10 Pillars of Quadrille Philosophy

1. Our motto: Experience the Wonderland! It means we invite you to enjoy the moment of repose, peace, luxury and uniqueness. Something we all dream about but still only a few indulge themselves with. We would like to inspire, surprise and enchant. „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, which has given grounds for the concept of our Hotel, marks the origin of our inspiration and is our guiding power, but we would like to go further…

2. Our interior is beautiful and delights with its sophisticated design, but it is not all about the show and splendour, let alone the dazzle, but about reflecting the unique character of this place, completed with the hospitality of our staff. Only in such circumstances can Quadrille be complete. Moreover, to ensure comfort for our Guests and to maintain the luxurious character of our Hotel, we do not make the interior available for photo sessions, apart from wedding parties or celebrations which involve renting the entire venue.

3. White Rabbit is a gourmet restaurant where we primarily offer the tasting menu composed in 3 sets, including one vegan. The Chef offers a selection of flavours based on fresh, local products. The traditional Polish recipes are changed and rearranged to surprise the Guests by flavour, appearance and serving style. Such dishes are not prepared in short order. The anticipation could be a pleasure and culinary mystery worth unravelling.

4. The Restaurant is open on Sundays till 7.00 pm. It is worth considering these hours, when you are planning your stay. From our side, we offer additional menu in the pub – always available and attractively combined. During the week, the Restaurant is open from 4.00 till 9.00 pm, but this is not the time when we close the restaurant (we do not hurry our Guests along, quite the opposite – we let them relish the dishes and beverages); this is the hour of the last order which falls on 9.30 pm and fails to change, apart from group events.

5. The treatments we offer at our Spa are effective. We perform those using reputable devices, always one of the best from all available on the market. We do not offer cosmetics we do not believe in, even if they are expensive and fashionable. The applied products result from our knowledge, experience and conscious choice. All our cosmetics and treatments are recommended by our team. At the same time, we believe in the holistic approach towards a person, looking at individual needs and perceiving the person as a whole, we offer high-tech as well as manual treatments, and even non-standard sessions such as sound massage, relaxing Tibetan bowls and gongs concerts…

6. We are a child-free hotel. Not because we do not like children but because we know that there is a significant difference between the needs of a child who loves to frolic and an adult who wants to take a rest. There are numerous hotels for families with children, whereas we decided to take care of people of over 16 years of age. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to choose their most suitable place. Our Guests include couples, individuals, groups of friends and seniors who want to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. We encourage each parent to try such form of repose, from time to time, since we know it can work wonders. For similar reasons we do not accept animals. We are kindly asking you to leave your pets at home under somebody’s thoughtful care.

7. Although we are not a typical conference centre, we offer the finest conditions to develop, integrate and relax for small groups. We provide two professional conference halls which can accommodate up to 110 and 40 people. When you decide to organize your training in our Hotel, you obtain additional values such as cosy atmosphere, comfortable interior, vicinity of green areas, attentive care and wonderful cuisine.

8. We do not want to be compared to other hotels. Depending on individual preferences, we can offer more or less than you expect. The opinions provided by our Guests show that most of them appreciate Quadrille and acclaim the stay in our Hotel. It does not mean we are taking things for granted. We analyse our offer and quality of service at all times, and we work on improving our standards – however, always following the style of Quadrille, and not the competition. We feel we are pioneers in many aspects and it is usually controversial and may not be for everyone’s taste.

9. We do not offer discounts. We believe that the quality will always defend itself and we do not want to win everybody over and at all costs. To provide the highest quality of services we need qualified personnel and various professional instruments. Our prices result from accurate business calculation and constant analysis of market reality. We are confident of the ability of our team and the concept of Quadrille we consistently follow.

10. We are situated neither in the centre of historical city of Gdańsk, nor in the entertainment part of Sopot. We are awaiting you in a picturesque park and it is perfect! The two-hectare green area provides the sense of an enclave, the stay outside the city life. We would like to emphasize that the park is available for everyone (however, it is not the public park) at particular hours specified in the park regulation. Moreover, you can reach the Kościuszko Square in Gdynia and wooden pier in Sopot within several minutes by car. The sea can be reached after a 15-20 minute walk, whereas the Tricity Landscape Park is located within even shorter distance. Namely: closer to nature but still in Tricity.

