Sound Ceremony – bath in vibrations

We would like to invite you for a unforgettable ritual. Thanks to the sound and vibrations of Gong’s, Tibetian bowls, crystal bowls, bells and diffrent medical instrumentals.

Let the sound transfer you to a beautiful and inner journey, meeting your intuition and emotions. You will experience a state of deep relaxation, rest and harmony. Allow the Ceremony to increase your creativity and let the sound remove energy blockages from your whole body.

Sound is a vibration and although it seems to us that only we can hear the sound in fact, even the most delicate vibrations have a physical effect on your body. The sound wave reaches every cell of the body, stimulating and supporting our self-healing processes, harmonizing the body at the celluar level. During a contact with sounds of bowls and gongs there is a rapid transition of brain waves from beta state to the aplha state which introduces the state of meditation, deep relaxation and rest.

If you need a unforgettable and relaxing time to escape from all the stimuli after a hard week of work or to spend time in a high vibrating space – this ceremony will be just perfeft to accommodate all of these elements.

This amazing and unforgettable journey through sound will be preceded by cocoa ceremony:

Raw cocoa – is ancient Mayan’s golden black plant mostly famous for its extraordinary properties known and used for thousands of years by Shamans and tribes of Southern America.

Raw cocoa drink supports states of meditation, spiritual support, increases energy flow, stimulates the brain, increases the feeling of the stimuli. Furthermore, the raw cocoa simulates mostly from the heart which provokes your inner self to acknowledge your emotions. It also, encourages you to look inside yourself. Plus, it increases the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance and helps with processing forgiveness.

The ceremonial ritual of cacao is very subtle, it does not change the state of our consciousness and at the same time very clearly affects the way we perceive reality – because it moves us strongly from space of our mind to the space of our heart. During the meeting, we will drink the cocoa together, we will do it ceremonially and with great care. This will help us to take you to the journey of sound.

Ceremony Leader – Agnieszka Rećko

‘’The human body has always fascinated me. I have years of development and experience in human’s mind anatomy followed by their consciousness, potential allowing me to reach into the deepest corners of your soul. I draw my power mostly from nature and with her I build one of the most important and deepest relations of my. My life’s mission is to serve other people with presence of unconditional love”.

  • The ritual will take palce in the intimate group
  • The condition for participation is a 100% prepayment
  • Reservation: , +48 58 351 03 20