Quality by Quadrille

Quality by Quadrille – why it is worth joining the group of our enthusiasts ? The Quality by Quadrille Program was developed in response to the needs of our guests who more and more frequently come back to us and are pleased when recognized by our personnel. They begin their stay in Quadrille long before […]

History of the Quadrille Palace

When you look at the beautiful Quadrille Palace, you may not be aware just how far its history reaches back into the past. There are a few things which we would like to tell you about. It is not known when the first manor building was built, however it is certain that the current palace […]

Quadrille – a member of Relais & Châteaux

Quadrille is not just another hotel, it is a new destination, purpose and ending point of a journey – all in one – in accordance with the motto: “Experience the Wonderland”. Such philosophy perfectly matches the values promoted by the Relais & Châteaux association, founded in France, which granted its membership to the Palace as […]

Massage with volcanic stones again at Quadrille Spa

The philosophy from which warm stone therapy is derived presupposes the unity of body and spirit. Only good psychophysical condition guarantees health, great well-being and radiant appearance. Therefore, in the Quadrille Spa menu you will again find a stone massage, which in a holistic way will complement the offer of original massages or rituals of […]

Holistic approach – what is it?

Today, more and more often people talk about a holistic approach to health, care, or it is referred to as a holistic place or treatment. The holistic approach is based on the assumption that not only the physical condition of the body is important for the health of a given individual. On a par with the […]

Ritual of the 4 worlds of the world – Aromasoul

Holidays are a time of carefree, regeneration, joy, long walks and sun that pampers our senses and body. Many of you dream of swimming in the azure sea, hot sands, but also many are looking for a place where, without crowds, outside the city center, they can rest from everyday life. If you are looking […]

Skin care around eyes

The skin around the eyes reacts extremely quickly to an unhealthy lifestyle. Pollution, poorly chosen home care, long hours of working at the computer in inappropriate light, lack of sleep, improper diet or even UV rays, which also irritate the eyelids and quickly dry the delicate skin around the eyes – all this does not […]

Podology as a branch of medicine in the 21st century

Podology is a branch of medicine dealing with the treatment and prevention of the lower limbs. In Poland, podiatry is still not very popular profession, but it is worth mentioning that despite the name associated with doctors, podiatrist is not a medical doctor. Thanks to the Polish Podiatry Society, this profession was officially entered on […]

Summer Spa

The long-awaited time of the year has come, when our body has a chance to recharge itself with positive energy, sun and nature.  The beginning of summer, which this year may not have come too quickly and on a grand scale, nevertheless prompts us to take care of ourselves.  Each time of the year, we […]

Skin care for men

Men’s skin, like women’s skin, needs proper care. Cosmetics manufacturers create special lines of preparations for men, which, in addition to caring properties, must meet the most important requirements, such as: light texture, delicate, “masculine” fragrance and practical packaging. Cosmetics should be selected according to the type and problem of the skin. Cleansing is the […]

Plant-based products by Marcin Popielarz

“Plant-based cuisine is extremely diverse and it would be a shame to waste its potential.” Marcin Popielarz Marcin Popielarz, chef patron at Biały Królik restaurant at Hotel Quadrille Relais & Châteaux in Gdynia and Biôli Trus at Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno, is well known from his passion for regional cuisine, strongly based on local products […]

How to take care of the skin of your hands and nails?

The skin on our hands is very sensitive and is particularly exposed to external factors such as frost, heat, UV radiation or chemicals contained in cleaning products. The current situation forces everyone to use various types of preparations for hands, which contain a high concentration of alcohol in their composition, which primarily causes intensive drying […]

Caviar tasting

We are always delighted when we can offer a new and special gourmet experience to our guests. That’s why we have prepared recently great Polish sturgeon caviar tasting. Antonius caviar has a great intense aromas and fantastic texture. It is extremely exclusive, the company uses only artisan, traditional methods of production. We serve it at […]