Quadrille – An Adult Friendly Hotel

An inaugural blog entry is a perfect occasion to introduce the philosophy of Quadrille based, among others, on a trend which has for some time now been popular in tourist accommodation industry around the world – the so-called adults only hotels. The term means that a given object is dedicated to guests above a certain age, mainly 16+ (sometimes the age limit is higher), and its infrastructure and cultural programme are both focused on adults.

This type of solution is becoming increasingly popular across the globe and was noticed by online directories about a decade ago. Thus, new objects are being established, dedicated to adult guests from the start; sometimes an already established hotel sections off its adult only part.

Nevertheless, the concept of a hotel for adults still arouses considerable controversy, especially in Poland. We seem to understand the need, we support the idea, however we tend to feel rebellious once we think about our children and the fact that we want to show them different places, including luxurious ones. Moreover, we dislike restrictions and enjoy the freedom of choice when making decisions regarding where to and whom we are travelling with.

Meanwhile, there are places which simply target adult clientele who will come to such objects not accidentally, choosing them intentionally because there will be no kids. There is nothing wrong about seeking some peace and quiet, some privacy away from children, yours or someone else’s. Everyone has the right to enjoy such moments and it is advantageous that some hotels have discovered this niche and are consistently operating within it. The same as there are destinations ideal for families, there are different ones – aimed for adults, conscious recipients of their exceptional offer.

Quadrille Palace is a perfect example of the second approach. A historic park and palace complex dating back to the 18th century stands out due to its notable design which constitutes an inspiring combination of historic and modern elements as well as unique solutions. We strongly believe that suitable conditions providing a feeling of relaxation, privacy and peacefulness are crucial to exploring and enjoying the elements of its design. This is the reason why Quadrille targets mainly adults, conscious recipients of the atmosphere of style, singularity and distinctness, who enjoy communing with art and appreciate an original creation of space and impressive architecture, which they find soothing instead of overwhelming.

The same can be said about an outstanding White Rabbit restaurant located in the Palace. This is a place which, thanks to the Head Chef Marcin Popielarz, has become a synonym of original gourmet cuisine, rich in forms, exciting due to an unusual combination of flavours, served in the most aesthetic and visually appealing way, as well as strongly rooted in regional proposals. Here, traditional dishes are enriched according to modern fine dining trends. In this original way, White Rabbit widens the horizons of flavour experiences of its connoisseur guests. This unique cuisine is complemented by outstanding palace interiors. Individual designs of each of the three halls of White Rabbit introduce an atmosphere of a magic world and refer to the original character of the dishes. As a result, a visit to the restaurant, as well as Quadrille itself, is an unforgettable and sensational experience, which can be fully enjoyed in ‘adults only’ conditions.

Quadrille – a member of Relais & Chateaux

Quadrille is not just another hotel, it is a new destination, purpose and ending point of a journey – all in one – in accordance with the motto: “Experience the Wonderland”. Such philosophy perfectly matches the values promoted by the Relais & Chateaux association, founded in France, which granted its membership to the Palace as the second object in Poland!

What does Relais & Chateaux stand for?

This prestigious organization unites the most exclusive boutique hotels and Michelin star restaurants across the globe. Their common denominator is comprised of a unique concept, the highest standard and excellent quality of services. Above all, however, Relais & Chateaux palaces, castles and estates have a soul and offer their Guests a rare and authentic experience which is much more than accommodation. Currently, the organization unites about 500 objects in 60 countries.

How do Relais & Chateaux members stand out?

Founded in 1954, the association is comprised of objects presenting a true passion for hospitality along with a desire of sharing their uniqueness – their historic heritage, connection with the local environment and nature, original architecture and regional cuisine. All of this is aimed at creating a unique and authentic experience resulting from communing with the promoted culture of excellence, our heritage.

Cuisine plays a key role in this concept. Culinary sensations, local products and recipes constitute a part of this unforgettable experience. The avant-garde White Rabbit Restaurant located in Quadrille is fully aware of its role. This enchanted and a bit eccentric place widens the horizons of culinary experiences, delights and appeals to all senses. Created with passion by an outstanding Head Chef – Marcin Popielarz – and recognized by the prestigious Gault & Millau culinary guide, it has become a symbol of alternative, extravagant and modern Polish cuisine, known for experimenting with traditional flavours and products in the fine dining version, as well as for unusual combinations and new variations of popular dishes.

Due to the Relais & Chateaux membership, considerably more people, especially from abroad, will be able to hear about the Quadrille Palace and the White Rabbit Restaurant and enjoy these unique experiences. And they will be led to us by the following links:



We look forward to hosting you!