Massage with volcanic stones again at Quadrille Spa

The philosophy from which warm stone therapy is derived presupposes the unity of body and spirit. Only good psychophysical condition guarantees health, great well-being and radiant appearance. Therefore, in the Quadrille Spa menu you will again find a stone massage, which in a holistic way will complement the offer of original massages or rituals of the [comfort zone] brand.

Massage performed using hot stones is a relaxing and health-promoting technique used already in antiquity. It is said to have its origin as early as five thousand years ago and is older than acupuncture. For the massage itself, stones of volcanic origin are used. They are obtained from specially selected areas of the world – ecological, clean places. Basalt itself is selected in terms of shape and weight. Attention is paid to ensuring that their surface is perfectly smooth thanks to natural grinding through water and sand.

The movements of stones during massage are based on the theory of energy flow through the body. Both Chinese and Indian medics, already in ancient times, developed maps of the distribution of energy points and the channels connecting them. It is according to them that the stones are arranged during the massage, and then moved along the (meridians) channels, which facilitates the flow of energy through the body. This treatment relaxes, relaxes and restores balance. It is distinguished by a multi-track effect on the whole body. And so it affects the skin, muscles, nerve, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It calms and minimizes stress, relaxes. In addition, it combines various therapeutic techniques such as: classic and lymphatic massage and thermotherapy, which is why it has been popular in massage rooms or Spa for many years.

Massage with volcanic stones will bring you relaxation and relief from ailments. It is especially worth giving in to it if you are bothered by joint diseases, back pain, especially those in the cervical region. Stone therapy helps to recover from tired and stressed people. Sometimes already one treatment is enough to feel much better, get rid of insomnia, feeling depressed. The most favorable results are achieved by using cyclical treatments, which is why we also recommend it for local guests.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Wellness & Spa Operation Manager


Holistic approach – what is it?

Today, more and more often people talk about a holistic approach to health, care, or it is referred to as a holistic place or treatment. The holistic approach is based on the assumption that not only the physical condition of the body is important for the health of a given individual. On a par with the body, the mind, emotions, as well as spirituality are important.  Maintaining such a balance is not easy.  It is enough that in one area there are difficulties, and one by one the others begin to fail. Therefore, supporting our body in an integral way cannot be based only on combating symptoms, but on finding the causes of worse well-being. And they don’t have to be obvious.

Holistic philosophy is an approach that can be used, not only taking care of your own health. We introduced these principles when we created Quadrile Spa. As a result, when hosting you, we do not only offer care for the body or face itself, but also at the same time we want to take care of your emotional and spiritual sphere. Is it possible in the context of the treatments and offer that we managed to compose in Quadrille Spa? Of course! Let me introduce our philosophy.

The Quadrille Spa offer is adapted to the different needs of our guests and their lifestyle. We will find among the available treatments and those that will soothe, reduce stress, relax, and on the other hand – add vitality or stimulate action. The very products on which we work pamper not only the skin, but also the senses – sight, smell and touch. And so the application of cosmetics for body and face care is extremely pleasant, and the Forlle’d make-up removal itself is a harbinger of successful relaxation. It is worth emphasizing that the products we use are not tested on animals. This is very important to us and in line with our philosophy. We also want them to be rich in ingredients of natural origin: caring butters, oils and plant extracts, as well as fragrance essences and those that will visibly improve the quality of your skin. In turn, the operation of high-tech devices and cosmetics is mild, subtle, but giving long-lasting effects.

Caring for the condition of the skin face and body

The skin reflects the internal state of the body. You should always reach inside to find the source of the problem and eliminate the cause with diet, proper supplementation, physical activity and balanced care, both manual and apparatus. By taking preventive care of our skin and body, we will gain more than occasionally using plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine, the effects of which are only temporary. It is important to act on each of the planes, and then we will achieve the best results. Holistic cosmetics is the answer for people who prefer prevention to cure. All you need is a proper diet, sleep, systematic care, relaxing massages to make our body grateful for the next years.

At Quadrille Spa, we care about quality, atmosphere, comfort and safety during treatments, combining the experience and skills of therapists with innovative technologies and soothing rituals. We take a comprehensive approach to the well-being and beauty of our guests, which allows us to plan coherent and effective therapies. Cosmetologists and masseurs take care of maintaining the balance of body and mind, through the skilful selection of treatment programs. We operate here in two ways: we skillfully combine care and relaxation therapies with technology. In order to regenerate psychophysically, we recommend manual therapies for the face – Forlle’d and for the body – Comfort Zone. On the other hand, the most modern solutions in the field of cosmetology Surgen, Zaffiro, Endermologia LPG, Vectus, Med 2 Contour, Hydrafacial are a guarantee of, among others, reducing the amount of body fat or hair, improving the condition of the skin, rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles (

Caring for physical condition

All guests, both local and hotel, are invited to our a° quadrille zone where relaxation will bring a stay in a steam sauna, dry sauna or jacuzzi. We also recommend using our indoor swimming pool, where you can carry out swimming training with the help of a counter-current, and for those of you who need some activity, we recommend using our cardio room, where in an intimate atmosphere you can do circuit training, strengthen muscles or burn some body fat (

Caring for the spiritual and emotional sphere

There comes a time when you start to feel the need to take a break, to stop. Although you have holidays at your disposal – once, twice a year, free holidays and weekends, it often turns out that it is not enough, that you need something else. And here there are many solutions such as the gym, running, fishing or shopping, which, after all, sometimes do not help.

In order to regain full balance in Quadrille Spa, we recommend the relaxation method using the extraordinary sound properties of Far Eastern instruments such as the so-called Tibetan bowls and gongs. For our guests, we regularly offer sessions of Tibetan bowls and gongs (more: Piotr Wyrwaszewski, who conducts them, can also perform an individual sound massage if desired.

In addition, we recommend the healing gymnastics Qi Gong, which comes from ancient China. It was created there as part of medical practice to support vitality and health, to teach peace and joy in relationships with others, as well as the acceptance and integration of everything that comes to us in life. The host – Agnieszka Sadraei also performs the Shiatsu treatment in the Spa.

It is also worth following the Events section on our website:
where we successively place information about everything that is happening with us.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz Wellness & Spa Operation Manager

fot. Puciam for Lara Barton
model: Magdalena Kalinowska

Ritual of the 4 worlds of the world – Aromasoul

Holidays are a time of carefree, regeneration, joy, long walks and sun that pampers our senses and body. Many of you dream of swimming in the azure sea, hot sands, but also many are looking for a place where, without crowds, outside the city center, they can rest from everyday life. If you are looking for just such a solution, Quadrille Spa will be a perfect place for a few hours of relaxation or a few days’ stay – combined with an overnight stay at the Quadrille Hotel.

We are an adult-friendly facility. It is a fantastic proposition for people who want to rest and want silence. You can hide with us, take a break, relax both in the Spa lobby and by the pool, in saunas, jacuzzi or spacious offices. In the wide range of treatments you will surely find something for yourself, and we will make every effort to ensure that you move during the Spa ritual to a place of your dream vacation without going abroad.

Thanks to the novelty of the [comfort zone] brand, we invite you to a unique journey to the world of the Orient, India, Arabia or the Mediterranean regions. During the conversation with the therapist, you will choose the region to which we will try to transfer you with the help of cosmetics, music and taste. And so the scent of mimosa, jasmine and vanilla will deeply relax, transporting you to the world of the Orient. Mandarin, lemon, basil will refresh and take you to the Mediterranean regions. In turn, cedar, nutmeg and cardamom will stimulate you and bring you to India, while lavender, cinnamon and ginger will warm you up on cooler August evenings and take you to the region of Arabia.

The Ritual of the Four Worlds – Aromasoul is intensely moisturizing and rich in nourishing ingredients. Specially selected music stimulates the imagination. The fragrance is a combination of citrus and lively notes, such as juniper, sage or geranium, which convey the beneficial properties of the sea, giving you an amazing feeling of freedom. Volcanic peeling based on Karite butter perfectly softens, tones and regenerates the skin. Nourishing ritual massage from 4 world lands and a noble blend of essential oils with aromatherapeutic and antioxidant properties will put you in a state of deep relaxation. Tea at the end, but not so obvious. Thanks to specially selected blends of leaves and additives, you will be able to continue your journey with your sense of taste, relaxing in the Spa lobby.

Another ritual [comfort zone] that we decided to introduce in Quadille Spa fits perfectly into our philosophy, which responds to the needs of both the body and mind. It is an ecological brand, and the highest quality natural active ingredients ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. What is important for us, the preparations are free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors or ingredients of animal origin. It is the combination of scientific research with the infinite potential of nature that gives excellent results and will surely meet your expectations.


Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Wellness & Spa Operations Manager


Skin care around eyes

The skin around the eyes reacts extremely quickly to an unhealthy lifestyle. Pollution, poorly chosen home care, long hours of working at the computer in inappropriate light, lack of sleep, improper diet or even UV rays, which also irritate the eyelids and quickly dry the delicate skin around the eyes – all this does not serve us.

Professional, properly selected care of the eye area is extremely important, because the skin in this area is five times thinner than in other parts of the face and has a thickness of only 0.5mm. Moreover, signs of joy, sadness, and stress accelerate negative changes in their functioning and appearance. Wearing sunglasses should become our habit not only during the summer season, but also in winter, because the sun’s rays are very intense during this time of year.

Preparations for the care of the skin around the eyes must have a light, quickly absorbing texture. Along with the mimic wrinkles, often called “crow’s feet”, there are also overhangs, that is, emphasis of the fatty tissue of the upper eyelid.

The use of professional eye care products and beauty salon treatments can significantly delay the formation of wrinkles and reduce their occurrence.

Products tailored strictly to the needs of the eye area, most often contain ingredients such as: vitamins A, E, F, provitamin B5, allantoin, vegetable ceramides, Asian centella, extracts of plant collagen, chamomile, aloe and mallow flowers, hyaluronic acid, natural oils and UVA, UVB filters.

Cosmetics for the care of the skin around the eyes can come in various forms, including as:

  • make-up removal products – milk, tonic, micellar water, gel or oil,
  • eye creams – they have a heavier texture and lubricate the skin better, contain ceramides, lipids,
  • herbal extracts, proteins, oils of natural origin, phytosterols and liposomes,
  • eye gels – recommended for young, less demanding skins and those that do not tolerate creams
    – they absorb faster and tighten the skin better,
  • serums and concentrates – for mature skins, the consistency is usually liquid or gel
    – they are absorbed quickly, contain biological ingredients with a much higher concentration than creams and gels.

The most popular treatments for the delicate skin around the eyes are:

  • soothing compresses, ampoules, masks,
  • medical chemical peels,
  • needle mesotherapy – introducing active substances by puncturing into the dermis, thanks to which we can reduce wrinkles and make the skin firmer,
  • microneedle mesotherapy – application of the preparation through microneedling, reduction of wrinkles, firming,
  • needle-free mesotherapy – non-invasive introduction of preparations through ‘electroporation’,
  • radio waves,
  • carboxytherapy,
  • Kobido massage and self-massage,
  • ‘Bioptron’ lamp therapy,
  • treatments with fillers.

The skin around the eyes is a forgotten place in everyday home care and during cosmetic treatments, and it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so let the area around them be well-groomed!

We invite you to professional and extremely effective treatments at Spa Quadrille, incl. Zaffiro plus – thermolifting with the use of deeply penetrating infrared.



Podology as a branch of medicine in the 21st century

Podology is a branch of medicine dealing with the treatment and prevention of the lower limbs.

In Poland, podiatry is still not very popular profession, but it is worth mentioning that despite the name associated with doctors, podiatrist is not a medical doctor. Thanks to the Polish Podiatry Society, this profession was officially entered on the list of professions performed in Poland not so long ago, on January 1, 2015.

A podiatrist must have extensive knowledge of dermatology, immunology and physiotherapy. Podiatrists often work closely with other specialists, including dermatologists, dieticians and diabetics, all to make the effects of the treatment even more effective.

People who have problems with excessive hyperkeratosis, corns, calluses, corns, ingrown or twisted nails, cracked heels, athlete’s foot, and diabetic foot syndrome should visit the podiatry office.

It is worth mentioning that the podiatrist deals not only with treatment, but also with post-phylactic treatment, i.e. the prevention of the above-mentioned diseases. The work of a podiatrist is based on an individual approach to each patient. From the very entrance, he must pay attention to his gait, check whether the biomechanics of the gait is not disturbed, in order to choose an appropriate treatment method in a further interview. He cannot treat everyone the same, everyone has different health conditions.

For example, if there are negligence in the care of the skin of the feet and nails, the podiatrist performs various types of treatments to bring the patient relief and, consequently, eliminate both the problem and its cause.

Basic podiatry treatment, as the name suggests, includes a thorough podiatry consultation with examination of the feet, analysis of their current condition and determination of the patient’s needs. Such a procedure always includes the preparation of the nail plate, the aim of which is to ensure their proper growth and development, and to prevent their ingrowth. Then the excess amount of dead, calloused epidermis is removed in such a way as not to damage the healthy tissue. Depending on the current condition of the feet, various types of cosmetics are used to nourish and moisturize. The frequency of treatments should be 4 to 5 weeks apart – it is determined individually depending on the needs. The treatment should be performed throughout the year to maintain long-term effects.

Treatments performed in the office by a podiatrist:

  • removal of calluses, corns,
  • treatment of diseased nails
  • treatment of cracked heels
  • nail reconstruction
  • removal of warts
  • orthonyxia
  • treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
  • treatment of athlete’s foot

At Quadrille Spa you can now arrange the latest podiatry treatments, incl. podiatry pedicure and installation of the Rosa Fraser clamp. Our guests can also buy professional home care cosmetics.

You’re welcome !

Katarzyna Bojanowska

Summer Spa

The long-awaited time of the year has come, when our body has a chance to recharge itself with positive energy, sun and nature.  The beginning of summer, which this year may not have come too quickly and on a grand scale, nevertheless prompts us to take care of ourselves.  Each time of the year, we wonder where to spend these few days off, and in today’s reality we also focus on the issues of physical and mental health.

We offer you a holiday in the SPA and we are convinced that it is an excellent idea for perfect relaxation and recharging the battery before returning to work.  Remember that daily body care at home is one thing, but professional treatments are an opportunity for thorough rest and metamorphosis.  The effects of improving the well-being or the appearance of the skin of the face and body can be obtained after the first visit to the office and without a convalescence period.  Quadrille Spa Guests have at their disposal a whole range of various treatments, so everyone will find something suitable.

Apart from the traditional classic massage, which the therapist will perform with the intensity determined during the consultations, recommendable are rituals that combine the soothing effects of manual techniques with high-quality cosmetic preparations.  The Amber Ritual and the Ritual of the Four Worlds – Aromasoul additionally contain a peeling exfoliating dead epidermis, thanks to which the skin becomes silky smooth and prepared for sunbathing.

Professional products of the Japanese brand Forlle’d along with the specialized Zaffiro firming treatment will take care of the flawless appearance of the facial skin.  Depending on the needs, the cosmetologist will select the appropriate care during a free consultation.  If you decide to undergo the Zaffiro treatment, you can achieve a natural look and improve the quality of your skin during one visit, without excluding you from everyday life.

Treatments supporting slimming, cellulite reduction and body shaping, such as Med2Contour and Endermologia, are also in demand in our Spa.  During your vacation, you can take care of the condition of the body skin, reduce the visibility of cellulite or get rid of fatty tissue from sensitive areas.  Of course, it is worth remembering about proper nutrition and physical activity, these are undoubtedly important factors affecting the end result.  We provide you with the entire A°quadrille zone, i.e. a swimming pool, a dry sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi and a gym, which will greatly facilitate the implementation of even small traffic. We cannot forget about more basic treatments, i.e. hand and foot care, which we gladly show in less covered shoes in summer.  Traditional and podiatry pedicures will allow you to take care of the nice appearance of your nails, but also contribute to the elimination of shortcomings such as corns, warts or ingrown nails.

Now all you have to do is choose the perfect date for your stay at the Quadrille Hotel combined with treatments and fully relax in our hotel SPA.  Manual therapies and high-tech treatments offered by Quadrille Spa will pamper your senses and improve your body, and the professional service will make you feel comfortable both in the office and in the A˚Quadrille zone.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz 

Wellness & Spa Operations Manager

Skin care for men

Men’s skin, like women’s skin, needs proper care. Cosmetics manufacturers create special lines of preparations for men, which, in addition to caring properties, must meet the most important requirements, such as: light texture, delicate, “masculine” fragrance and practical packaging. Cosmetics should be selected according to the type and problem of the skin.

Cleansing is the first and most important step in basic skincare. It is worth remembering that it is not enough to wash your face with soap, because we expose it to unnecessary and excessive drying. Men have more sebaceous glands, which is why deep cleansing is so important.


If you feel dry and tense immediately after cleansing with water and cosmetics, and you feel discomfort and roughness a few hours after applying the cream (even greasy), it is a clear signal that we are dealing with a type of dry skin, i.e. extremely susceptible to irritation and cracking. Which requires special treatment. If this is the case we should choose washing gels that do not contain strong chemicals and alcohol.


