Caviar tasting

Caviar tasting

We are always delighted when we can offer a new and special gourmet experience to our guests. That’s why we have prepared recently great Polish sturgeon caviar tasting. Antonius caviar has a great intense aromas and fantastic texture. It is extremely exclusive, the company uses only artisan, traditional methods of production.

We serve it at a table from our special caviar trolley. The waiter opens a caviar can in front of the guests and he puts it on ice straight away after so the temperature is perfect. We serve it with special home-made selection of pastries and extras. Some of them are traditional combinations with caviar but the others may be considered quite unusual at first but they work beautifully together. You can find there little capers with herbal gremolata, grated hen’s white with chives, cucumber compressed with dill or traditional Kashubian cakes – salty “ruchanki”.

To make our guests experience even more special we prepared unique beverage selection to make a perfect pairing. Apart from a glass of exquisite Champagne Ruinart Brut we encourage to taste three different Polish Belvedere vodkas. There is a classic Belvedere served with two single origin – Lake Bartężak which is from Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodship where a cold climate makes it herbaceous, minty with lovely spicy white pepper element and Smogóry Forest from Lubuskie voivodship which is one of the warmest in Poland and where you can get aromas of fresh flowers and caramel. As an option we offer as well a special Vodka Martini cocktail which have already proved to be very popular with our guests.

Caviar tasting is a great intermezzo before a main course to cleanse your palate and makes your mouth watering ready for more.

Marcin Oziębły
Front of House Manager