microdermabrasion is also a mechanical method which has many supporters as well as opponents. It is very efficient and rather aggressive. It involves rubbing the skin with a diamond-tipped or corundum wand. The rubbed skin is sucked into the device. The treatment shall be performed neither in the summer nor in winter due to its intensity, and consequently lack of skin protective layer. As a result, we may experience irritation or skin depigmentation. As in the case of granular peelings, the contraindication includes eczema, wounds, skin dryness or sensitivity. Microdermabrasion can do wonders with skin discolouration and even scars. It is painless and only some redness can be observed on the skin up to several hours after the treatment depending on the applied wand type.

The spring and autumn season is perfect to start your adventure with acids, namely chemical exfoliation. The acids can cause photosensitivity; therefore, after such treatments it is required to protect the skin against UV radiation – namely to use high SPF creams. Depending on the acid origin, its pH and concentration we can offer rejuvenating, anti-acne, and antiseptic treatment of skin discolouration, and even – against all appearances – moisturizing treatment. The treatment is painless and during the procedure we can experience some slight burning and redness. The main advantage of this method is that we can apply the procedure to all skin types, even including the skin with rosacea.

Cleansing Treatments at SPA Quadrille:

Cavitation peeling – in our SPA it is available as an addition to all facial treatments; it is perfect for all skin types regardless of age, thanks to its gentle action. Before the peeling the face should be moistened with water, tonic or saline solution. Due to the device vibrations generating ultrasonic waves the bubbles produced by the liquid burst rapidly. During the process the dead skin cells are removed, as well as sebum, toxic substances, bacteria, blackheads, and whiteheads. The treatment is safe and painless. The skin is oxidised and stimulated by micro-massage induced by ultrasonic wave propagation. Moreover, it ensures better absorption of active substances applied in subsequent steps.

HydraFacial – also known as hydro microdermabrasion. It is an innovative treatment using vacuum and combining skin exfoliation with active substances introduced into deeper layers of skin. There are several options of the treatment with basic procedure – cleansing. Additional Activ-4 liquid moisturises and brightens the skin, Beta-HD serum regenerates the oily and acne-prone skin, Antiox-6 protects against external factors and free radicals, smooths the skin and reduces wrinkles, whereas Antiox + helps to remove discolorations. Moreover, we provide ampoules increasing the effects of treatment. Glysal peel enhances skin exfoliation; it is perfect for oily and problematic skin. Dermabuilder ampoule ensures smoothing the wrinkles and lifting the skin.

Selvert Thermal Urban Response – double effect treatment. Apart from cleansing the skin, the treatment ensures protection against the adverse environmental factors and smog. Shield MP patented ingredient eliminates the effects of free radicals, captures heavy metals and limits their adverse effects. These cosmetics are so revolutionary that their active ingredients can repair the damage caused by external factors and restore the skin natural beauty and radiance. The treatment includes thorough make-up removal, exfoliating mask, oxidizing serum, followed by detoxifying serum, carbon mask and defence cream. It is recommended to take a series of 5 treatments, 2 in the first two weeks and one in the third week.