Chinese bubble

The use of the Chinese bubble goes back to the tradition of natural medicine cultivated 3,000 years ago. Nowadays, along with all hi-tech devices, the cult of the Chinese bubble does not disappear, but still supports many women in the fight for a beautiful, firm body. Considering how long its history is, it is worth […]

Cheese tasting

Led by our philosophy of rediscovering traditional Polish products, we offer our Guests the tasting of excellent Polish cheese. This selection is guided by variety of types, textures, colours as well as producers. We would love to share with Guests unique flavours created with passion by native cheese factories, accompanied by homemade pastries and preserves. […]

Safety measures

Dear Guests, With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and out of concern for the safety of our guests and employees, we have introduced extensive security measures in accordance with official guidelines. We have developed our own security manual and devoted the last weeks to trainings related to it. We believe that as an intimate boutique […]

Med 2 Contour – cellulite killer

A perfect figure, without a gram of cellulite, is the goal of many women who try to deal with imperfections related to the accumulation of excess water or fat under the skin. A firm and resilient body is often the result of enormous effort, exercise and diets. But sometimes, this is not enough and specialist […]

The 10/6 Pub

The 10/6 Pub is a special place in the palace and park complex of the five-star Quadrille Relais & Chateaux Hotel in Gdynia. The unique name refers to the Hatter’s Day –  the Hatter is one of the main heroes in the novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which constitutes the main theme of the entire […]

How to take care of your feet at home?

The feet are an extremely important part of the body because they bear all our weight for many hours a day. Usually we are to blame for neglecting them or for feeling uncomfortable with heavy and swollen feet. Their care should be carried out systematically throughout the year, not only in the so-called “flip season”. […]

A unique place for the engagement

When the relationship is flourishing there comes a moment when the couple wants something more. They begin dreaming about their future life and their wedding. But before we get there, first comes the engagement. Although this is not a wedding day, it will also be engraved in their memory forever so all the details are […]

The exfoliating treatments – Peel Mission

Acid facial treatment is an effective weapon against the most frequent skin disorders. Acne, wrinkles, discoloration, blackheads, small scars – all these problems can certainly be resolved by applying the effective facial acids. In this case, age is of no importance since the benefits resulting from treating the skin with mandelic, salicylic or azelaic acids […]

A unique wedding reception

While planning a wedding reception, the future Bride and Groom want this day to be exceptional. After all, it will be engraved in their memory forever. More and more people look for some setting combining the traditional elements with something unique and extravagant. One of the ideas worth looking into is a wedding reception held […]

Extraordinary Idea for Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party is a perfect opportunity for pre-wedding fun around men. Although it might not resemble the adventures from The Hangover movie, it can be an exquisite fun to remember forever. Wedding involves significant level of stress, so it is worth organizing a bachelor party where the Fiancé could relax and forget the nerves. The […]

Respite for Men at Quadrille Spa

A stay in Spa is a prefect offer for men with continuing lack of time and holidays, living under constant stress, as well as those who look for some alternative for typical male leisure activity. Luckily, the stereotype indicating that Spa is a „mecca” for women and making use of various wellness treatments is extremely […]

Spa for pregnant women – what kind of treatment is appropriate?

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and dreams of relaxing in Spa. It also applies to future mums, and there is nothing unusual about it. Although some women may have their doubts, there are a number of nourishing treatments that will not harm the health of a mum-to-be and her baby, but even improve it. […]

Chefs for Change, namely what is dear to the rabbit’s heart

Chefs for Change is a series of charity vegetable dinners organized in different cities in Poland by the ambassadors of RoślinnieJemy campaign: Maria Przybyszewska, Tomasz Olewski, Marcin Popielarz and Grzegorz Łapanowski. The project aims to promote the idea of vegetable cuisine in restaurants and daily life. The RoślinnieJemy campaign aims to educate consumers on vegetable […]

Tibetan bowl and gong concerts

The relaxing concerts with Tibetan bowls and gongs are very popular in the Quadrille Hotel. Those of you who have not heard of them, please visit the previous post (https://quadrille.pl/misy-tybetanskie) where you can find more detailed information about the relaxing concerts and their benefits. This time, since there is a growing number of questions about […]