If we have skin that during the day looks as if it was smeared with oil and shines excessively – we can rightly classify it as oily skin. Therefore, use a cleansing gel that will contain substances with antibacterial properties (e.g. tea tree oil or clay). This will reduce the shine of the face during the day and properly prepare the skin for the application of further care products, such as moisturizing and matting cream. It is also advisable to use cosmetics containing peeling particles. Thanks to daily, gentle exfoliation, we will be sure that the skin is properly cleaned of dirt and excess sebum. Such a well-groomed skin will not be exposed to the formation of blackheads and pimples.


Combination skin can be a bit capricious and is characterized by excessive greasy in the so-called “T” zone (night, forehead, chin) and dryness around the cheeks. You should choose care products wisely to not hurt yourself and improve the appearance of your skin. It is most sensible to start with a well-cleansing product but at the same time use a delicate face gel and an effective moisturizing cream with properties regulating the work of sebaceous glands.

Choose a face cleanser – most often it will be a gel for everyday use. Immediately after washing it, we use a tonic to equalize the skin’s Ph to the appropriate level. In the next step, we apply a serum (adjusted to the skin type, if required) and a cream, e.g. moisturizing.

Once a week, it is also worth making a granular or enzymatic peeling (depending on the skin’s reaction) with the appropriate cosmetic. The peeling exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses the skin deeper. In addition, once in a while, we can also clean the nose with the help of an appropriate patch that removes blackheads, thanks to which we will get rid of all impurities in one stroke.

Men’s skin is approximately 25% thicker than women’s skin. So let’s not be influenced by the selection of our ladies’ creams. Each of us should individually search for the product that is most suitable for him. Although gentlemen are more resistant to weather conditions and the razor blade, their skin is much more susceptible to bacteria, which leads to blemishes and irritation. Therefore, it is worth considering salicylic acid in the care, which has the properties of cleansing the sebaceous glands of blackheads and prevents the formation of any blemishes. The action of the acid accelerates the healing process of inflammation and irritation and prevents ingrown hair. It can be an ingredient in a face wash gel or a tonic that will be used, for example, after shaving or simply before applying the cream.

If it is difficult for us to diagnose the complexion and choose the right products for daily care – we have specialists who will be happy to help.

You should go to a cosmetologist or cosmetologist’s consultation and talk about the products currently used and the effects of their use. If the cosmetics used so far did not bring a satisfactory effect, you will certainly need to change them or modify their use.

Anastasia Moroz

Plant-based products by Marcin Popielarz

“Plant-based cuisine is extremely diverse and it would be a shame to waste its potential.” Marcin Popielarz

Marcin Popielarz, chef patron at Biały Królik restaurant at Hotel Quadrille Relais & Châteaux in Gdynia and Biôli Trus at Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno, is well known from his passion for regional cuisine, strongly based on local products – vegetables to a large extent. During his career with passion he grasped the vegan dishes as the ambassador at Roślinnie Jemy and Chefs For Change projects which are bringing to general public this type of menu with our health and environment in mind.

Marcin’s Popielarz original plant-based products line came up from his will to bring closer diversity of Polish fruits and vegetables in surprising combinations.  It is a selection of plant-based preserves, which match perfectly with everyday cuisine, so that they will perform great on each table.

These are low-caloric jams made only with unrefined cane sugar and erythritol, essential oils based on polish sunflower oil and rapeseed oil (known as Kashubian Olive Oil), generally: creative vegetal preserves made without any preservatives or flavour enhancers, just classic reduction and quality natural spices. Marcin Popielarz offers also delightful  vegan sweets with reduced sugar amount which is not affecting the great flavours.

Chef’s main target was to make this plant-based products appealing for everyone, not only vegan and vegetarian cuisine enthusiasts. Marcin willingly shares ideas for use of his preserves which are also a brilliant concept for a healthy gift for loved ones.

Full Marcin’s Popielarz preserves line are:

JAMS (20 PLN each)

-Kamczacka Blueberry with Lemon Grass 150g
-Strawberry with Elderflower 150g
-Rhubarb with Juniper and Pomegrante 150g
-Sea Buckthorn with Kumquat 150g
-Mirabelle Plum with Ginger 150g

SWEETS (20 PLN each)

-Vegan Pudding Dulcze de Leche with Kłodawska Salt 150g
-Dark Chocolate with Beetroot Molasses Mousse 150g
-Creamy Amaranth with Rasberries and Hibiscus 150g

OILS (30 PLN each)

-Oil with Smoked Bell Pepper 250ml
-Oil with White Poppy-seed and Raisins 250ml
-Vege Beurre Noisset (Brown Butter) 250ml


-Dried Plum and Wild Garlic Chutney 150g
-Home-made Ketchup 250g
-Vegetal BBQ  250g
-Mushroom Pâté 250g
-Polish Kimchi 250g


You may order via e-mail:, or phone: +48 58 351 03 30

How to take care of the skin of your hands and nails?

The skin on our hands is very sensitive and is particularly exposed to external factors such as frost, heat, UV radiation or chemicals contained in cleaning products.

The current situation forces everyone to use various types of preparations for hands, which contain a high concentration of alcohol in their composition, which primarily causes intensive drying of the skin, and with greater neglect it leads to the formation of small cracks.

It is worth remembering that our hands are our showpiece , right after the face and neck, from them we notice passage of time. In order to have beautiful and well-cared hands, we do not need to use high-end cosmetics.

Home care treatments for hands have the advantage of the use of ingredients which sit within our kitchen drawers.


Both the skin of the hands and the whole body requires exfoliation of dead epidermis, thanks to which it is much easier to moisturize, nourish and smooth it.

The use of a body scrub is highly recommended, provided that the skin on the hands is no longer excessively damaged and cracked. You can of course prepare such a product yourself at home.

To prepare the peeling we will need:

– juice from half a lemon
– cane sugar (if we do not have it, we can use plain white sugar)
– a teaspoon of honey

We mix everything together until a homogeneous consistency is formed, apply it to the hands and perform movements similar to washing hands. Repeat the procedure for 5 minutes, then thoroughly wash off the peeling under running water and gently dry your hands with a paper towel.


Drinking linseed provides large amounts of omega-3 acid, which soothes inflammation in the body. Linseed can also be used to create a bath for dry, cracked and chapped hands.

To create such a bath , we will need:

– 3 tablespoons of linseed
– a glass of boiling water


pour the water over the seeds, leave to cool and then soak your hands in the decoction for 15 to 20 minutes. After this process, dry your hands with a paper towel.

A bath with linseed covers the skin with a protective film, it also soothes small wounds and regenerates the skin of the hands.


In turn, the common problem with dry cuticles around the nails can be solved by rubbing olive oil into this area. This improves the condition of the nails and softens the cuticles. Systematic oil treatment of cuticles after a month brings excellent results.


The frequently appearing stains on the nail plate are caused by applying the coloured varnish directly to the plate. It happens that we forget about an important step, i.e. applying a base to protect the nail plate from such staining. In the fight against this type of problem, rubbing lemon with baking soda into the nail plate will work well.

Cut the lemon in half or in quarters, then pour baking soda on it and rub it into the plate for 1 minute on one nail. Then rinse with lukewarm water and gently dry the plate.


Generally available moisturizing hand preparations can make everyday care easier. When buying hand creams, you should pay attention to their composition. Most importantly, they should be based on butter or vegetable oils, and should also contain natural moisturizing substances such as glycerine and urea. It is good if the cream also contains vitamins A, C and E, which protect against free radicals and enhance the skin’s lightening process. Creams should not contain parabens, silicones, artificial substances or fragrances.

Remember about basic activities such as daily hand moisturizing or wearing gloves during home chores, especially when using intensive, chemical cleaning agents. This will protect our hands from accelerated aging or the resulting discoloration.

Katarzyna Bojanowska
Spa therapist


Caviar tasting

We are always delighted when we can offer a new and special gourmet experience to our guests. That’s why we have prepared recently great Polish sturgeon caviar tasting. Antonius caviar has a great intense aromas and fantastic texture. It is extremely exclusive, the company uses only artisan, traditional methods of production.

We serve it at a table from our special caviar trolley. The waiter opens a caviar can in front of the guests and he puts it on ice straight away after so the temperature is perfect. We serve it with special home-made selection of pastries and extras. Some of them are traditional combinations with caviar but the others may be considered quite unusual at first but they work beautifully together. You can find there little capers with herbal gremolata, grated hen’s white with chives, cucumber compressed with dill or traditional Kashubian cakes – salty “ruchanki”.

To make our guests experience even more special we prepared unique beverage selection to make a perfect pairing. Apart from a glass of exquisite Champagne Ruinart Brut we encourage to taste three different Polish Belvedere vodkas. There is a classic Belvedere served with two single origin – Lake Bartężak which is from Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodship where a cold climate makes it herbaceous, minty with lovely spicy white pepper element and Smogóry Forest from Lubuskie voivodship which is one of the warmest in Poland and where you can get aromas of fresh flowers and caramel. As an option we offer as well a special Vodka Martini cocktail which have already proved to be very popular with our guests.

Caviar tasting is a great intermezzo before a main course to cleanse your palate and makes your mouth watering ready for more.

Marcin Oziębły
Front of House Manager

Chinese bubble

The use of the Chinese bubble goes back to the tradition of natural medicine cultivated 3,000 years ago. Nowadays, along with all hi-tech devices, the cult of the Chinese bubble does not disappear, but still supports many women in the fight for a beautiful, firm body. Considering how long its history is, it is worth taking a closer look at its application.

The pressure created by the Chinese rubber bulb sucks the skin and the underlying tissues into the bubble. This strong mechanical stimulus causes extravasation of blood, which comes from the tiny blood vessels between the superficial fascia and adipose tissue. As a result, we obtain a hyperemia effect, the power of which will depend on the area being developed and the goal we want to achieve. It sounds complicated, but the main thing is that our body treats the visible redness caused by an external stimulus as a foreign body. The massage itself stimulates the reactions of the immune system, which is mobilized to produce immune bodies.

Despite the wide use of Chinese cupping massage in the treatment of muscle pain, physiotherapy, biological regeneration or scar and fascia therapy, in beauty salons we most often lean towards its aesthetic effect, which means a reliable fight against cellulite and “orange” peel.

We start the treatment by applying olive oil to the skin and relaxing the tissues of the area being prepared using lymphatic drainage techniques. Then we move on to the main part of the procedure, which is to suck the Chinese cup on the skin. It is worth paying attention to the fact that each person has a different pain threshold and, as therapists, we must of course take this into account. One batch massage takes about 15-20 minutes and we do not want to cause strong pain sensations, but only to stimulate the tissue in a controlled manner. With subsequent treatments, the sensitivity of the skin will change, the pain threshold will rise, and thus the area affected by cellulite will be less tender, and then the time will come to act with a stronger vacuum.

The redness and warming effect that we get after the massage is an incentive not only visible on the surface of the skin, but also coming from its deeper layers. It accelerates the metabolism of tissues , which in the area affected by cellulite gives the effect of faster removal of toxins and unnecessary water from the body . And this, in turn, has a direct impact on the  distribution of adipose tissue, the breakdown of lumps visible under the skin, and as a result – increasing the smoothness of the body while reducing the circumference. The stimulation of circulation causes immediate smoothing of the skin, which becomes more elastic and resistant to weight fluctuations or stretch marks.

Chinese cupping massage treatment also brings relief to tired legs prone to swelling. Smoothing the skin, detoxifying and brightening it is visible after the first treatment. For long-lasting anti-cellulite effects, treatments are performed in a series of 8-10, depending on the degree of the problem and the speed of tissue reaction.

author Aleksandra Woźnowska – Spa Therapist
photo by Jędrzej Król

Cheese tasting

Led by our philosophy of rediscovering traditional Polish products, we offer our Guests the tasting of excellent Polish cheese. This selection is guided by variety of types, textures, colours as well as producers. We would love to share with Guests unique flavours created with passion by native cheese factories, accompanied by homemade pastries and preserves.

Starting from the intriguing  way of exposition it foreshows a promising experience. Every day we arrange our trolley with great care with highest quality and fresh products to make it as attractive as possible.

Our offer consist of eight types of cheese, intense cow’s long-ripening, blue, smooth goat cheese and many other. Their individual, special character is perfectly underlined by properj am made by Marcin Popielarz’s secret recipe.  Every flavour enthusiast will find something for themselves. Guests can combine their own set of three or six cheese or give themselves full pleasure of variety and taste all of them. All this creations are realised and served by a waiter at the Guest’s table. He cuts thirty grams slices of chosen cheese and serves it in proper categories grouped by style and intensity. Then they offer some confiture as well, flavours depending on amount of  tasting cheese. Last but not least served are our own-baked brioches, flatbreads and crumpets straight from an etagere. During this service Guests can get to know about origin and production of each cheese to understand and discover better their hidden flavours.

Our sommelier made his best to fulfil the experience and chose three wines from our list creating a small pairing with cheese. Fresh and fruity Sauvignon Blanc with its acidity underlines delicate flavours of goat cheese, semi dry sherry oloroso with its nutty notes corresponds with aged hard cheese as well as tawny port is a great match to our blue cheese.

Tasting of our cheese selection is a perfect ending of a special dinner, when after the desserts the magic of the evening may last even longer….

Med 2 Contour – cellulite killer

A perfect figure, without a gram of cellulite, is the goal of many women who try to deal with imperfections related to the accumulation of excess water or fat under the skin. A firm and resilient body is often the result of enormous effort, exercise and diets. But sometimes, this is not enough and specialist guidance is needed.

The solution we want to present is the Med2 Contour treatment – non-invasive, non-surgical liposuction and reduction of deep cellulite .

The treatment uses low-frequency ultrasound waves that accumulate in the tissue and lead to its breakdown and liquefaction. Thanks to this phenomenon, you can shape your body and get rid of the unwanted so-called; orange peel.

Special, patented Med Contour Medical head has two inclined ultrasound emitters and a suction system that ensures proper skin positioning. On the skin surface, the intensity of ultrasound is relatively low, while in the fatty tissue where the treatment is focused, the waves meet and overlap, and their intensity increases fourfold.

Other devices using ultrasound waves focus them in a very small area, which makes their effects unsatisfactory. The innovative technology of amplifying unfocused ultrasound waves used in Med Contour Medical causes that the area of ​​their cutting has a large surface, which transforms into the speed and high efficiency of this method.


First, we consult a specialized therapist who will perform the procedure. The first treatment session is preceded by taking photos to be able to compare the effects of work with Med2Contour, aiming at the complete elimination of imperfections.

The skin in the treated area is sucked through the head, creating a fold on which ultrasound waves are emitted which affect the fatty tissue. This ensures the safety of internal organs, vessels and nerves.

The waves emitted by Med2 Contour Medical heat the skin to a temperature of 42 – 44 degrees Celsius, causing skin redness and a feeling of intense heat. The treatment ends with lymphatic drainage, which accelerates the removal of liquefied fat.

After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red and warm. This effect may last up to an hour.

Med2 Contour Medical – to whom and when do we recommend?

– people with cellulite and problematic, locally accumulated adipose tissue(abdomen, thighs, sides, hips, arms, knees, calves),
– ladies who want to restore a slim figure after a pregnancy and childbirth,
– men who want to get rid of the troublesome tummy.

* The treatment is safe for tanned skin as well as for vascular problems.

Med2 Contour

The effects are visible after the first session and build up with each subsequent treatment.

Complete disposal of fat cells guarantees a lasting result and no yo-yo effect in the area covered by the procedure.

The quality of the skin and the elasticity of the skin are definitely improved.

For the best possible results, a series of treatments should be carried out. Their number is selected individually, depending on the condition and size of the changed area. Most often, the therapy includes from 3 to 6 treatments performed at intervals of one week. In the intervals between treatments, a short session of lymphatic drainage is performed in order to thoroughly expel the liquefied fat tissue from the body.

The entire Med2Contour therapy can be performed alternately with other treatments to strengthen the effect, including LPG endermology or Chinese cupping massage.

Of course, it is worth remembering about proper nutrition and physical activity – these are undoubtedly important factors affecting the final result. We have a holistic approach to human health, which is why we provide our guests with the entire A°quadrille zone, i.e. a swimming pool , dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and gym. Admission to it is included in the price of the service and for an unlimited time – always before or after the treatment.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the other High-Tech treatments available at Quadrille Spa:

It is never too late to change, so you should take care of your body and spirit!


Kacper Wiśniewski
Deputy Spa Manager

The 10/6 Pub

The 10/6 Pub is a special place in the palace and park complex of the five-star Quadrille Relais & Chateaux Hotel in Gdynia. The unique name refers to the Hatter’s Day –  the Hatter is one of the main heroes in the novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which constitutes the main theme of the entire hotel.

Pub 10.6
Within the stone walls and brick vaults, the guests entering the Pub feel like entering a different world – the magic world. In the cellars of the historic palace, slightly hidden within the city of Gdynia, few people expect to find such characteristic and „spirited” 🙂 place. Its original decor and interesting layout guarantee comfort and cosy atmosphere during both private and business meetings.

Pub 10.6

During the day, the Hatter’s Pub also serves as the hotel lobby where the guests can have an excellent coffee or eat one of the desserts prepared by the palace confectionary under the name of White Rabbit. The menu in the pub includes interesting dishes catering for large and small appetite. The offer is so broad that everyone will find here something for themselves. From burgers with the Polish beef from Pniewy to traditional chicken broth or more surprising – beetroots with goat cheese. In the evenings, the 10/6 Pub is a place of meetings, cultural events, talks, romantic dinners and many spirited toasts. The area behind the pub is sometimes arranged for various events and parties with DJ, live music or dances. The area includes 33 seats, whereas during events it is possible to accommodate even 50 people.

