Sound Ceremony – bath in vibrations

We would like to invite you for a unforgettable ritual. Thanks to the sound and vibrations of Gong’s, Tibetian bowls, crystal bowls, bells and diffrent medical instrumentals.

Let the sound transfer you to a beautiful and inner journey, meeting your intuition and emotions. You will experience a state of deep relaxation, rest and harmony. Allow the Ceremony to increase your creativity and let the sound remove energy blockages from your whole body.

Sound is a vibration and although it seems to us that only we can hear the sound in fact, even the most delicate vibrations have a physical effect on your body. The sound wave reaches every cell of the body, stimulating and supporting our self-healing processes, harmonizing the body at the celluar level. During a contact with sounds of bowls and gongs there is a rapid transition of brain waves from beta state to the aplha state which introduces the state of meditation, deep relaxation and rest.

If you need a unforgettable and relaxing time to escape from all the stimuli after a hard week of work or to spend time in a high vibrating space – this ceremony will be just perfeft to accommodate all of these elements.

We will keep you informed about the upcoming concert dates. 

  • The ritual will take palce in the intimate group
  • The condition for participation is a 100% prepayment
  • Reservation: , +48 58 351 03 20