Forlle’d – cosmeceuticals worth the Nobel Prize

The laboratory, production plants and international patents make the Forlle’d brand shine like a star among thousands of other professional anti-ageing products. Therefore, it perfectly matches the philosophy of Quadrille Spa, where we successfully combine the latest technology and facial and body care with the state of relaxation offered to our guests. Forlle’d was established […]

Themed hotels

Why does a stay in themed hotel seem so attractive? People have constantly been looking for novelties and emotions. It also refers to planning leisure time. When we have already seen nearby attractions, we begin to feel like we are missing something and we want to visit other more remote places. As a result, we […]

Himalayan salt in Quadrille Spa

Increasingly popular, also in healthcare and cosmetology, pinkish salt comes from the Himalayas and is mined there under traditional methods. Its uniqueness originates, first of all, from crystal purity resulting from air quality present during its crystallization process. The Himalayan salt of micro-molecular structure is a real abundance of elements and minerals. There are over […]

Engagement and marriage proposal – is there a difference ?

The engagement is an exceptional moment in any relationship. It involves a serious declaration and a promise of marriage. It is one of those moments people keep in their memory forever; therefore, its setting should be remarkable. Traditionally, there are two concepts: engagement and marriage proposal, but are they equal ? Although both concepts refer […]

Facial cleansing treatments

One of the skin prime functions is to protect the human body against any adverse impact of external factors. The skin is like a mirror and can reveal the lack of care resulting from incorrectly selected skincare or negligent cleansing. We wash our face at least twice a day, which gives us 730 opportunities in […]

How about a themed wedding?

Thinking about a wedding, each of us has imagined it at some point as a uniquely exceptional and unforgettable day, the beginning of a new life. Driven by excellence, we intend to offer ourselves and our guests a unique event they will talk about for weeks and reminisce about after many years. Why not give […]

White Rabbit’s Christmas Menu

White Rabbit restaurant cares for the tradition, Polish products and regional recipes, but gives them a new and unique form. It will be no different this Christmas and New Year’s holiday season. The Christmas menu, available in White Rabbit restaurant already from 27th November, is the essence of childhood memories of our Chef, Rafał Koziorzemski, […]

10 Pillars of Quadrille Philosophy

1. Our motto: Experience the Wonderland! It means we invite you to enjoy the moment of repose, peace, luxury and uniqueness. Something we all dream about but still only a few indulge themselves with. We would like to inspire, surprise and enchant. „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, which has given grounds for the concept of our […]

Corporate Christmas Eve supper in Gdynia, Christmas Party, Julebord… all about traditions of Christmas gatherings

Christmas and last days of the calendar year are a special time for looking back at the passing year and drawing conclusions. It is also a time of mutual kindness and enjoyment of the festive atmosphere while waiting for the new year to come. Celebrating Christmas Eve with your work colleagues builds family like relations, […]

My secret is Zaffiro

“That accounts for it. He [Time] won’t stand beating. Now, if you only kept on good terms with him, he’d do almost anything you liked with the clock.” Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland Skin ageing and wrinkle formation processes are affected by muscle work, free radicals, UV radiation, viral diseases or inflammations but above […]

In search of perfect depilation

No scratches? No razor blades? No creams? Is that possible? Perfectly smooth legs, armpits or bikini line – nowadays these are basic elements of women’s everyday care! Just around a few dozen years ago, women were not used to removing hair from their armpits, legs and all the more, from the bikini area. In the […]

Spa Weekend for Two

Most of us have a busy lifestyle, finding fulfilment at work, among our friends and at home. When we add our passions and interests to this list, there is really not much time left for rest. We often promise ourselves that we are going to make up for it during the weekend but then instead […]

Spa for Ladies

There are many reasons for visiting Quadrille Spa. Relaxation? Beauty treatment? Meeting with girlfriends? Quadrille Spa is an ideal place for relaxation and regeneration, both on your own and with a friend. After a long tiring day of work or household chores, each of us deserves a drop of healthy egoism, physical and psychological recuperation […]