Pub 10.6

The Mad Hatter has prepared numerous exceptional cocktail options for the enthusiasts of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, the glass cabinet by the bar contains tens of bottles with specially selected alcoholic beverages  – this is a well-thought selection by local bartenders. Furthermore, the pub guests can choose from a variety of local Kashubian homemade-style liqueurs made of local products.

Pub 10.6

All this, and first of all the exceptional atmosphere of the 10/6 Pub, make up its charm that hardly anyone can resist. The entire concept of this place is uniform and consistent – from the selection of furniture, lights falling on the bottles and their abundance to the professional and discreet service taking care of the guests, ensuring an excellent journey through a number of flavours. You are welcome to visit us!

How to take care of your feet at home?

The feet are an extremely important part of the body because they bear all our weight for many hours a day. Usually we are to blame for neglecting them or for feeling uncomfortable with heavy and swollen feet. Their care should be carried out systematically throughout the year, not only in the so-called “flip season”.

Due to the current situation in Poland and around the world, access to beauty salons, spas and podiatrists has been completely limited. Therefore, we must take care of our feet in the comfort of our home. Fortunately, this care is not difficult, and most of all, you don’t really need expensive cosmetics to deal with it.

The feet have the most sweat glands and the first step we need to remember is proper hygiene. For pedicures at home, you can use what you have at hand, e.g. table salt, olive oil, coconut oil and many more.

We start the pedicure with a bath, i.e. soaking the feet in bath salt, which is widely available within supermarkets. However, if we do not have access to this particular product, we can easily make it ourselves.



3 tablespoons of salt
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2-3 drops of the selected essential oil (we can skip this step)
or 2 teaspoons of bathing fluid or shampoo

, mix everything together.

Tepid water is poured into the bowl and the bath salt prepared in this way is poured at our discretion.

Soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes.

The second way is to soak the feet in water with 3-5 teaspoons of baking soda, which has a bactericidal effect, effectively eliminates the bad smell of feet and – most importantly – softens the epidermis, which allows you to easily get rid of it.

The next step is to shorten the nail plate. We need to cut / file the nail plate straight ahead, remembering not to round the sides – this will help to avoid ingrown nails.

After developing the nail plate, it’s time to get rid of excess epidermis. We can use a public file with gradation 240 and treat the heels and places where re layer of skin is too thick.

You can also use a body scrub, which each of us usually keeps in the bathroom. In the absence of peeling, we can prepare it at home from the products that we have in the kitchen.


½ cup coconut oil
3 tbsp coarse salt / cane sugar

mix everything together, then apply it to the feet and massage with circular movements. This way we rub the epidermis. We do this for 5 minutes on both the left and right feet. We wash off the peeling, dry the feet thoroughly, remembering about the interdigital spaces.

We also recommend the application of foot masks . However, when choosing cosmetics, we must pay attention to their ingredients and the effect we want to achieve thanks to the treatment. Avoid introducing creams / masks into the interdigital spaces, because it is in these places that there is a high risk of bacteria and athlete’s foot.

The basic active ingredients that occur in these preparations are:

* urea, which is designed to moisturize, soften, prevent keratosis,
* glycerin – binds water and has a protective effect,
* manuka extract – prevents mycosis,
* peppermint – refreshes,
* bisabolol (a natural ingredient Roman chamomile extract) – soothes and prevents irritation.

It is important to avoid wearing exfoliating socks, as they also exfoliate the skin on the dorsal side of the foot, and this is where it is most delicate and sensitive. In addition, excessive exfoliation can lead to deterioration of the condition of the feet and even greater accumulation of epidermis.

It is also recommended that you wear appropriate, comfortable footwear. Usually we pay attention to the aesthetic value, not the practical one. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is worth checking if there is an appropriate height of the instep and shoe profiling. It is not worth buying shoes that narrow very close to the toes, because it accelerates the bone deformation of the foot.

Beautiful and well-groomed feet will certainly be our showcase in the coming summer, so it is worth having basic knowledge about home care and shoe selection.


Katarzyna Bojanowska – Cosmetics and podiatry specialist

A unique place for the engagement

When the relationship is flourishing there comes a moment when the couple wants something more. They begin dreaming about their future life and their wedding. But before we get there, first comes the engagement. Although this is not a wedding day, it will also be engraved in their memory forever so all the details are important.

Men usually think long about the venue for the engagement. The choice is not easy since everyone has other preferences. On the one hand, you can choose something traditional, on the other – uniqueness is in great demand. You need to consider your partner’s expectations as for the engagement. And what if the man is not sure what is going to make the greatest impression?  Are there any universal recipes?


An evening dinner in a restaurant is very elegant but also quite predictable. A lot of men choose this option. You can take one step further, keeping the engagement traditional and making it unique and exceptional at the same time. For example, you can organize the engagement in a hotel. In particular, the one which can guarantee elegance and unique surroundings. Just a stay in such a place can be very romantic, and an evening dinner in candlelight is something completely different than the one in a simple restaurant. The Quadrille Hotel comes forward. Why shall we choose this place?

First of all, because it looks like a fairy-tale palace, and on such an exceptional engagement day a woman will feel like a princess. Interestingly, the hotel interior alone, referring to the novel „Alice in Wonderland”, is an invitation to adventure. Moreover, we prepared a special engagement offer for the couples in love. After the soon-to-be-engaged couple sets foot in the place, they feel like entering the world of magic. Then, they move on into a room with a sweet surprise waiting for them, and later, to the restaurant – with a cosy table in an exclusive area and discreet service. Together with the tasting menu we offer wine pairing enhancing the flavour of dishes and evoking an excellent mood. A bouquet of flowers will make the whole event complete. There is a possibility to organize an additional attraction in the form of live music, on request. Could you have a more romantic engagement?


Good hotels usually provide a SPA offer. Instead of organizing the engagement in a traditional restaurant, we can hold it at the SPA. Ideally, this should be an adult-only space just like in the Quadrille, where in quiet surroundings we offer some relaxing respite and intimacy. A lot of women are going to like the relaxing stay at the Spa ending with a marriage proposal. It should be noted that the water zone can be reserved exclusively for the couple so the surroundings will be favourable to express love. Regardless of a chosen option, you do not need to worry that something will spoil the moment since our professional service will oversee the situation.

The engagement involves strong emotions so it is good to make sure everything will go smoothly. You should also exclude any potential difficulties. The higher degree of certainty that everything will go well, the lower level of stress. The Quadrille Hotel is an adult-only hotel, where we invite people of over 16 years of age. Therefore, there is no risk that some toddler will start running around or crying in the most important moment. In such circumstances, the romantic charm is gone in an instant. It is worth ensuring that the magical evening will last as long as it possibly can.

The exfoliating treatments – Peel Mission

Acid facial treatment is an effective weapon against the most frequent skin disorders. Acne, wrinkles, discoloration, blackheads, small scars – all these problems can certainly be resolved by applying the effective facial acids. In this case, age is of no importance since the benefits resulting from treating the skin with mandelic, salicylic or azelaic acids will be clearly visible for 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds.

By introducing the facial acid brand into the Quadrille Spa we decided to focus on the Polish company, PEEL MISSION®, who is the leading manufacturer of chemical peels providing high level of effectiveness in rejuvenating treatment, scar reduction, discoloration, as well as acne vulgaris and acne rosacea. The company preparations are manufactured under the highest quality standard, which is confirmed by certificate ISO 22716 and GMP. Moreover, the preparations are marked by high bioavailability (the pH value of peel is lower than the pH value of acid), and their liquid base enhances the effectiveness of acid penetration into the skin. Monopeels by Peel Mission® enable combining several exfoliants during one treatment, adjusting them to the individual needs of the client and enhancing the effects.

Treatments at Quadrille Spa

RETIpeel- two-stage strongly rejuvenating system.

Perfectly balanced combination of pure retinol, vitamin E and C, as well as retinol palmitate, marked by high stability, also under UV radiation, makes it possible to use the full potential of treatment throughout the year. The 10% retinol complex is effective at all skin layers. Retinol stimulates fibroblasts and increases their number in dermis, enhancing the collagen and elastic fibres synthesis. As a result, the skin is well nourished and oxidised, regains its density and firmness, and smoothes out wrinkles.

Anti Acne- acne, inflammatory changes

The composition of acids used for Anti Acne treatment works perfectly for the skin suffering from inflammatory acne. The salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it can penetrate the sebum layer, which guarantees the effective reduction of Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria. With regular application, the skin pores are reduced, there are fewer blackheads, and the function of sebaceous glands is normalized. Thanks to the exfoliating effect the acid improves the skin appearance and structure. It also prevents the epidermis keratinization, namely build-up of dead epidermis layers, resulting in blocking the ostia of hair follicles.

AZA Peel- acnes, sensitive skin

The range of peels with anti-bacterial properties regarding aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. It fails to cause bacteria resistance even at long-term application (contrary to antibiotics applied to treat acne). It is effective in treating blackhead and papulopustular acne, even among people with sensitive skin. It counteracts sebum and lipid decomposition to free aldehydes, fatty acids and ketones which irritate the skin and intensify the acne lesions. Moreover, the azelaic acid is successfully applied to skin with discolouration, post-inflammatory or post-acne skin, or skin indicating incorrect function of melanocytes.

Skin Revital- skin revitalization

The mandelic acid laboratory-derived from bitter almonds belongs to AHA group. The acid has anti-bacterial, exfoliating and anti-ageing properties. It gradually penetrates deeper layers of epidermis, is non-toxic, and does not increase the skin sensitivity to solar radiation; therefore, it can be applied in winter and summer season. Combined with phytic acid, it has bio-revitalizing and anti-oxidative properties preventing the formation of free radicals. It makes the skin radiant.

Phytic peel- discoloration

The exfoliation with azelaic and phytic acid makes the skin lightened and improves its brightness. Both acids prevent extensive melanogenesis which is the cause of skin discolouration. It softly exfoliates the epidermis and stimulates its regeneration process. The skin regains its colour and becomes radiant, whereas discolouration becomes less visible.

The PEEL MISSION® peels provide exceptional solutions for numerous skin problems, whereas the possibility to combine several acids during one procedure enhances the treatment effects even further.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Spa Quadrille Manager

A unique wedding reception

While planning a wedding reception, the future Bride and Groom want this day to be exceptional. After all, it will be engraved in their memory forever. More and more people look for some setting combining the traditional elements with something unique and extravagant. One of the ideas worth looking into is a wedding reception held in a place much more interesting than a standard wedding venue.

The traditional weddings have a long-standing tradition. The same games, the same music and the same dishes. How about trying something more creative? Moving on to higher things and planning the reception completely different? More and more often, the Couples look for unique inspirations and new ideas. They should get familiar, for example, with the offer of themed hotels.

What is the themed hotel distinguished by?

The themed hotels are very popular around the world. Although until recently they have enjoyed little popularity in Poland, they are gaining appreciation because of their exceptionality. And since the Couple is focused on the unique charm, what can be better than a wedding reception in such a place? The main idea behind a themed hotel refers to the fact that when you set foot in the place, you can feel like entering a completely different world. The most famous themed hotel in the world is Disneyland, but it is difficult to organize a wedding reception there. So where in Poland can we find a themed hotel where we can organize an unforgettable and elegant wedding reception?

Wedding reception in the „Alice in Wonderland” style

A marvellous offer is certainly provided by the Quadrille Hotel, where you can find elements from the all-time novel „Alice in Wonderland”. The hotel is located in a beautiful palace surrounded with greenery and far away from the noisy city. The interior is arranged in a lavish and elegant style, and you can find elements related to the adventures of the main character at every turn. At the entrance to the hotel you can see a large chessboard which makes the foyer floor. Similarly sophisticated and elegant is the interior of the hotel restaurant White Rabbit, where the wedding reception will be held. Around the palace there are numerous beautiful paths, the garden and the fountain; therefore, the reception (or its part) can also be organized in the open air. Although the subtle details related to the famous book are almost everywhere, we can take a step further and plan something more.

A wedding unlike any other

As the interior and the entire surroundings of the hotel refer to the Wonderland, we could add a few more elements to make it more attractive and get people in an excellent mood. For example, on the grass we can install large chess pieces, the famous Hatter’s hat or armchairs and furniture resembling masks. To create an exceptional effect, during the party the guests can be entertained by actors playing the characters of the novel. The Bride and Groom as well as the wedding guests will feel enchanted! Since everything will be harmonious and unique, you can be certain that no one is going to forget this wedding reception. Besides, no one will manage to outdo your party in terms of exceptionality. The wedding ceremony and reception define the one and exceptional day in people’s lives, so it is worth doing everything to have a fairy-tale event. Choosing the Quadrille themed hotel is a guarantee that this will come true.


Extraordinary Idea for Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party is a perfect opportunity for pre-wedding fun around men. Although it might not resemble the adventures from The Hangover movie, it can be an exquisite fun to remember forever.

Wedding involves significant level of stress, so it is worth organizing a bachelor party where the Fiancé could relax and forget the nerves. The bachelor party is definitely not planned by the future Groom, but by his Best Man and friends. What to do so that the party would meet the expectations of “the star of the evening”? You certainly need to take into account his temper and interests. Some might be happy with crazy party up all night, others may prefer more restful entertainment. You should not do anything against his interest, if you know the future Groom may not like it.

For party-goer

If the Groom likes to party, you can organize a bachelor party in a club. This is the most popular option. In such situation, it is best to go to a place where there are many clubs around and go clubbing, if you feel like it. Although there are clubs that provide a complete bachelorette and bachelor party offer. And it is worth reflecting whether the Groom prefers dancing, karaoke signing or drinking craft beer, etc. As a result, you will be able to choose the appropriate club. If there is no place meeting your expectations, the party can be organized at somebody’s home. With a little imagination, you can make it interesting and playful.

For automobile fan

Or perhaps you can start the bachelor party with sitting the Groom down in a Porsche or Ferrari?   If he is a fan of four wheels, it will be an unforgettable experience for him, and will put him in an excellent mood. Another option to enjoy the advantages of automotive industry is… a bachelor party in a bus! It sounds slightly abstract, but it is an exciting adventure. Sometimes the partakers choose only a ride into the club, and sometimes a complete offer with all attractions happening inside the bus.

Trip with friends

If you like walking trips and contact with nature, you can think of a weekend trip into the mountains or camping site. All-male walking trip can be a perfect entertainment for the whole group, and after a tiring day you can all sit by the fire and enjoy the party. A trip to the caves or caverns you can enter can also be very attractive.

Bachelor party in a themed hotel

Themed hotels are becoming more and more popular in our country. They can take you into a completely different world. But isn’t that the point during the bachelor party?

One of the hotels worth mentioning is certainly Quadrille Hotel. Its style refers to „Alice in Wonderland”. However, it does not mean you are taken into the children’s fairy-tale world, oh no! Admittedly, we are in the palace with magic atmosphere, but it is a hotel for adults only so we won’t meet any children.

Gentlemen can lounge comfortably in a restful 10/6 Pub located in the cellar and spend the evening tasting a variety of rums and listening to soft music. This offer can be changed to elegant dinner in the White Rabbit Restaurant with good wine or cigars. Another option involves adding to the program a visit in Spa Quadrille water zone with swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzi, where you can taste delightful beverages in a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, one of the packages for the future Groom and his friends includes a relaxing massage for all partakers. This is certainly an idea for bachelor party unlike any other!



Respite for Men at Quadrille Spa

A stay in Spa is a prefect offer for men with continuing lack of time and holidays, living under constant stress, as well as those who look for some alternative for typical male leisure activity.

Luckily, the stereotype indicating that Spa is a „mecca” for women and making use of various wellness treatments is extremely unmanly behaviour has been obsolete for a long time. A contemporary confident man takes cares of himself to no lesser extent than a woman by his side. Therefore, we are very happy that the group of male enthusiasts of Quadrille Spa relaxation has steadily been expanding.

From among numerous skin care and relaxation treatments we selected treatments that are particularly popular among men and address their problems and needs.

Massage can help avoid injury

Massage treatment is a necessary introduction to intensive training. The 25-, 55- or 90-minute massage can be used as a preparation before or relaxation after the training. The post-training massage helps reduce the effects of potential injuries and prevents muscle sores. And most importantly, it relaxes the body!

High-tech will enhance muscles

The high-tech treatments can be helpful in burning fat tissue from selected areas of the body and accelerate tissue regeneration after the training. Endermology and Med 2 Contour performed by professionals will certainly relieve overtrained muscles and enhance visual effects of the training.

We will take care of your hands and feet

For a man, a stay in Spa can also be used to take care of smart look. It is worth benefiting from basic beauty treatments, such as male manicure and pedicure.

We do not neglect your skin

Men are keen to use effective care, anti-ageing, moisturising and revitalizing Forlle’d brand treatments. More and more frequently, they make use of modern technologies and try rejuvenating treatments such as Zaffiro and Surgen.

Well-tended body, face or hands and feet constitute an essential image of the achiever. Our specialists can help you achieve best results as fast as possible, since we know you have very little time…

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Spa Quadrille Manager

Spa for pregnant women – what kind of treatment is appropriate?

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and dreams of relaxing in Spa. It also applies to future mums, and there is nothing unusual about it. Although some women may have their doubts, there are a number of nourishing treatments that will not harm the health of a mum-to-be and her baby, but even improve it. A happy mum means a happy child, and who would not enjoy a weekend stay at Spa hotel.

