Engagement and marriage proposal – is there a difference ?

The engagement is an exceptional moment in any relationship. It involves a serious declaration and a promise of marriage. It is one of those moments people keep in their memory forever; therefore, its setting should be remarkable. Traditionally, there are two concepts: engagement and marriage proposal, but are they equal ?

Although both concepts refer to planning a life together, they are perceived differently. The marriage proposal involves an offer of marriage presented by one person to another. Whereas, the engagement refers to mutual declaration. In the past, it took place in the presence of a family; today, it usually happens in private. There are still couples who organize engagement parties but these are often less important than before.

Most interesting ideas

Planning a marriage proposal, men do everything to surprise their beloved, to make her happy and highlight the importance of this moment. Therefore, some of them look for extraordinary ideas. You can arrange dinner in a restaurant but you can make even greater impression by arranging it in a romantic atmosphere. Example idea of engagement? A marriage proposal during a foreign trip or during fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. The most creative ideas include banners placed in the street or a rental of the whole screening room for the occasion.

At the same time, we need to remember individual preferences. Some women prefer a cosy place, some a venue full of people or a thrill. You can think of something universal as well as spectacular. A stay in a themed hotel will make a great impression on the future fiancée. She will not only step into a different world, but also experience the most romantic moments. Is there a woman who as a girl has not dreamt of being a princess living in a castle ?

Our offer

Quadrille Hotel is a perfect venue to organize such unusual engagement event. We have prepared a special offer for the occasion. Thus, this emotional moment will look like a dream. In such exceptional setting and atmosphere every couple will experience their happiness more expressively. What do we offer ?

The entrance to the Palace alone, where the couple will stay for the night, is a great experience. Elegant, stylish and spacious interior is a prelude to what you can expect next. The hotel service will prepare a welcome surprise in the room and a flower bouquet. Moreover, in the White Rabbit restaurant we will reserve a romantic table. We also offer an exceptional tasting dinner with a selection of wine. This scenario is already very attractive, and in addition we can help to arrange for other attractions related to the occasion. The magic moment may happen during an artistic performance, small concert or with the use of other decorations. It is also possible to reserve the pool and spa area for private use. Since Quadrille is an adult only hotel, our guests do not have to worry that the engagement could be interrupted by a crying child… It will be a spectacular evening!

More details about our offer: https://quadrille.pl/en/oferta/valentines-engagement/