Chinese bubble

Chinese bubble

The use of the Chinese bubble goes back to the tradition of natural medicine cultivated 3,000 years ago. Nowadays, along with all hi-tech devices, the cult of the Chinese bubble does not disappear, but still supports many women in the fight for a beautiful, firm body. Considering how long its history is, it is worth taking a closer look at its application.

The pressure created by the Chinese rubber bulb sucks the skin and the underlying tissues into the bubble. This strong mechanical stimulus causes extravasation of blood, which comes from the tiny blood vessels between the superficial fascia and adipose tissue. As a result, we obtain a hyperemia effect, the power of which will depend on the area being developed and the goal we want to achieve. It sounds complicated, but the main thing is that our body treats the visible redness caused by an external stimulus as a foreign body. The massage itself stimulates the reactions of the immune system, which is mobilized to produce immune bodies.

Despite the wide use of Chinese cupping massage in the treatment of muscle pain, physiotherapy, biological regeneration or scar and fascia therapy, in beauty salons we most often lean towards its aesthetic effect, which means a reliable fight against cellulite and “orange” peel.

We start the treatment by applying olive oil to the skin and relaxing the tissues of the area being prepared using lymphatic drainage techniques. Then we move on to the main part of the procedure, which is to suck the Chinese cup on the skin. It is worth paying attention to the fact that each person has a different pain threshold and, as therapists, we must of course take this into account. One batch massage takes about 15-20 minutes and we do not want to cause strong pain sensations, but only to stimulate the tissue in a controlled manner. With subsequent treatments, the sensitivity of the skin will change, the pain threshold will rise, and thus the area affected by cellulite will be less tender, and then the time will come to act with a stronger vacuum.

The redness and warming effect that we get after the massage is an incentive not only visible on the surface of the skin, but also coming from its deeper layers. It accelerates the metabolism of tissues , which in the area affected by cellulite gives the effect of faster removal of toxins and unnecessary water from the body . And this, in turn, has a direct impact on the  distribution of adipose tissue, the breakdown of lumps visible under the skin, and as a result – increasing the smoothness of the body while reducing the circumference. The stimulation of circulation causes immediate smoothing of the skin, which becomes more elastic and resistant to weight fluctuations or stretch marks.

Chinese cupping massage treatment also brings relief to tired legs prone to swelling. Smoothing the skin, detoxifying and brightening it is visible after the first treatment. For long-lasting anti-cellulite effects, treatments are performed in a series of 8-10, depending on the degree of the problem and the speed of tissue reaction.

author Aleksandra Woźnowska – Spa Therapist
photo by Jędrzej Król