Certainly, when you dream of relaxing in Spa, you cannot forget that some treatments may not be available for pregnant women. First of all, you should focus on your health. When the pregnancy is going smoothly, and the doctors can see no clear counter-indications, the stay in Spa can provide more energy and successfully lift the mood of a future mum. So when is it recommended and what can you choose?

Should pregnant women go to SPA?
Certainly, it is better not to do it during the first trimester of pregnancy – this is the time of important changes in the body, growing fatigue, and nausea, and it is better to relax as much as possible at home. Whereas, the second trimester is an ideal time for the future mum to go to Spa. With good health condition, you can also do it during the final months of pregnancy, but it is better to plan your stay at Spa closer to home. In case of any doubts, it is recommended to consult the stay in Spa earlier with the doctor.

What kind of treatment is appropriate?
You can certainly have treatments like manicure and pedicure, but you can also undergo basic skin treatments. Whereas, you certainly cannot have any treatment that affects body heat, namely baths or sauna – these must wait until the baby is born. The abdominal massage is not recommended either. However, local massage can be a true blessing for back pain, shoulder stiffness or calf cramps. Such treatment can bring relief and lift the mood of the future mum.

In Poland, there are Spa centres offering different services for pregnant women, and providing proper equipment. As a standard these places offer, for example, armchairs and extra pillows. However, apart from the choice of treatments and their location, the quality of cosmetics is equally important. The body of pregnant woman is more sensitive; therefore, we should pay special attention to the ingredients of cosmetics. It is significant with not only oils and creams, but also nail enamels and nail polish removers. Once more, it is recommended to ask the Spa personnel.

What does Quadrille Spa offer?
At Quadrille Spa the offer addressed to pregnant women is, first of all, tested and limited to several trusted options. Apart from small treats like manicure and pedicure, making every woman feel beautiful, we offer No problem! (25 min.) massage of selected part of the body in a comfortable position. The facial treatments include: Hydrafacial sensitive, Forlle’d intensive moisturising, or Forlle’d with 30% vitamin C, which softly condition the skin, remove signs of fatigue, and improve the skin elasticity.

Whereas, the number one is body care treatment Sacred Nature by [comfort zone] with ecocert certificate confirming the purity of active ingredients and safety for pregnant women. This line includes ideal cosmetics for tired and very dry skin, skin with no elasticity or excessive peeling, itching and oversensitivity. Thanks to such treatment women can feel not only relaxed but also, beautiful, well-tended and calm…

The treatment at Quadrille Spa can be followed by cosmetic products for home care by [comfort zone] which nourish and condition the skin of pregnant women. Taking into account this exceptional state, the producer significantly focused on the ingredients of products and decided to use the best quality active ingredients. Each of them was carefully selected to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety. Silicone in Sacred Nature and Body Strategist products was replaced with natural oils and butter which ensure the same silkiness and softness reaching the effect of truly active beauty. These cosmetics available at Quadrille Spa can also become a perfect gift for the future mum.

Chefs for Change, namely what is dear to the rabbit’s heart

Chefs for Change is a series of charity vegetable dinners organized in different cities in Poland by the ambassadors of RoślinnieJemy campaign: Maria Przybyszewska, Tomasz Olewski, Marcin Popielarz and Grzegorz Łapanowski.

The project aims to promote the idea of vegetable cuisine in restaurants and daily life. The RoślinnieJemy campaign aims to educate consumers on vegetable diet and to support food producers, restaurateurs and chain stores in introducing vegetable products and dishes in line with theme „Future is vegetable!”.

The White Rabbit restaurant has been supporting RoślinnieJemy already since 2018. At that time, the Chef Patron, Marcin Popielarz became the campaign ambassador and decided to actively cooperate in creating the whole campaign. From his perspective, change means promoting a nutrition model which positively affects the appropriate development of culinary awareness. Marcin really enjoys creating dishes with vegetables as the main ingredient and proving that vegetable cuisine can be creative and tasty.

„I like niche projects, and I subscribe my name to all demands related to this initiative. Perhaps, I will never cook only vegan food, but I am very inspired by this trend. Responsibility in nutrition/cooking and careful selection of products refer to one of the ideas of fine dining.” – Marcin Popielarz

This approach translated directly into the restaurant which began to offer, on a regular basis, additional vegetable menu as an alternative to the typically served meat and fish dishes. It can already be seen that vegetable dishes are becoming more and more popular in the White Rabbit restaurant.

Meanwhile, after months of preparations, methodological discussions, developing information and training materials, time has come for a series of vegetable dinners called Chefs for Change. The first one was held in Warsaw; another is planned in Gdynia (10th May), Poznań (14th June) and Warsaw (2nd October). Revenue from the sale of tickets will support the activity of Stowarzyszenie Otwarte Klatki (Open Cage) – one of the 12 most efficient pro-animal organizations in the world.

However, it is not just dinner – Chefs for Change is a much more comprehensive project assuming broad communication, education and promotion of the idea RoślinnieJemy through conferences, workshops, trainings, meetings, publications, and first of all, dialogue. It is neither about forced action nor fashion to follow; it involves relishing the abundance of vegetable cuisine and therefore, becoming part of the change.

More to read at:

Tibetan bowl and gong concerts

The relaxing concerts with Tibetan bowls and gongs are very popular in the Quadrille Hotel. Those of you who have not heard of them, please visit the previous post ( where you can find more detailed information about the relaxing concerts and their benefits. This time, since there is a growing number of questions about the concerts, I will provide more information on how to prepare and what is important.

The relaxing concerts are completely different from the popular music concerts. During these concerts, to fully enjoy the experience, everybody is lying down in a comfortable position with eyes closed. Apart from music, though it is more accurate to call it „sound space”, the meetings involve the elements of relaxation. Verbal introduction helps to relax, change perspective and draw the attention to inner experience.

To provide comfort for our Guests, each participant receives a mat, blanket and pillow. This basic set will help you find a comfortable position, relax and surrender to beneficial acoustic vibrations. Feeling comfortable is very significant; it is one of the most important elements which can help you get into a state of deep concentration. Moreover, your clothes are also significant. It is important to have comfortable clothes, which will not hinder your movement – loose and casual or even sports clothes are definitely better for such a meeting.

Please remember that this is not a classic concert with musicians on the stage and the audience around admiring the performance. Here, all the participants focus on themselves and experience the event with eyes closed. You do not need to observe the person playing to enjoy the meeting; it might even be distracting. Using the mass media jargon we can say that it is more a wellness type of concert than the typical cultural and artistic event 😉

The meeting is held in the Ballroom of Quadrille Hotel. The room has high ceilings and non-standard wall arrangement. In my opinion, such layout provides perfect acoustics; the sounds flow through the space, embrace the participants and take them on a journey into the inner self. The concert is held with doors closed, in the ballroom, and there is no possibility for people from outside to join the event or enter the room at a later time. The whole event reflects cosy atmosphere and the feeling of concentration and relaxation.

However, I need to inform you in advance that although the sounds during the concert are very subtle, there are some contraindications against the participation in such events. It is not recommended for women during the first and third trimester of pregnancy, people with pacemakers and people taking psychotropic medications (in such case you should consult your doctor before taking part in such an event).

When the concert is finished, the waiters from White Rabbit restaurant provide beverages so that before leaving you could have a good time talking and possibly sharing your experience with others. The exchange of experience and discussion is an important but not obligatory part of the meeting. People frequently ask a lot of questions regarding their emotions, experience, feelings and thoughts, and the time „after the event” is used to receive some answers.

I would like to invite all the people interested in a journey to the world of sounds toned with human vibrations to join us during the next concerts. Each of them can provide different experience and feelings. The meetings are held at the hotel on a regular basis twice a month. You can learn about the next concerts at “wydarzenia” ( or by contacting the reception at SPA Quadrille (+48 58 351 03 20,

Those of you who feel they need more experience with sounds, we recommend individual sound massage sessions ( where instruments are placed on the person, and therefore, vibrations flow directly through the body.

For those of you who wish to take a portion of these exceptional sounds home I can offer a recording with Tibetan bowl concert.

Jakub Leonowicz
Spa therapist

Forlle’d – cosmeceuticals worth the Nobel Prize

The laboratory, production plants and international patents make the Forlle’d brand shine like a star among thousands of other professional anti-ageing products. Therefore, it perfectly matches the philosophy of Quadrille Spa, where we successfully combine the latest technology and facial and body care with the state of relaxation offered to our guests.

Forlle’d was established in 2004 in Japan and quickly became the pioneer in inventing and producing low molecular substances. The Company owns international patent for manufacturing low molecular ingredients of clinically proven efficiency and capability to act at cellular level. The unique active ingredients of such low molecular mass and their combinations provide synergic effect on epidermis and dermis to fight skin ageing on the main five levels.

To prevent skin ageing, Forlle’d laboratory is implementing into their products the latest scientific inventions and solutions awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2002. The applied technology and unique, low molecular formula, the basis of each preparation, ensure visible rejuvenating effects:

Moisturize the skin and biostimulate physiological process

Scientists from the Forlle’d laboratory developed low molecular hyaluronic acid of unique 5 nm size, able to penetrate deep into dermal level of the skin. Such deep, non-invasive penetration of hyaluronic acid increases skin moisture, regenerates the skin from inside and enhances interactions of skin cells and synthesis.

Regenerate and revitalize skin at cellular level

Products by Forlle’d contain exclusive combination of low molecular hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed egg shell membrane and ionized minerals. This combination retains moisture in the skin and stimulates cell proliferation, restoring skin structure and stimulating cell regeneration at cellular level. The complex is very similar in its structure to human cells by proliferating fibroblasts in dermis, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. In order to enhance these processes, Forlle’d also applies biomimetic peptides, very important for skin cell growth.

Ensure anti-oxidant protection and detoxify the skin

Ionized, low molecular platinum resists all forms of free radicals, and therefore, can effectively fight the main cause of skin photo ageing. Platinum, being biologically compatible with skin and having unique anti-oxidizing properties, is at the heart of anti-ageing platinum series of products. The platinum-based preparations introduce pronounced anti-oxidant activity and are perfect for fighting various types of skin discolouration.

Restore mineral balance of the skin

Products by Forlle’d contain ionized mineral ingredients that are able to sustain mineral balance of the skin and accelerate healing processes. The unique low molecular hyaluronic acid (5 nm) is combined in the Forlle’d products with insoluble, divalent minerals (calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron), transporting them deep into dermal level of the skin. Consequently, the lack of minerals is supplemented and mineral balance of the skin is restored, which proves indispensable for the correct cell physiological functions.

Protect the skin and restore lipid barrier

Products by Forlle’d restore natural lipid barrier and protect the skin by preventing dehydration and by maintaining correct moisture level. The patented authentic technology for producing ceramides ensures their maximum affinity with human ceramides. Thanks to these properties, products by Forlle’d are safe and perfectly compatible even with hypersensitive and intolerant skin.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Quadrille Spa Manager

Themed hotels

Why does a stay in themed hotel seem so attractive?

People have constantly been looking for novelties and emotions. It also refers to planning leisure time. When we have already seen nearby attractions, we begin to feel like we are missing something and we want to visit other more remote places. As a result, we look for more exotic places abroad. Lodgings that are far from traditional ones become particularly interesting. How about combining exceptional leisure with a unique hotel? It is possible thanks to themed hotels.

There are more and more themed hotels in various cities around the world. It means that they have been increasingly popular. What makes them so phenomenal and do we have to travel far away to spend an unforgettable weekend in such an interesting place?

What are the themed hotels?

The main idea behind the themed hotels is to attract a particular group of guests. The whole building, its interior and surroundings are arranged in a similar style, often very unique that cannot be found somewhere else. The advantage of themed hotel is its uniqueness. We can be accommodated, for example, in an old library, in ice hotel, among vintage vehicles, in space or in a medieval castle. Sound abstract? Perhaps at first but when we think about it, it turns out that each of us can tell at least some of the world renowned hotels. Such as Disneyland in Paris or Tropical Island in Berlin. The themes used by the hotel owners can be very diverse as long as they attract guests eager for new experience so that for a few days they can feel as if they have entered a different world.

Themed hotels in Poland

The most famous themed hotels can be found outside our country but it does not mean that the hotel owners in Poland have rejected this idea. Although we fall far short of foreign pioneers in this area, when we analyse the number of such places we realize that themed hotels are also established in our country. If you want to check for yourself the interior as well as the services of a themed hotel you can visit Quadrille Hotel.

Why Quadrille?

Themed hotels are not to everyone’s liking. There are different preferences and there is always a group of people who loves the idea and the one that would prefer something else. So who will say that the stay in Quadrille is their dream come true? The hotel values will certainly be appreciated by visionaries, people longing for magic, uniqueness, and difference, sensitive to beauty, design, literature and art, and at the same time open to new challenges, ambiguous combination of structures, texture, colours and flavours … Thanks to the interior and the hotel setting, the guests will be able to enter the rabbit-hole and then the world of Alice and Mad Hatter, straight to the Wonderland.

Just like „Alice in Wonderland” is not a typical fairy-tale for children due to its multidimensional structure and ambiguity, Quadrille is a child-free hotel since only adults can fully appreciate its atmosphere and truly enjoy it. Leisure in cosy interiors with a touch of history in the background, in the vicinity of extraordinary nature enhances the feeling of retreat from reality and complete recovery.

Himalayan salt in Quadrille Spa

Increasingly popular, also in healthcare and cosmetology, pinkish salt comes from the Himalayas and is mined there under traditional methods. Its uniqueness originates, first of all, from crystal purity resulting from air quality present during its crystallization process.

The Himalayan salt of micro-molecular structure is a real abundance of elements and minerals. There are over 80 of them, including iodine, magnesium, iron and calcium providing unique properties responsible for supporting the acid-base balance.

The salt mined in the Himalayas is a natural, pure and effective agent detoxifying and purifying the human body as well as strengthening the disease and infection resistance. Another valuable feature involves controlling water balance in the body, which exerts considerable impact on the functioning of internal body organs.

Inspired by the former therapeutic rituals with the use of world purest Himalayan salt we have introduced into Quadrille Spa Menu – Salt Massage by Comfort Zone. The treatment with salt stones for people who need purification, sliming as well as relaxation. Salt Massage, just like any treatment in the Comfort Zone, takes our guests into the world of leisure and calmness … It soothes both the senses and the body …

The salt has numerous healthful mineral ingredients which penetrate the skin during the massage and detoxify as well as enrich our body with valuable natural ingredients.

During the initial stage the warmth of salt stones relaxes the muscles, which makes the massage a wonderful and relaxing experience. It makes the skin silky smooth, nourished and purified. Whereas, the coarse-grained Himalayan salt, applied on the body during the next stage of treatment, works perfectly as body peeling removing dead skin cells. It helps to reduce cellulite and makes the skin more firm. Moreover, the Himalayan salt has a tonic and antibacterial effect. Combined with Body Strategist skincare cosmetics which not only contain particular active substances but are also marked with unique liposomal technology, the treatment is a perfect solution for all skin types.

Ewelina Araszkiewicz
Quadrille Spa Manager

Engagement and marriage proposal – is there a difference ?

The engagement is an exceptional moment in any relationship. It involves a serious declaration and a promise of marriage. It is one of those moments people keep in their memory forever; therefore, its setting should be remarkable. Traditionally, there are two concepts: engagement and marriage proposal, but are they equal ?

Although both concepts refer to planning a life together, they are perceived differently. The marriage proposal involves an offer of marriage presented by one person to another. Whereas, the engagement refers to mutual declaration. In the past, it took place in the presence of a family; today, it usually happens in private. There are still couples who organize engagement parties but these are often less important than before.

Most interesting ideas

Planning a marriage proposal, men do everything to surprise their beloved, to make her happy and highlight the importance of this moment. Therefore, some of them look for extraordinary ideas. You can arrange dinner in a restaurant but you can make even greater impression by arranging it in a romantic atmosphere. Example idea of engagement? A marriage proposal during a foreign trip or during fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. The most creative ideas include banners placed in the street or a rental of the whole screening room for the occasion.

At the same time, we need to remember individual preferences. Some women prefer a cosy place, some a venue full of people or a thrill. You can think of something universal as well as spectacular. A stay in a themed hotel will make a great impression on the future fiancée. She will not only step into a different world, but also experience the most romantic moments. Is there a woman who as a girl has not dreamt of being a princess living in a castle ?

Our offer

Quadrille Hotel is a perfect venue to organize such unusual engagement event. We have prepared a special offer for the occasion. Thus, this emotional moment will look like a dream. In such exceptional setting and atmosphere every couple will experience their happiness more expressively. What do we offer ?

The entrance to the Palace alone, where the couple will stay for the night, is a great experience. Elegant, stylish and spacious interior is a prelude to what you can expect next. The hotel service will prepare a welcome surprise in the room and a flower bouquet. Moreover, in the White Rabbit restaurant we will reserve a romantic table. We also offer an exceptional tasting dinner with a selection of wine. This scenario is already very attractive, and in addition we can help to arrange for other attractions related to the occasion. The magic moment may happen during an artistic performance, small concert or with the use of other decorations. It is also possible to reserve the pool and spa area for private use. Since Quadrille is an adult only hotel, our guests do not have to worry that the engagement could be interrupted by a crying child… It will be a spectacular evening!

More details about our offer:


Facial cleansing treatments

One of the skin prime functions is to protect the human body against any adverse impact of external factors. The skin is like a mirror and can reveal the lack of care resulting from incorrectly selected skincare or negligent cleansing.

We wash our face at least twice a day, which gives us 730 opportunities in a year to take good care of our skin and cleanse it properly. To help our skin breathe freely we should remove make-up, dust, dirt, dead skin cells and substance secreted by sebaceous glands, namely sebum. It would seem that in the morning our face is clean because it has not been yet exposed to external environment and sweat, etc. It is, however, a common misconception. In the night and during the day, sweat glands are equally active. Moreover, during the night our face touches the pillow which, despite changing our bedclothes regularly and keeping our place clean and tidy, is the habitat of bacteria, dust and mites.

The morning facial care should include delicate treatment with cleaning milk or micellar water followed by treatment with toner to restore correct pH (remember to do it every time after your face has contact with water). Then we can apply proper facial cream and make-up.
More complex cleansing should be performed in the evening to clean the skin after the whole day of wearing make-up, exposure to bacteria, external factors and regularly secreted sebum. Make-up can be removed in different ways. The most important is to do it effectively and accurately. We need to remember that during the night our skin regenerates so we should let our skin breathe and support it with nutrient night cream.

However, daily cleansing is not sufficient to remove completely the dead skin cells accumulating on our skin. It is worth performing facial peeling appropriate for particular skin type, at least once a week. In the beauty centres and chemist’s we can find a wide variety of products. The most popular treatment methods include: mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

The mechanical peelings include the so-called scrubs of various granularity and different origin. On the market we can find products composed of fruit seeds, sugar or salt. The products with particles work perfectly for oily skin and help to remove blackheads and dead skin cells. They should not be applied on dry and sensitive skin. The absolute contraindication includes also skin breakdown and whiteheads. To make the particles exfoliate the skin, we must rub the skin thoroughly. Consequently, we may transfer the bacteria from whiteheads to the healthy area. Granular peelings are best for peeling the body.

Microdermabrasion is also a mechanical method which has many supporters as well as opponents. It is very efficient and rather aggressive. It involves rubbing the skin with a diamond-tipped or corundum wand. The rubbed skin is sucked into the device. The treatment shall be performed neither in the summer nor in winter due to its intensity, and consequently lack of skin protective layer. As a result, we may experience irritation or skin depigmentation. As in the case of granular peelings, the contraindication includes eczema, wounds, skin dryness or sensitivity. Microdermabrasion can do wonders with skin discolouration and even scars. It is painless and only some redness can be observed on the skin up to several hours after the treatment depending on the applied wand type.

The spring and autumn season is perfect to start your adventure with acids, namely chemical exfoliation. The acids can cause photosensitivity; therefore, after such treatments it is required to protect the skin against UV radiation – namely to use high SPF creams. Depending on the acid origin, its pH and concentration we can offer rejuvenating, anti-acne, and antiseptic treatment of skin discolouration, and even – against all appearances – moisturizing treatment. The treatment is painless and during the procedure we can experience some slight burning and redness. The main advantage of this method is that we can apply the procedure to all skin types, even including the skin with rosacea.

Cleansing Treatments at SPA Quadrille:

Cavitation peeling – in our SPA it is available as an addition to all facial treatments; it is perfect for all skin types regardless of age, thanks to its gentle action. Before the peeling the face should be moistened with water, tonic or saline solution. Due to the device vibrations generating ultrasonic waves the bubbles produced by the liquid burst rapidly. During the process the dead skin cells are removed, as well as sebum, toxic substances, bacteria, blackheads, and whiteheads. The treatment is safe and painless. The skin is oxidised and stimulated by micro-massage induced by ultrasonic wave propagation. Moreover, it ensures better absorption of active substances applied in subsequent steps.

HydraFacial – also known as hydro microdermabrasion. It is an innovative treatment using vacuum and combining skin exfoliation with active substances introduced into deeper layers of skin. There are several options of the treatment with basic procedure – cleansing. Additional Activ-4 liquid moisturises and brightens the skin, Beta-HD serum regenerates the oily and acne-prone skin, Antiox-6 protects against external factors and free radicals, smooths the skin and reduces wrinkles, whereas Antiox + helps to remove discolorations. Moreover, we provide ampoules increasing the effects of treatment. Glysal peel enhances skin exfoliation; it is perfect for oily and problematic skin. Dermabuilder ampoule ensures smoothing the wrinkles and lifting the skin.

Selvert Thermal Urban Response – double effect treatment. Apart from cleansing the skin, the treatment ensures protection against the adverse environmental factors and smog. Shield MP patented ingredient eliminates the effects of free radicals, captures heavy metals and limits their adverse effects. These cosmetics are so revolutionary that their active ingredients can repair the damage caused by external factors and restore the skin natural beauty and radiance. The treatment includes thorough make-up removal, exfoliating mask, oxidizing serum, followed by detoxifying serum, carbon mask and defence cream. It is recommended to take a series of 5 treatments, 2 in the first two weeks and one in the third week.

How about a themed wedding?

Thinking about a wedding, each of us has imagined it at some point as a uniquely exceptional and unforgettable day, the beginning of a new life. Driven by excellence, we intend to offer ourselves and our guests a unique event they will talk about for weeks and reminisce about after many years.

Why not give free rein to our imagination and have a themed wedding, distinguishing our wedding reception from any other. After all, the extent to which we are ready to follow the theme lies only in our hands. We can display the theme in decorations, flower arrangements, wedding invitations and stationery or go even further: we can use own styling, include the theme-related events in our wedding reception, and first of all, find a place matching the theme.

Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia invites you to explore mainly the Alice in Wonderland theme. The hotel inspired by the Lewis Carroll novel is an ideal place for such an occasion. Already the name of the Hotel refers to the quadrille danced by the novel characters, let alone the restaurant White Rabbit (Alice’s companion) and 10/6 Pub (the Mad Hatter’s Day). One of the palace rooms refers directly to the novel adaptation by Tim Burton. The theme of Alice can also be found in the characteristic floor in the form of chessboard, referring to the game of chess played by the main characters, in the colourful design, original arrangements or subtle details using the quotes or drawings from the novel.

Thus, already the palace interior and its surroundings make us indulge in the fabulous illusion. The two-hectare park surrounding the palace is an ideal space for picturesque wedding ceremony or cocktail party near the bubbling fountain. Moreover, we can arrange large-scale decorations such as chess pieces, chessboard, clock, hat or playing cards, display stage props or use interesting furniture such as mask-armchairs. On occasion, the Hotel also invites actors or performers who play the characters of the novel and entertain the Guests. The WOW effect guaranteed!

Furthermore, the wedding planner assigned to the Married Couple will ensure the sense of proportion and balance. Whatever the theme, glamour or Boho style, the wedding in Quadrille, must first of all be sophisticated and tasteful. For the highest standard of the five-star hotel, included in the prestigious Relais & Châteaux boutique hotels, requires us to do so. The theme of Alice is only a suggestion, and Quadrille is not limited to this one only. Numerous themes are possible, and already the hotel interior raises the profile of any event.

These events are always complemented by haute cuisine offered by the White Rabbit restaurant – Polish cuisine based on regional recipes and produce, served in a very modern style. The Chefs Marcin Popielarz (finalist of San Pellegrino Young Chef 2018) and Rafał Koziorzemski (The Best Chef Raising Star 2017) offer magical dishes, a real feast for all the senses. The tasting menu the restaurant is famous for, with as many as 3 chef’s toques by Gault & Millau, distinguishes White Rabbit from other wedding venues. The 10-12 unique dishes described by the waiters every time provide a surprise and enchantment for the wedding guests. The restaurant can offer specially arranged wedding menu as a buffet or served meals. The Married Couples can choose from a variety of dishes following their personal preferences. The colourful and surprising cuisine perfectly fits into the World of Alice, and will highlight the unique character of any wedding reception. All in line with our motto: „Experience the Wonderland”.

More details about Quadrille’s Wedding Offer at:

White Rabbit’s Christmas Menu

White Rabbit restaurant cares for the tradition, Polish products and regional recipes, but gives them a new and unique form. It will be no different this Christmas and New Year’s holiday season.

The Christmas menu, available in White Rabbit restaurant already from 27th November, is the essence of childhood memories of our Chef, Rafał Koziorzemski, who cannot imagine Christmas time without a duck with red cabbage, gingerbread and herring.

The dishes will be available in our tasting menu which our restaurant is famous for. Moreover, it will not fall short of traditional red borscht with sour beetroot juice which was prepared already a month earlier so that today it could be used to make exceptional soup cooked with smoked pork ribs broth flavoured with marjoram. The soup will be accompanied by a dumpling stuffed with white cheese and potatoes.

Moreover, on the table you will find coated croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms, golden-fried, and sprinkled with mushroom and roast cabbage powder.

Furthermore, you cannot miss the Kashubian-style herring – marinated for 24 hours in vinegar marinade and then served with plum and onion preserve. The flavour is enhanced by thick sauce with fish broth and red pepper.

Whereas, the real favourite in Christmas menu is a smoked duck breast, briefly marinated in a large amount of salt and sugar with spices, and fried to be crispy. The duck is accompanied by sour red cabbage with herbs and mustard seeds. The dish is flavoured with parsnip roasted with brown butter and savoury duck sauce with dried hibiscus flowers.

The essence of Christmas and their unforgettable flavour is a dessert – traditional gingerbread with quince in the form of a Christmas tree with a gift surrounded by dried yoghurt snow.

We would like to invite you to White Rabbit to enjoy the magic of upcoming Christmas time!

More details about menu:

Reservations: , +4858 351 03 30

10 Pillars of Quadrille Philosophy

1. Our motto: Experience the Wonderland! It means we invite you to enjoy the moment of repose, peace, luxury and uniqueness. Something we all dream about but still only a few indulge themselves with. We would like to inspire, surprise and enchant. „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, which has given grounds for the concept of our Hotel, marks the origin of our inspiration and is our guiding power, but we would like to go further…

2. Our interior is beautiful and delights with its sophisticated design, but it is not all about the show and splendour, let alone the dazzle, but about reflecting the unique character of this place, completed with the hospitality of our staff. Only in such circumstances can Quadrille be complete. Moreover, to ensure comfort for our Guests and to maintain the luxurious character of our Hotel, we do not make the interior available for photo sessions, apart from wedding parties or celebrations which involve renting the entire venue.

3. White Rabbit is a gourmet restaurant where we primarily offer the tasting menu composed in 3 sets, including one vegan. The Chef offers a selection of flavours based on fresh, local products. The traditional Polish recipes are changed and rearranged to surprise the Guests by flavour, appearance and serving style. Such dishes are not prepared in short order. The anticipation could be a pleasure and culinary mystery worth unravelling.

4. The Restaurant is open on Sundays till 7.00 pm. It is worth considering these hours, when you are planning your stay. From our side, we offer additional menu in the pub – always available and attractively combined. During the week, the Restaurant is open from 4.00 till 9.00 pm, but this is not the time when we close the restaurant (we do not hurry our Guests along, quite the opposite – we let them relish the dishes and beverages); this is the hour of the last order which falls on 9.30 pm and fails to change, apart from group events.

5. The treatments we offer at our Spa are effective. We perform those using reputable devices, always one of the best from all available on the market. We do not offer cosmetics we do not believe in, even if they are expensive and fashionable. The applied products result from our knowledge, experience and conscious choice. All our cosmetics and treatments are recommended by our team. At the same time, we believe in the holistic approach towards a person, looking at individual needs and perceiving the person as a whole, we offer high-tech as well as manual treatments, and even non-standard sessions such as sound massage, relaxing Tibetan bowls and gongs concerts…

6. We are a child-free hotel. Not because we do not like children but because we know that there is a significant difference between the needs of a child who loves to frolic and an adult who wants to take a rest. There are numerous hotels for families with children, whereas we decided to take care of people of over 16 years of age. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to choose their most suitable place. Our Guests include couples, individuals, groups of friends and seniors who want to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. We encourage each parent to try such form of repose, from time to time, since we know it can work wonders. For similar reasons we do not accept animals. We are kindly asking you to leave your pets at home under somebody’s thoughtful care.

7. Although we are not a typical conference centre, we offer the finest conditions to develop, integrate and relax for small groups. We provide two professional conference halls which can accommodate up to 110 and 40 people. When you decide to organize your training in our Hotel, you obtain additional values such as cosy atmosphere, comfortable interior, vicinity of green areas, attentive care and wonderful cuisine.

8. We do not want to be compared to other hotels. Depending on individual preferences, we can offer more or less than you expect. The opinions provided by our Guests show that most of them appreciate Quadrille and acclaim the stay in our Hotel. It does not mean we are taking things for granted. We analyse our offer and quality of service at all times, and we work on improving our standards – however, always following the style of Quadrille, and not the competition. We feel we are pioneers in many aspects and it is usually controversial and may not be for everyone’s taste.

9. We do not offer discounts. We believe that the quality will always defend itself and we do not want to win everybody over and at all costs. To provide the highest quality of services we need qualified personnel and various professional instruments. Our prices result from accurate business calculation and constant analysis of market reality. We are confident of the ability of our team and the concept of Quadrille we consistently follow.

10. We are situated neither in the centre of historical city of Gdańsk, nor in the entertainment part of Sopot. We are awaiting you in a picturesque park and it is perfect! The two-hectare green area provides the sense of an enclave, the stay outside the city life. We would like to emphasize that the park is available for everyone (however, it is not the public park) at particular hours specified in the park regulation. Moreover, you can reach the Kościuszko Square in Gdynia and wooden pier in Sopot within several minutes by car. The sea can be reached after a 15-20 minute walk, whereas the Tricity Landscape Park is located within even shorter distance. Namely: closer to nature but still in Tricity.

Corporate Christmas Eve supper in Gdynia, Christmas Party, Julebord… all about traditions of Christmas gatherings

Christmas and last days of the calendar year are a special time for looking back at the passing year and drawing conclusions. It is also a time of mutual kindness and enjoyment of the festive atmosphere while waiting for the new year to come. Celebrating Christmas Eve with your work colleagues builds family like relations, creates a feeling of unity based on sharing common values. As in a real family, it is an occasion to set aside any past arguments or misunderstandings to exchange Christmas greetings.

The tradition of corporate Christmas parties came to Poland from its Western neighbours where it constitutes one of the most important but also one of the riskiest parties of the year. In the United States or England, for instance, party organizers need to consider potential losses and damages regardless of the fact if the event is held at or outside the office. Alcohol consumption and ‘till the crack of dawn’ party formula, no doubt, have something to do with it.

The Scandinavian are also strongly attached to the tradition of Christmas events – Norwegian Julebord, Swedish Julbord, Danish Julefrokost all represent a gathering or a party at which the tables groan under the weight of food and drinks. Originally related solely to the Christmas Day or post-Christmas period, Julebord is now stretching from November up to January depending on a personal liking. More and more often Julebord corporate budget is spent on team building trips, also abroad – Poland, and Tricity specifically, are a frequently chosen destination. This form of celebration, apart from the obvious team building spirit, offers an original, often spectacular dimension.

In Poland, Christmas parties take a gentler course, however there are two competing concepts here: from traditional office based sharing the wafer and exchanging Christmas greetings formula to having snacks at the office or sharing a meal at a pub or a restaurant, sometimes even an exclusive ball or a reception organized at hotels. Undoubtedly, Polish Christmas parties are also aimed at creating a positive image of the employer and showing that the company staff are cared for. However, in Poland there is a special, very humane feature to each party which is a desire to be a better person for oneself and those around you – an element inspired by the spirit of Christmas.

Each year, event plans are being made starting September. An ideal Christmas party programme always includes year summary, special thanks or even gifts and presents. Additional attractions enjoying greater popularity with each passing year include dancing, concerts, competitions, shows, stand-up performances, thematic games… Sky is the limit to the diversity of ideas.

Such an elevated character of Christmas Eve can be enhanced by musical performance, for example classic terzetto or chamber jazz ensemble. Whereas, for socializing event it is better to invite DJ who will not only enrich the program with Christmas songs, but also make sure the guest will come to the dance floor. DJ could also animate the evening and organize Christmas competitions regarding the knowledge on characters and habits of the participants.

If you plan to have a more informal event, it is good to have a theme – either in the form of decoration or as a task for the participants given before the party. In Quadrille we offer the hotel theme, namely Alice in Wonderland, but it is only a suggestion.

Christmas Eve can also be graced with performances or pantomime with professional actors, and dance shows (tango, salsa, tap dance, etc.) preferably combined with learning the basics.

The so-called light or fire shows outdoor make a tremendous impression on the guests. The artists from modern circus and acrobatics industry use light and fire to create vivid and breathtaking performances.

Indoors, it is good to organize live painting, when the picture is created before the guests’ very eyes and often with their participation. Furthermore, we can employ a cartoonist who will draw portraits of every guest during Christmas party so that everybody can laugh and take the cartoon home as a souvenir.

Regardless of the number of participants, company specialization or budget, at Quadrille we believe that each Christmas party can have an original dimension and become a long-lasting memory for its participants. Instead of flooding a client with a multitude of ideas and solutions, our staff start each project with a detailed interview and then prepare a dedicated programme of the event – tailored to the company profile, employee structure and organizers’ expectations. It is a key to the common success.

For more details please contact us at:, +48 58 351 03 14.


My secret is Zaffiro

“That accounts for it. He [Time] won’t stand beating.
Now, if you only kept on good terms with him,
he’d do almost anything you liked with the clock.”

Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland

Skin ageing and wrinkle formation processes are affected by muscle work, free radicals, UV radiation, viral diseases or inflammations but above all, they are affected by ‘time’ represented by inner changes caused by the body’s ageing process.

As a result of this biological process, functions of skin scleroproteins reduce considerably. Changing its form to insoluble, collagen loses its NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) features and thus, can no longer maintain an appropriate moisture level and fails to prevent transepidermal water loss. Built from stringy and elastic fibres, elastin is being produced only until the age of 25 and by the age of 40-50, it disappears completely. This leads to unfavourable changes which involve loss of freshness and elasticity while the skin becomes dry and wrinkled.

Expert opinion of Ewelina Araszkiewicz, Spa & Wellness Manager:

“A key to slowing down skin ageing processes is stimulation of its regeneration mechanisms by introducing high-tech treatments into everyday skin care. I highly recommend thermolifting as a preventive, anti-ageing and occasional treatment due to its safety and lack of convalescence period. Zaffiro’s greatest advantage is lifting – visible skin tension right after the treatment.”

By emitting infrared radiation, the Zaffiro machine provides homogenous gradual heating of deep dermis layers. Thermal effect occurring in its bottom layers makes collagen and elastin fibres regain their original length. The second long-term effect is stimulation of fibroblasts to produce new fibres. As a result, the skin maintains its thickness and tension, becomes more elastic, while its structure undergoes changes and wrinkles disappear.

At Quarille Spa, due to efficiency of Zaffiro treatments we achieve visible results in working on a disordered oval of the face, minor wrinkles and loss of firmness in other problematic body areas.

For more details, please contact our Spa reception at: , +48 58 351 03 20.

In search of perfect depilation

No scratches? No razor blades? No creams? Is that possible?

Perfectly smooth legs, armpits or bikini line – nowadays these are basic elements of women’s everyday care! Just around a few dozen years ago, women were not used to removing hair from their armpits, legs and all the more, from the bikini area. In the late 1980s, more modern and progressive representatives of the fairer sex started their adventure with razor blades by removing abundant armpit hair. Smooth legs have become an attribute of femininity relatively recently – in the 1990s, while bikini depilation has emerged even more recently than that.

However, today laser depilation is an absolute hit in cosmetology. At least this is what is claimed by those of us who have had an opportunity of undergoing treatments and now enjoy a silky smooth skin.

At Quadrille Spa, for hair reduction purposes we recommend the newest Vectus diode laser. It is a quick and efficient treatment of excessive hair removal which above all, guarantees maximum of safety. Technology used in the Vectus laser was created by Harvard University scientists and was granted with the FDA certificate confirming its efficiency proved by the results of clinical trials.

The greatest advantage of the Vectus laser is employment of a unique, on a world scale, Skintel technology which eliminates any risk of skin burns for a treated person. An intelligent melanin reader makes it possible to accurately adjust individual parameters to make the treatment effective and safe.

Therapy itself is also less painful due to employment of the Advanced Contact Cooling technology which adjusts its power level to the patient’s heat assessment. Cooling is possible during light emission, as well as before and after it.

Due to possibilities of the Vectus laser which include skin cooling during treatments, it is possible for you to return to your everyday routine almost instantly. Any minor reddening of the skin caused by the laser activity disappears quite quickly while there are no other side effects of this treatment provided that post-treatment recommendations concerning avoiding saunas, solariums and hot baths are followed.

Frequency of Vectus laser treatments is dependent on a few factors, the most significant of which is the treated area (recommended at 4-8-week intervals depending on the area). Removal of excessive hair requires a few sessions.

At Quadrille Spa, we recommend 6-8 treatments which make it possible to fully remove undesired hair.

Feel free to contact Spa reception for further details and reservations:, +48 58 351 03 20.

Spa Weekend for Two

Most of us have a busy lifestyle, finding fulfilment at work, among our friends and at home. When we add our passions and interests to this list, there is really not much time left for rest. We often promise ourselves that we are going to make up for it during the weekend but then instead of taking a break or spending some quality time together, we dedicate our time to household chores we have been too busy to do during the week. After such ‘free’ time, paradoxically we feel tired, not mentioning the destructive impact of everyday routine on our relationship.

That is why we recommend that once a month couples go on a weekend retreat to a Spa Hotel within 2-3 hour drive from their home. This way, they do not waste time travelling and can start enjoying their desired relaxation right away. If for any reason such trip is not possible, it is reasonable to find such an object nearby and to retreat there without anyone knowing.

There is a number of advantages of a Spa Hotel over other objects. Firstly, it is a destination in itself, we do not have to be interested in the area, care about the weather, we can spend the whole weekend in our room enjoying comfortable interiors, leaving it only for meals, a nightcap, relaxation in the water section, treatments and exercises. We do not have to do anything really, thanks to room and concierge services, many of our wishes can be delivered directly to our room.

At Quadrille, we encourage our guests to use the whole hotel infrastructure. Our proposal for a couple’s stay is the following:

On Friday afternoon, upon arrival you will be provided with the keys to one of the Palace Double Deluxe rooms. Each of the rooms boasts the highest standard and an original design. We recommend this part of our hotel to couples due to its most romantic atmosphere. In your room, you will find a sweet treat and a welcome letter, upon special request we will provide you with a bottle of champagne and flowers. If you inform us in advance about your special occasion, we will be happy to assist you in organizing a surprise present. Once unpacked, you are cordially invited to go down to the atmospheric 10/6 Pub for a welcome drink which will be a perfect start of your dream weekend.

If you have not planned your Spa treatments, it is a perfect moment to do it in order to enjoy our professional care at the time which suits you best. We kindly encourage you to book your treatments before your arrival. You can view the Spa offer here: To couples, we offer massages in the duo treatment room which allows you to enjoy the moment of special attention together. We can surely tailor the massages to your individual needs and preferences, the original Quadrille Massage will be a great choice for this occasion. It is a perfect solution for all guests seeking efficient stress relief and improvement of their body posture.

To all ladies, we recommend body rituals of the prestigious Comfort Zone brand, as well as facial treatments conducted based on the Swiss Selvert Thermal technology. The latest cosmetology solutions are another great proposal for your stay (Surgen, Zafirro, Endermologie LPG, Vectus, Med 2 Contour, and Hydrafacial) as they are a guarantee of impressive effects. After a weekend of treatments, you will notice a visible improvement of the condition of your skin. More and more gentlemen choose facial and high-tech treatments in addition to massages. Hydrafacial facial cleansing treatment enjoys great popularity, as its effects outgrow those of diamond microdermabrasion due to its multi-levelled influence.

Once your preferred treatments are scheduled, you can continue your night at the pub enjoying live music and letting the bartenders tend to all your wishes by serving more or less sophisticated cocktails as well as simple but refined meals. The latter are crowned by beef burger in a bun with delicious side ingredients. And if you are still hungry for more, we offer snacks and fruit as a part of the night room service.

On Saturday, there is no need to hurry anywhere and after a rich late buffet breakfast you can spend your time in any preferred way, for instance with a coffee in the Palace garden or a newspaper in the comfortable Ball Room on the first floor. It is also a good moment to visit the Wellness section and go for as swim in the 60-metre swimming pool, use Jacuzzi, dry and steam saunas, ice cooling area or sun meadow lying under the lamps to improve your skin colour and facilitate collagen production. You can also enjoy beverages here not to miss a single moment out of your long desired weekend. For active guests, we are happy to offer a cardio gym, ideal for basic exercises.

We highly recommend taking a walk by the sea which is just a 15 minute walk away, as Orłowo is known for one of the most beautiful beaches and piers in Tricity. Another great way of getting acquainted with our picturesque neighbourhood is on a bike provided by our hotel. The two-hectare park surrounding the hotel is also a good place for outdoor relaxation. When it is warm outside, the guests can use comfortable arm chairs and beach chairs placed by the murmuring fountain. Upon request, we can organize a picnic by the pond.

The White Rabbit restaurant invites you to spend your afternoon or evening savouring the famous tasting dinner. Every 5-6 weeks, a new tasting menu is introduced here, each of them based on local products and regional cuisine served in a fine dining version. It is worth tasting these proposals and experiencing this special culinary ritual which lasts around 2.5 hours! During this time, you will be taken on an incredible journey through flavours, smells, structures guided by our waiters who will tell you about the dishes and the sommelier who will select suitable wines for each dish. It is a perfect way to celebrate the time you spend together. It is worth mentioning that we also offer our impressive Ball Room and its terrace for special occasions. It is here where romantic dinners, engagements and even wedding ceremonies take place J

On Sunday, to prolong divine moments, you can order breakfast to your room. In this unhurried and restful way you can start thinking about your return to reality or… you can prolong your weekend by one additional day taking advantage of attractive Sunday rates.

We encourage you to view our offer Spa Weekend for Two:

We hope to see you soon!

Spa for Ladies

There are many reasons for visiting Quadrille Spa. Relaxation? Beauty treatment? Meeting with girlfriends?

Quadrille Spa is an ideal place for relaxation and regeneration, both on your own and with a friend. After a long tiring day of work or household chores, each of us deserves a drop of healthy egoism, physical and psychological recuperation and time dedicated exclusively to ourselves.

Women’s Day does not have to be just once a year, it is worth taking advantage of ladies’ Spa sessions to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxing atmosphere much more often. Talking into the early hours with a glass of Prosecco and specifically suited massages will surely help you unwind, forget the cares of the day and above all, have a nice time in select company. A weekend or a day at Quadrille Spa filled with friendship and femininity, relaxation, gossiping, good fun and a variety of pleasant treatments can be planned at almost any time of the year!

Looking for an interesting idea for a birthday party?

Bundled up in soft white dressing gowns, enjoying a glass of wine – it can be a great way of celebrating your birthday. We guarantee good fun and a rich variety of face and body rituals, as well as advanced specialist treatments – rejuvenating or body shaping. Each of us would enjoy such a present. Free time is a rare commodity, while having time solely for yourself is something out of the ordinary.

Would you like to hold your bachelorette party at Quadrille Spa?

This type of parties has become a pre-wedding tradition and is considered an occasion to take a break and release stress caused by the multitude of wedding preparations. This is an exceptional time for the bride-to-be, as well as an ideal occasion for a meeting with her girlfriends. For all women looking for an alternative way of celebrating this unique night, Quadrille Spa offers luxurious interiors of the Wellness & Spa section. Relaxing music, candle light, relaxing treatments combined with sophisticated snacks served by the White Rabbit restaurant and interesting bar proposals of the 10/6 Pub constitute a recipe for a few hours of chilling out with your dear friends and serve as a great introduction to an excellent party mood.

Expert opinion of Ewelina Araszkiewicz, Spa & Wellness Manager

“An exceptional concept of the hotel complex is maintained in a fairy tale style, while culinary proposals of the White Rabbit restaurant ideally complement Quadrille Spa treatments. A swimming pool, Jacuzzi, saunas, a gym, innovative and original treatments as well as advanced technologies have a positive impact on maintaining the balance of body and mind.

For regenerating and relaxing purposes, I highly recommend manual Selvert Thermal facial treatment and Comfort Zone body treatment, original massages, Tibetan bowl and gong concerts. To improve skin condition, shape one’s body, achieve firmer skin and reduce wrinkles, even during a short stay at Quadrille Spa I recommend aesthetical cosmetology treatments such as Surgen, Zaffiro, Endermologie LPG, Vectus, HydraFacial or MedContour.

We will make sure that your stay at Quadrille Spa is exceptional by preparing an individual offer tailored to your needs. Do not wait and invite your dearest friends to spend unforgettable moments together at Quadrille Spa!”


Detailed information is available at the Spa reception: telephone: +48 58 351 03 20, e-mail:

Ideas for inspiring conferences and business meetings

Contemporary conferences and company meetings often extend beyond its substance by offering additional benefits to the participants. These may include an interesting interlude facilitating absorption of information, as well as team building activities or activities aimed at relaxation and simply having good fun and building positive emotions related to the event.

The whole infrastructure of the Quadrille Hotel creates ideal conditions for all these endeavours. Delicious lunches and dinners served in a sophisticated formula at the three halls of the White Rabbit restaurant will make even the longest day much more attractive. Located in the palace underground area, 10/6 Pub invites guests for Friday night live music sessions and serves as a great venue for a fun evening combined with cabaret improvisations or stand-up performances. Whereas the hotel’s Spa with a water section is a comfortable area for regeneration, offering cosmetic treatments, massages and relaxing Tibetan bowl and gong concerts. Last but not least, the two-hectare park with a garden surrounding the hotel offers a possibility of organization of a golf tournament or a picnic by the pond.

Nowadays, there is a noticeable trend of combining company trips with personal development of employees. This way, conference participants, as an additional benefit, have an opportunity to advance their soft skills, take care of their psychological condition and improve the quality of their life. Even a 2 or 3-day trip accompanied by a proper programme is bound to bring truly impressive results.

To keep up with these new tendencies, Quadrille’s rich offer includes such proposal as Tension Release Exercise sessions promoting methods of transforming tension caused by the pace of life or type of work into energy, activity. Our certified coach efficiently combines her business experience with knowledge on personal development and can conduct a certified Mindsonar psychological test, considered to be an invaluable tool for evaluation of employees and optimal team building.

More and more people, despite what seems to be a good life situation experiences a lack of satisfaction and life balance. They do not know exactly how to help themselves and it is a fact that such long-term condition may gradually lead to depression. To satisfy their needs, we are offering the CLOSER TO YOURSELF workshop aimed at using one’s own potential to the full and living in line with oneself and one’s own priorities. The sessions are conducted by a qualified coach and bodyworker who uses thirteen years of personal experience for discovering and developing personal and professional potentials.

A conference accompanied by such activities will undoubtedly increase attendance and involvement of its participants and their satisfaction while building a positive image of the employer. Supporting your employees on their professional path is worthy of this additional effort because besides the obvious benefits derived from enhancing their competences, problem solving skills, it also improves their loyalty and strengthens their bond with the company. Employees who are confident of themselves and their life will stay with you for a longer time and will invest more energy in their work.

From its beginning, Quadrille has been more than just a hotel – it is a place which is meant to inspire, arouse passion, show the path and which ceaselessly develops and enriches its offer. Quadrille Soul Sunday will soon become the hotel’s new offer which will include more developing and health related activities. Please follow updates on the Quadrille’s website and Facebook profile to learn more about our new offers.

Eventful Gdynia – “Wspólna Kaczka” and other

In the Tricity hierarchy, Gdynia is sometimes listed as the last one. It may seem that this relatively young city is unable to compete with the large historic Gdańsk and entertainment centre of Sopot which boasts health resort traditions dating back to the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Meanwhile, officially existing since 1926, Gdynia is developing in a flash and its tourist and business features are advancing by the year. The synergy of possibilities offered to residents and guests of Tricity was discussed here:

Gdynia is worthy of being regarded more favourably as it is home to large scale events, such as:

– musical: Open’er Festival and Ladies’ Jazz Festival

– sports: Marines Commando Run, Biegun challenge and Ironman

– aviation: Gdynia Aerobaltic

– cultural: Globaltica

– theatrical: premieres at Musical Theatre and City Theatre Summer Stage in Orłowo

– designing: Gdynia Design Days

– film: Polish Film Festival

– culinary: Culinary Świętojańska, Dary Ziemi [Fruits of the Earth]

– sailing: Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days

and many more.

Gdynia is also well known for its innovative side: Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Experyment Science Centre, Gdynia Arena, Emigration Museum, Gdynia Film Centre and Musical Theatre – these are the places which are definitely worthy of attention.

We, however, highly admire the event which despite the lack of extensive media coverage, has been present in the Tricity awareness for years. The “Wspólna Kaczka” (“Common Duck”) event represents the Gdańsk Coast Maritime Business Meeting which has been organized since 2000 and held in Gdynia since 2009. Despite the fact that the information on the event is very laconic, it is attended by nearly 2000 participants from the Polish and foreign maritime business sector. As the organizers say, the event attracts representatives of ports and trans-shipment terminals, navigation, freight forwarding and logistic companies, shipyards, agents, brokers, insurers as well as members of associations, unions and chambers of commerce.

The following awards will be granted at the 19th “Wspólna Kaczka” gala event which will be held on 12th October: “Bursztynowa Kaczka” [“Amber Duck”] special award, three “Bursztynowe Jajko” [“Amber Egg”] distinctions and, for the first time in the event’s history, “Bursztynowy Ster” [“Amber Helm”] award. The winners have been appointed by the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce in the following order: Deepwater Container Terminal Gdańsk, Adampol, Stocznia Crist, Polish International Freight Forwarders Association and Mr Ireneusz Kuligowski. We would like to congratulate all winners who have contributed to strengthening of the Polish maritime economy. We would also like to congratulate the organizers of the “Wspólna Kaczka” event for such a remarkable idea and its efficient promotion. As an ideal Gdynia based accommodation venue, we will be delighted to host the event’s participants and offer them comfortable transfers. To make a booking, please contact us at:, +48 58 351 03 00.

Photo by Pomorskie Tourist Board

Adults only Hotel and Spa with wellness area and a pool

Looking for a wellness area with a swimming pool, saunas and a Jacuzzi, away from hustle and bustle, away from children’s hubbub? Dreaming of a romantic stay in a hotel with elegant interiors, delicious food and a wellness centre with a pool where you can relax and find some peace and quiet?

Adults only Quadrille Hotel will fulfil all your expectations. This exclusive 18th century Palace and Park complex emanating chic and elegance is situated in Orłowo – a charming district of Gdynia. Quadrille Hotel is an ideal destination for busy people who have little time for rest and would like to enjoy their holiday to the full. Instead of a playground, activities for kids and colourful water toys, the guests will find comfortable surroundings here. Individually designed interiors, wellness area with an indoor swimming pool, a set of saunas and a Jacuzzi, seven spacious Spa rooms appointed in the adults only style create excellent conditions for relaxation.

The guests can truly unwind here and at the same time, take care of their facial and body skin, as well as find some peace and quiet in every possible way – during relaxing massage sessions, rituals [comfort zone] and cyclic relaxing Tibetan bowl and gong concerts. Moreover, it has to be emphasized that no children can be found on the premises – the hotel, White Rabbit restaurant and the Spa centre with a*quadrille water section are adults only areas which offer a relaxing private and peaceful atmosphere.

Spa & wellness centre at the adults only Quadrille hotel is an answer to the needs of a specific group of guests who would like to spend their time off without children – their own or someone else’s. It is important to say that this type of rest is of interest not only to single guests or couples with no kids. More and more parents would like to have some time just for themselves, to enjoy a romantic stay or a holiday with friends. A children free hotel is also an excellent option for a honeymoon stay during which newlyweds can indulge in some alone time. Guests travelling on business will also feel comfortable in our hotel which is perfect for a quiet and relaxing time after a long busy day. It is also an ideal choice for senior guests who would like to rest away from their families.

For both foreign and local guests, Quadrille Spa offers a number of facilities and attractions aimed for adults only. All of these combined with a special aura reigning in this place will surely make every stay at Quadrille a memorable one.

We wish all our Guests exceptional stays spent in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Polish Film Festival at Quadrille

The 43rd edition of the Polish Film Festival will be held in Gdynia from 17th to 22nd September 2018.

Each year, the newest Polish film productions are presented at the Festival to compete over the main award – the Golden Lions. This year, the most popular competition films include “Cold War” by Paweł Pawlikowski and “Mug” by Małgorzata Szumowska. Besides the 16 films presented in the Main Competition, the Festival sections include Visions Apart Competition with 8 film productions, Short Film Competition as well as non-competition sections. Polish film artists also compete over the Silver Lions and individual awards.

The undeniable competition aspect, however, does not change the fact that the Polish Film Festival is, above all, a grand celebration of cinematography which attracts the whole Polish film industry as well as crowds of devoted viewers. The number of film screenings is endless. Participants are presented with a rich selection of accompanying events, such as conferences, presentations, gala events, discussion forums, workshops and meetings with artists. It simply cannot be missed!

To view a detailed programme, please visit the PFF website:

It is an interesting fact that established in 1974, the Festival had been held in Gdańsk, instead of Gdynia, until 1986. At present, the PFF is organized exclusively at Gdynia venues: Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theatre, Gdynia Film Centre, Multikino cinema in Gdynia Waterfront Centre and Helios cinema.

All these objects are situated within the range of 5 km (10 minutes by car) from Quadrille which makes our hotel a perfect accommodation base for participants of the Festival. The booking can be made by e-mail: or phone: +48 58 351 03 00. Moreover, for PFF participants who stay at our hotel, we offer an option of transfers between the festival objects and the hotel. The reception staff will be happy to provide you with detailed information regarding transfer bookings. We highly recommend this efficient logistic solution. This way, you can leave your car at the hotel car park and arrive in the Festival centre a few minutes later to enjoy film screenings trouble-free.

A noteworthy connection of the Quadrille Hotel with film art has been discussed here: It is enough to say that as a Gdynia based object with a long history, Quadrille fully supports the long-lasting tradition of the Polish Film Festival initiative. It is with great affection that the Quadrille Palace recollects the early days of Gdynia Film School and observes the Festival closely considering it the most important national event of this type. We are delighted to participate in this ambitious promotion of the Polish cinematography. See you in Gdynia!

Alice’s Garden

The leitmotif of “Alice in Wonderland” is one of the characteristic features of Quadrille. Theme hotels are established all over the world, however they are still quite unique in Poland. In Quadrille, the leitmotif of Alice is marked in a multi-faceted but subtle way. It can be found in the interior design, hotel-related names, as well as the atmosphere. This way, it is noticeable but not dominating. Quadrille’s leitmotif attracts fans of this unique novel, those who just for a moment would like to find themselves on the other side of the mirror and would like to share this experience with their friends and companions. Giving free rein to imagination makes it possible to bring Alice’s Garden to life.

Just a few distinctive stage set elements are enough to transform the park surrounding the Palace. Thus, an impressive figure of Alice’s guide – the White Rabbit – watching over the entrance to the building serves as an invitation to the alternative world guarded by large-sized playing cards placed in strategic spots. Here, the time is measured by a gigantic crazy clock glanced at by armchair-masks. The chessboard spread over the path is a reference to the game of chess played by the characters of the novel, whereas a large colourful hat located on the grass alludes to the Mad Hatter. These elements are complemented by the lighting which brings out the magic of spreading trees and enriches the fairy tale atmosphere of the Palace and the Garden.

The scenery is taken over by professional actors and performers playing individual roles emphasized by costumes and make-up. The characters of “Alice in Wonderland” greet the guests, flash by and disappear in order to appear in a different place. Only the Cat is sitting on a windowsill stretching slowly and playing with a ball of wool. Decor of the White Rabbit halls itself refers to the events taking place outdoors. Tables and fireplaces are decorated with colourful wild flowers, odd bottle vases and… moss. Sophisticated dishes appealing to all senses serve as a perfect addition to the unusual aura. The dinner is held in this special atmosphere and afterwards, under the Mad Hatter’s command, Alice, the Rabbit and the Clock lead the guests from the Palace to the Garden.

It is then time for artistic performances in the Garden, such as a beautiful opera etude by two Golden Piggies, a catlike performance from the “Cats” musical, and a “Swan Lake” ballet performance by swans. The Mad Hatter is also expecting the guests for a tea served at a gigantic table, richly covered with multi-coloured tableware and very odd cookies. Everything happens in a slow motion in brocade dust, in the company of Alice, the Clock, Swans, Piggies and the Rabbit. The characters interact with the guests, who pose for photos with them and then watch colourful Bird-Stilters and admire the performance of a card magician. Thus, the real and magical worlds are combined. The guests have fun with the characters and together, they enjoy the attractions of the following part of the evening: an alternative music concert and a spectacular fire show.

Nowadays when so many events are organized in very similar ways, it is nice to try something different, to surprise your guests and make them feel a part of the occasion. An event inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” is, undoubtedly, an exceptional experience and a guarantee of a long-lasting memory. Moreover, the guests will appreciate the organizer’s efforts and will feel very special.

Wedding beauty planner

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in our life. We all wish for this day to be absolutely perfect and become one of our most pleasant memories. And how does it really look like? A young couple get so exhausted with handling formalities and preparations for their big day that they forget about themselves. For this reason, it is better to work on our beauty care habits in advance. We all want to look exceptional on this day and this is the main reason why our facial and body skin needs to be in the best condition.

Taking into consideration the multiple aspects of preparations, we recommend that you schedule a preliminary appointment six months before the planned wedding date. Quadrille Spa therapists will prepare an individual programme which will make your skin perfectly smooth and well-nourished.

6 months before the wedding
Once the wedding date is agreed upon, it’s time to start preparations. As a rule, it is also time for the young couple to take better care of their figures. Before the big day, they often decide to change their dietary habits, enhance physical activity and undergo body shaping treatments.

Her and Him:
A few months before the wedding, we start performing body firming and shaping rituals. It is the right time to undergo a series of Med 2 Contour treatments which efficiently destroy fatty tissue, guarantee long-lasting results while minimising the yo-yo effect. At Quadrille Spa, body shaping therapies are complemented by a vacuum massage. Endermologie is perfectly suited for eliminating local fat deposits and reducing cellulite at any stage.

3 months before the wedding
Suitable beauty care before the wedding will make you look radiant. Three months before the wedding day, a young couple should start beauty treatments covering the face, neck and décolleté areas.

Her and Him:
It is a perfect moment to start professional cleansing and nourishing, moisturizing and individually suited treatments to be conducted every two weeks. During your first visit, we will assist you in choosing the best therapies and beauty products to be used at home. Hydrafacial, or a unique combination of microdermabrasion (exfoliation) with simultaneous infusion of active substances and antioxidants individually suited for your type of skin, should be one of your first treatments. For more problematic skin types, we highly recommend the Zaffiro treatment which uses infrared radiation to homogeneously and gradually heat deep dermis layers. The thermal effect which occurs in its bottom layers makes collagen and elastic fibres regain their original length. The second, long-term effect includes stimulation of fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibres. As a result, the skin regains its density and firmness, becomes more flexible, its texture is improved and wrinkles are smoothened.

1 week before the wedding
Her and Him:
It is highly recommended that you find a moment for each other and, combining pleasure with “business”, plan a romantic evening in the Spa enjoying the Comfortzone Tranquility treatment. This comprehensive ritual combined with exfoliation is perfect for efficient relaxation. A nourishing milk bath and a rich massage will calm you down and due to the wonderful properties of oils and active substances, will make your skin velvety and silky after the treatment.

1 day before the wedding
Her and Him:
Hand and foot care is very important as both bride and groom’s hands are photographed on this day. Wedding rings are placed on ring fingers and become the centre of attention of each guest. Pedicure is as important because the bride and groom’s shoes also attract a lot of attention. Their feet are visible during dancing or traditional wedding rituals and games.

Wedding is a perfect motivation to enjoy body rituals together and additionally, to relax and feel at one’s best shape. Experienced therapists at Quadrille Spa will surely plan a treatment schedule so that instead of looking pasty, your facial skin will glow with energy, while your body will be firm and perfectly moistened.

Birthday alchemy by Quadrille

Quadrille is a truly ideal venue for organization of some of the most memorable events. Our Guests dream of a perfect day in perfect surroundings and it takes a recipe for success to make their dreams come true. The main ingredients include a touch of design, beautiful natural surroundings, a surprising menu and lots and lots of smiles and engagement of organizers and service staff.

Comprehensive organization of an event for an individual client is always a great challenge. The main goal is a successful party and the road towards achieving it is often based on a few general guideposts. After all, clients are not required to know all organizational secrets and predict any risks caused by making certain choices. For this reason, they turn to us, professionals, expecting nothing less than… perfection 😊

Let us share the example of two friends from Scandinavia looking for a dream venue for a few days of celebration of their 50th birthdays. Due to the close proximity and travel arrangements, they choose Tricity. The fact that our hotel is one of the considered options is owed to our marketing exposure, whereas the fact that they choose us is owed to the impression made by the object itself, and also to a large extent to the direct contact with our representatives. The final assessment is created by each member of the staff and their approach towards a client. It is true that the decisive role is played by the contact with a dedicated person, the event coordinator. However, it is the rest of the team who prepare the base.

The above mentioned dedicated member of staff provides a tour of the object, presents the possibilities and takes an interview in order to have a better understanding of the client’s needs and also to be able to anticipate them. The more information is obtained at the beginning, the more efficient is the organizational process. In case of foreign guests, it is usually known that the next opportunity to meet personally will most probably occur during the event – this is why the first discussion is so essential.

The following months are usually dedicated to detailed planning: booking of rooms, discussion of menu, selection of attractions and decorations, booking of transport and additional services on spot. The event coordinator prepares an event timetable, appoints staff members to execute it at the hotel and a team of sub-contractors, orders specific elements, prepares a pricelist of the total costs and concludes it with an agreement. Throughout this whole time, the event coordinator assists the client with advice, provides replies to any questions, presents different possibilities and tries to find compromise, if needed. After weeks of such cooperation, the client can be sure of a truly impressive result.

In this particular case, the two guests of honour invited close to 60 guests for their birthday celebration. To a large extent, these were family members but also friends who arrived at the hotel by Thursday. Due to making travel arrangements, we had the details of their arrival times which allowed us to optimize the check-in process. In their rooms, the guests could find a sweet surprise and a welcome letter listing the agenda for their whole stay. A sit-down buffet dinner was planned that day in our restaurant to give the guests an opportunity to bond with the group. The atmosphere was relaxed, the chosen dinner formula was aimed at providing a better mobility of the guests who could have casual conversations while serving their plates. The dinner ended before midnight to allow the guests to rest before the attractions planned for the following day.

Friday started with a prolonged breakfast. The guests came to the restaurant at their own time, sat down at the tables in groups and discussed their plans for the next few hours. Some of them had already booked their Spa treatments – we contacted them by e-email or phone to make sure that each interested person would have their treatment scheduled at a suitable time. One of the families set out on a bicycle trip equipped with a map of the region provided by our staff. For other guests, we booked a guided tour of Gdańsk. The rest of them enjoyed the sun in the palace garden with a cup of delicious coffee or a relaxing cocktail in their hand. This year, May was exclusively warm, the weather was absolutely perfect and the vast two-hectare park provided a number of options for entertainment and good fun.

The whole group met again in the evening at an informal dinner in the hotel’s 10/6 Pub. Underground private interior boasts an interesting design with comfortable colourful sofas. This was another buffet dinner, however this time it was prepared as a standing party based on less sophisticated pub menu. The party was accompanied by live music played by a duo who performed the most famous internationally recognized hits. Two bartenders took special care of the guests and their good mood and the party lasted until late night hours.

On Saturday, the two guests of honour wished to spend the whole day with their guests on the hotel premises. After another late and relaxed breakfast, the group moved to the garden to enjoy the outdoor games and sports carefully prepared for them. The two friends were leading the activities with some help from our side. This gave us time to prepare an ideal picnic by the pond. We moved rattan furniture there and brought a great number of blankets to make sure that each guest could find a comfortable spot. We placed a bar just next to the picnic area where a bartender served the group’s favourite beverages. When the guests arrived at the pond, they found baskets filled with food. They were absolutely charmed by our idea, after all, picnics in such beautiful scenery do not happen that often. The event was highlighted by a duck family marching right in front of the guests. 😊

Saturday evening was organized in a completely different atmosphere – it was a perfectly planned festive and elegant dinner followed by a dancing party. All started with a welcome cocktail by a purling fountain accompanied by a reading of poems dedicated to the guests resulting in endless bursts of laughter. Another surprise was the restaurant hall decorated specifically for this purpose with pink and golden balloons and floral arrangements. Tables, windowsills and a fireplace were decorated with peonies which perfectly matched the interior style of the hall. The heads of the guests of honour were crowned with floral wreaths created by our florist. The four-course dinner prepared by our Head Chef stole the hearts and stomachs of the guests who seemed in no hurry to move to the next point on the agenda – the dancing party with a DJ. Open bar complemented it perfectly, and Prosecco dominated the night. Birthday cakes with a small dedication prepared by our confectionery served as a nice highlight of the evening. This was a moment for birthday wishes from the hotel staff and we will cherish it for a long time.

Sunday was the time for saying goodbye and giving thanks. We were happy that everything went according to the plan and the whole group left us feeling contempt. The two guests of honour have managed to surprise us with a nice e-mail sent upon their return home:

We are so thankful and impressed for the job that you, and your team have done for us.
I woke up last night and was afraid that this had only been a dream.

The variety in gastronomy service you could provide was impressive. Your food is 5- stars.
I have never seen such amazing picnic food and baskets before. 

We also loved the decorations with flowers and balloons.

All our guests are thrilled and have shared lots of pictures on FB and other social medias.

I am sure that you will see some of us again.

Thanks again!

Film side of Quadrille

Today, we would like to talk about the Tenth Muse which is film art and about its connection to the Quadrille Palace and Gdynia.

Let us start from the fact that until recently, the building of the hotel served as the seat of Gdynia Film School – Post-Secondary Non-public Film College. The school was founded in January 2010 at the initiative of Wojciech Szczurek – the Mayor of Gdynia, Leszek Kopeć – the Director of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Robert Gliński – a director and screenwriter, and Jerzy Rados – the founder and organizer of the Pomeranian Film Workshops. The school trains future directors of feature films and documentaries. It is important to mention that it is an educational non-commercial project, thus no tuition fees are paid by the students. Due to its development, the school has been moved to a new building located in Plac Grunwaldzki in Gdynia, while Quadrille was established in its previous seat.

Gdynia is also home to the Polish Film Festival – the most important Polish film event which for over forty years has been attracting film enthusiasts, artists and critics. The main festival award is the Golden Lion which was granted to such masterpieces as “Deluge”, “Camouflage”, “Debt”, “Saviour Square” and “In Darkness”. Directors awarded at the festival include icons of the Polish cinema – Jerzy Hoffman, Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Zanussi, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Agnieszka Holland, Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze, and Małgorzata Szumowska.

Do you know that in 1996 the founders of Gdynia festival followed the example of their American colleagues and decided to award the worst Polish film production? The Golden Raspberry Award is granted in the USA, while the Polish equivalent was called the Golden Peacock. The only film awarded with it was “The Rain Soldier” by Wiesław Saniewski. In 2012, the Golden Peacock was replaced by the Snake Award, however the latter has never been granted at Gdynia festival.

And now it’s time to mention the films shot in Gdynia. One of the first ones was “Yiddle with His Fiddle” – a Polish and American feature film created in 1936, a musical in the Yiddish language. The film tells a story of a poor family of musicians and used to be one of the most popular films in this forgotten language. Another production made in Gdynia was a German version of “Titanic” – it was created by Germans in 1943. Scenes of the sinking ship were filmed in the Port of Gdynia.

Some of the scenes in two Polish cult TV series were also filmed in Gdynia – “07 Come In” (Gdynia-Orłowo pier and Orłowo cliff) and “More Than Life at Stake” (a railway station in the “Café Rose” episode and a seaside boulevard in the “Password” episode). Tricity has been a popular choice not only for Polish film productions – last year, Indian producers used Gdańsk and Sopot, in particular the local stadium, airport, Dom Zdrojowy wellness centre and the Granary Island, as a background for several scenes in a Bollywood film production “Mersal”.

Both the Quadrille Hotel and the White Rabbit restaurant take active participation in film related projects, especially those related to film cuisine 😊 It all started on 1st July 2017 when our Head Chef Marcin Popielarz was invited to Supraśl for the Podlasie Slow Fest event where, together with Michał Arciszewski of the local restaurant “Prowincja” and Justyna Słupska Kartaczowska of Wrocław based restaurant “Jadka”, he created a dinner inspired by “Babette’s Feast” by a Danish director Gabriel Axel. On 4th November 2017, he participated in Gdynia Culinary Film cycle in cooperation with Films for Food. This time, the inspiration was drawn from a controversial film by Marijn Frank named “Need for Meat”. After the film, viewers could choose between vegan and meat based menus.

Starting 17th July 2018, Marcin Popielarz will again participate in the Transatlantyk Festival in Łódź where he will be performing theme based cooking. The festival organizers have invited him to cook a dinner inspired by “In Search of Israeli Cuisine”, directed by Roger Sherman. Marcin named his menu “In Ashkenazi way” dedicating it to the Ashkenazi Jews who used to reside in Central Europe. For detailed information about the festival, please visit the website:

In the meantime, we kindly invite you to participate in the upcoming edition of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia which will be held from 17th to 22nd September 2018. The Musical Theatre and Gdynia Film Centre, the main two festival venues, are located only 10 minutes away from our hotel. Book your stay with us!

In search of an ideal massage

A variety of techniques of working with body provides us with a possibility of choosing among classic, sports, cosmetic, anti-cellulite and therapeutic massages, manual therapy or strictly relaxing rituals. In Quadrille Spa, we have prepared a special massage which combines the most effective elements of work on soft tissue in order to achieve a comprehensive effect on each level, providing a possibility of relaxation and restoring the balance while overly tense and contracted muscles are being therapeutically loosened.

The Quadrille massage is based on the philosophy of deep tissue massage, a method which is relatively young but due to its versatility, it is quickly gaining recognition among patients and therapists. It is hard to precisely specify its origin because it was not discovered as a complete therapeutic procedure but rather constitutes a procedure which has been improved through the years by excellent researchers, among which Ida Rolf was a leading expert. Starting 1940, this American specialist had been working on her own methodology (Structural Integration, the so-called Rolfing) which treated human body as a whole system related to gravity. It is based on an idea that body represents a geometrical model in which any forces affecting one of its parts also affect all other parts, even the most distant ones. In addition, an important part of deep tissue massage is constituted by muscle and fascia relaxation as well as therapy of trigger points, commonly known as tensegrity.

Not once has the deep tissue massage been called ‘the most efficient form of a therapeutic massage’ which is owed to the focus placed on eliminating ailments and a particular therapeutic goal. There is no precise training scheme – a therapist teaches techniques (e.g. pin and stretch, stretching / contracting muscle stimulation, joint decompression, separation of intramuscular segments), and a patient’s body needs to be examined through the use of palpation to locate tissue changes. Despite its name, the massage does not always involve deeper structures, the intensity of work depends greatly on a therapist, patient’s feelings and on an issue which needs to be solved. It is important to emphasize that it is an entirely safe and pain free type of massage. A therapist applies a diagonal pressure and avoids compression of structures against bone elements while working slowly, waiting for a physiological reaction of tissue, relaxation is not forced by the way of painful pressuring but instead represents a long-lasting effect of melting of any tensions under a slow and soft touch.

Lack of conventions, freedom in selection of trigger intensity and applied techniques makes the method of work on deep tissue to be widely used in orthopaedics, sports and neurology, cosmetology, paediatrics and relaxation. It may be considered to be a certain way of thinking about different types of overloading and tension related pain because each problem is analysed globally, from a wider perspective – pain in lumbar spine may, for instance, be caused by a wrong foot composition. This wide scale of interactions makes it possible to introduce techniques of deep tissue massage into a longer body massage session which is integral with relaxation, finding one’s peace and resting.

The original Quadrille Massage is deeply rooted in the basics of the work on deep tissue and is enriched by the techniques of a classic massage, Polynesian Lomi Lomi as well as Japanese Shiatsu massages. It is not only a deep relaxation session as it helps in restoring the balance between muscle groups, harmonizes emotions, facilitates blood circulation, stimulates production of endorphins and speeds up metabolism. It is a true ceremony for the body, mind and soul.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: PLN 350

Couples massage: PLN 650

San Pellegrino Young Chef Final

On May 13 in Milan took place the world final of San Pellegrino Young Chef – one of the most prestigious culinary competitions dedicated to young chefs under 30 year’s old. This relatively recent competition enjoys huge visibility due to the high organizational level and strict evaluation criteria.

Adepts, by submitting the application, describe in detail their signature dish, its ingredients and the main theme. They also attach a photo. Next, the chosen ones are invited to the regional semi-finals, from which the finalists are selected.

Between 10 and 13 May, 21 chefs-finalists from around the world prepared their signature dishes in Milan under the guidance of their mentors for a demanding jury consisting of such prominent figures as Ana Roš, Dominique Crenn, Brett Graham, Margarita Forés, Anna Féolde, Paul Pairet and Virgilio Martínez Véliz.

Poland and more globally Central and Eastern Europe, was represented by Marcin Popielarz, the chef of the Biały Królik restaurant in Gdynia, whose Polish mentor was Wojciech Amaro and during final – Matteo Monti (due to the absence of the latter).

Marcin prepared halibut smoked with smoke from hay harvested on the Vistula Spit. The fish was served with sour cream, cucumber, dill, horseradish and young herbs. It was a pure reference to the regional cuisine, which he knows well from the family home. The dish was complemented with granita flavored with cider, gin and water from pickled cucumbers and chips made of powdered Polish seaweed. The dish, as well as the whole Marcin’s cuisine, was based on seasonal and local products typical for northern Poland.

It was the taste and consistent philosophy behind the dish that captivated the jury. Consequently, Marcin was elected to the first seven and then to the great three finalists as the only representative of Europe. This is a huge success of Poland and its north part called Tri-city (consisting of three big cities: Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia living in symbiosis) , showing that Polish cuisine can be competitive on a global scale and that Polish chefs are huge talents.

For Marcin, who is dynamically and consistently realizing his goals, San Pellegrino Young Chef is the next step on the road to recognition, proving that hard work combined with passion really brings results.

Attractions of Gdynia and Tricity

A home to Quadrille Palace, Gdynia is a relatively young city which will celebrate a centennial in eight years. Its development was triggered by construction of a port which was aimed at securing Poland’s access to the sea within an insecure period between WWI and WWII. A lot has changed since that time and apart from the sea port Gdynia offers a number of attractions, both for the city’s residents and Polish and foreign tourists. The latter are mostly unaware of the fact that Gdynia is a part of larger Tricity – the agglomeration consisting of Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot. Due to its existence, there are at least three times as many attractions (and due to the synergy effect, there are even more of those😉). It is difficult to explain this exceptional symbiosis of the three cities to Tricity’s visitors, however it becomes clear once they experience it themselves.

Gdańsk, of course, is the largest of the three cities and as a city with over a thousand-year history it has numerous historical objects and architectural monuments. A number of cultural events are held here as well. Sopot is a seaside health resort, among others known for the Sopot Festival – a singing contest with a 60-year-old tradition. Another notable attraction is the longest wooden pier in Europe which is also situated here.

As a seaside city, Gdynia is a home to beautiful beaches. There are a number of those here, in the city centre as well as other districts, e.g. in Orłowo, Babie Doły – all of them are worth visiting and guarantee spectacular views. Beaches are not the only form of contact with nature offered by Gdynia – surrounding forests serve as a nice alternative. Some of the forests are a part of the Tricity Landscape Park, with over 60 species of flora which are strictly or partially protected. This certainly is an ideal place for relaxation and an escape from everyday routine, and it can be fully explored on one of our bicycles.

And now it’s time to discuss forms of entertainment created by man. One of them are cruises in the Gulf of Gdańsk, organized by local companies specializing in yacht charters. We would be happy to assist in organizing unforgettable sea voyages which make individual or group stays more attractive and also serve as an efficient team-building activity.

Golf lovers or anyone willing to take up this sport are always welcome in the Sierra Golf Resort field located close to Gdynia. Of course, this is not the only proposition of this type in Tricity. Even in the picturesque park surrounding Quadrille there is a possibility of organizing a small tournament or exercises under supervision of an instructor, for instance in a form of a break during a conference.

Gdynia also has a lot to offer for horse enthusiasts and those who enjoy contact with these noble animals. There are a lot of horse riding centres which offer beginners and more advanced levels of training. The closest one to Quadrille is a centre in Kolibki, on the border of Gdynia and Sopot, where horses are bred in balance with nature – they can roam freely in a herd. Out of season, there is a possibility of going for a ride on the beach. The Sopot Hippodrome is also located nearby, known for equestrian competitions and the prestigious CSIO show jumping competition.

Gdynia is also a great place for entertainment and culture. Such objects as the Musical Theatre or Gdynia Film Centre guarantee unforgettable experiences due to regular new shows, plays and film premiers, as well as the famous festival. Gdynia is inseparably related to music due to the Open Air Festival. One also cannot miss such sports events as the Marines Commando Run, Biegun challenge and Gdynia Aerobaltic.

See you soon in Gdynia!

In search of modern perfection

Human body is extremely fascinating. To a certain extent, we are all obsessed with our appearance. With spring approaching quickly, achieving and maintaining an attractive figure becomes a priority. Even during a simple conversation, while seemingly being absorbed by verbal communication, we just have to at least take one glance at ourselves and the people around us. Nowadays, people treat the cult of a beautiful body as a guarantee of happiness and success, both personal and professional. Both women and men pay special attention to their appearance, taking care of their skin and maintaining a faultless figure.

A growing interest in non-invasive methods, which break down fat deposits under the skin without any damage to the surrounding tissue, observed among the Quadrille Spa clients and hotel Guests turned our attention to the Med 2 Contour Medical machine when we were creating our Spa offer.

The machine employs a patented solution which uses interference and intensification of overlapping ultrasound waves at a depth of 1 to 4 cm under the skin. The treatment head is equipped with two so-called ultrasound emitters bent at an angle. Two simultaneous ultrasound beams penetrate fatty tissue and the treated area is not small but represents a wide zone of beams crossing.

The effect is strong enough to break down fat cells while the treatment is completely safe for any surrounding tissues. Results are visible after the first session, whereas the following treatments intensify the changes leading to removal of cellulite and fatty tissue.

Med Contour Medical destroys fat cells, thus the effect of the treatment is permanent. Fat cells do not renew themselves within the treated area which eliminates the so-called yo-yo effect. Nevertheless, an improper diet, a sitting working mode and lack of physical activities can lead to the fatty tissue being deposited in different areas of the body. Moreover, circulation disorders combined with an unhealthy lifestyle result in a recurrence of cellulite. Thus, it is essential to eliminate harmful habits and to repeat treatments due to the character of the eliminated afflictions.


Treatment programmes


Single treatment 3 treatments
Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 650

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 850

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1660

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 2170


Weekend session

(inclusive of a 3-day package of treatments performed day by day)

M2C + endermology + M2C*

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1230

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 1570

M2C + Body Strategist + M2C

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1400

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 1740

M2C, endermology + endermology + M2C, endermology*

Arms/ love handles/ calves – PLN 1490

Thighs/ stomach – PLN 1830

*Endermology treatment is performed on the entire body which requires purchasing a dressing gown for the price of PLN 100.

The Head Chef and his new tasting cycles

We have already presented the White Rabbit’s Head Chef Marcin Popielarz and the philosophy of his cuisine. Today, we would like to tell you about his newest culinary ideas which you will be able to taste upon your visit at White Rabbit. Introduced just a few days ago, our new menu includes two new tasting cycles dedicated to the regional cuisine of the Żuławy and Kashubian – Kociewie regions.

Let us start from the Żuławy cuisine which for centuries has been a culinary collection of many cultures. It was influenced by the Order of Teutonic Knights, Dutch and German settlers. The latter, among other things, brought in potatoes. What features are characteristic of this cuisine? Its significant part is represented by fowl and game, often served with a sweet flavour, and obviously fish, both salt and freshwater. Fish was used for preparation of a number of delicious soups, like smoked flounder soup. The Żuławy region was known for production of cheese, beer and fruit liqueur. Delicacies of this cuisine also included goose breast (półgęsek) and a winter plum soup cooked on meat.

What dishes of the Żuławy cycle are included in our menu? Such delicacies as smoked Jurassic salmon and flounder fried on beef fat. Other noteworthy menu items include Żuławy calamus root ice cream and madeleines on goose fat with quince.

Now, let us have a closer look at the Kashubian and Kociewie cuisines. The first one was based on fish dishes due to its accessibility in the Baltic sea and numerous lakes. Other popular dishes included fowl, mostly goose. The Kashubian cuisine was also rich in potatoes, in various forms, and carrots, swede and beetroots.

When it comes to the Kociewie cuisine, due to a long distance from the sea accessibility of fish was much more restricted, whereas the soil was barren. This is why the cuisine was based to a large extent on vegetables – potatoes, cabbage, swede and onions, as well as goat milk. Plums were very popular in the southern part of the Kociewie region – they were used for production of jam and preparation of different kinds of desserts.

Going back to the White Rabbit menu, its “Kashubia and Kociewie” section includes such delicacies as musk pumpkin fermented in lilac flowers, rabbit stuffed with dried plums and yarded chicken glazed with buckwheat honey and served with dumplings made of mashed potatoes, eggs, and flour (kopytka) and saffron milk cap. Other specialities? Among others, there are wreki cooked on goose and ruchanki with marinated cottage cheese, sea buckthorn and almonds. In other words, a flagship Kashubian dish – a swede soup on goose (wrek means swede in Kashubian) and delicious cakes made from bread pastry called ruchanki.

Link to our current menu:

Visit White Rabbit to treat yourself to a culinary feast!

Tibetan bowls and gongs

There comes a time when we feel a need to take a break, to simply stop for a moment. Despite the fact that we take a vacation, once or twice per year, and have holidays and weekends to enjoy, it is often not enough and we feel that we need more. A number of solutions come to mind, including working out in a gym, jogging, fishing or shopping, however they do not always suffice. In order to fully restore your balance, Quadrille Spa recommends a relaxation method which employs extraordinary sound properties of the Far Eastern instruments – the so-called Tibetan bowls and gongs.

The bowls represent instruments with a several-thousand-year manufacturing tradition which, due to the latest technological possibilities, for a few decades have been used in different forms of relaxation, improvement of the quality of life and therapy. By a coincidence, man has discovered that some instruments emit soundwaves which are similar to the natural frequencies of a human body. This was confirmed by studies conducted with the use of engineering devices, which led to creation of instruments with strictly therapeutic properties while preserving the tradition and art of their manufacturing.

Vibrations emitted by sound bowls (also called Tibetan, Himalayan, singing, therapeutic bowls) and gongs work on three levels: body, mind and soul – our magic inside world.


In a physical sphere, the frequency of oscillation emitted by instruments is similar with those a human body is functioning within. Each of our organs, our interior structure vibrate in their own specific way. Different bowls emit soundwaves which penetrate our body, carry vibrations inside it. It is a highly delicate process, but due to its tuning up to suit our inner side, it is a pleasant and at the same time effective experience. The process positively affects structures inside our body leading to the release of muscle tension and stimulation of self-regeneration of the body.


The sounds of bowls and gongs make it possible to change your perception of self, your personal thoughts and emotions. The mind reaches a state which is observed during dozing, sound sleeping and meditation. People who expose themselves to the vibrations of bowls and gongs remain in full consciousness, however their perception of self and reality slightly changes.


During deep relaxation, you have a chance to experience your deeper spheres. The sounds of bowls and gongs will introduce you to the state in which thoughts flow but in a peaceful way. The experience is accompanied by involuntary images, visions which can be compared to conscious dreams, answers to difficult questions and dilemmas, and a clear perception of matters which we perceive as complicated and difficult to solve on everyday basis.

In Quadrille Spa, relaxation sessions are held twice per month. An updated calendar can be viewed on our website.

An individual sound massage session is a worthwhile experience. Based on the same rules and carried out with the use of the same instruments as in relaxation group sessions, the massage is conducted directly on the treated person’s body. In case you are interested in an individual sound massage, please book your treatment in advance by contacting the SPA reception staff.

Jakub Leonowicz, the Quadrille Spa therapist, composed an over 40-minute relaxation session which will take you to the other side of the mirror… Maintained in a peaceful atmosphere and created specifically for the hotel and Quadrille Spa Guests, this musical composition can be purchased in a form of a beautifully issued record.

Available for purchase in Quadrille SPA (or via e-mail orders).