Ideas for inspiring conferences and business meetings

Contemporary conferences and company meetings often extend beyond its substance by offering additional benefits to the participants. These may include an interesting interlude facilitating absorption of information, as well as team building activities or activities aimed at relaxation and simply having good fun and building positive emotions related to the event. The whole infrastructure of […]

Eventful Gdynia – “Wspólna Kaczka” and other

In the Tricity hierarchy, Gdynia is sometimes listed as the last one. It may seem that this relatively young city is unable to compete with the large historic Gdańsk and entertainment centre of Sopot which boasts health resort traditions dating back to the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Meanwhile, officially existing since 1926, […]

Adults only Hotel and Spa with wellness area and a pool

Looking for a wellness area with a swimming pool, saunas and a Jacuzzi, away from hustle and bustle, away from children’s hubbub? Dreaming of a romantic stay in a hotel with elegant interiors, delicious food and a wellness centre with a pool where you can relax and find some peace and quiet? Adults only Quadrille […]

Polish Film Festival at Quadrille

The 43rd edition of the Polish Film Festival will be held in Gdynia from 17th to 22nd September 2018. Each year, the newest Polish film productions are presented at the Festival to compete over the main award – the Golden Lions. This year, the most popular competition films include “Cold War” by Paweł Pawlikowski and […]

Alice’s Garden

The leitmotif of “Alice in Wonderland” is one of the characteristic features of Quadrille. Theme hotels are established all over the world, however they are still quite unique in Poland. In Quadrille, the leitmotif of Alice is marked in a multi-faceted but subtle way. It can be found in the interior design, hotel-related names, as […]

Wedding beauty planner

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in our life. We all wish for this day to be absolutely perfect and become one of our most pleasant memories. And how does it really look like? A young couple get so exhausted with handling formalities and preparations for their big day that they […]

Birthday alchemy by Quadrille

Quadrille is a truly ideal venue for organization of some of the most memorable events. Our Guests dream of a perfect day in perfect surroundings and it takes a recipe for success to make their dreams come true. The main ingredients include a touch of design, beautiful natural surroundings, a surprising menu and lots and […]

Film side of Quadrille

Today, we would like to talk about the Tenth Muse which is film art and about its connection to the Quadrille Palace and Gdynia. Let us start from the fact that until recently, the building of the hotel served as the seat of Gdynia Film School – Post-Secondary Non-public Film College. The school was founded […]

In search of an ideal massage

A variety of techniques of working with body provides us with a possibility of choosing among classic, sports, cosmetic, anti-cellulite and therapeutic massages, manual therapy or strictly relaxing rituals. In Quadrille Spa, we have prepared a special massage which combines the most effective elements of work on soft tissue in order to achieve a comprehensive […]

San Pellegrino Young Chef Final

On May 13 in Milan took place the world final of San Pellegrino Young Chef – one of the most prestigious culinary competitions dedicated to young chefs under 30 year’s old. This relatively recent competition enjoys huge visibility due to the high organizational level and strict evaluation criteria. Adepts, by submitting the application, describe in […]

Attractions of Gdynia and Tricity

A home to Quadrille Palace, Gdynia is a relatively young city which will celebrate a centennial in eight years. Its development was triggered by construction of a port which was aimed at securing Poland’s access to the sea within an insecure period between WWI and WWII. A lot has changed since that time and apart […]

In search of modern perfection

Human body is extremely fascinating. To a certain extent, we are all obsessed with our appearance. With spring approaching quickly, achieving and maintaining an attractive figure becomes a priority. Even during a simple conversation, while seemingly being absorbed by verbal communication, we just have to at least take one glance at ourselves and the people […]

The Head Chef and his new tasting cycles

We have already presented the White Rabbit’s Head Chef Marcin Popielarz and the philosophy of his cuisine. Today, we would like to tell you about his newest culinary ideas which you will be able to taste upon your visit at White Rabbit. Introduced just a few days ago, our new menu includes two new tasting […]

Tibetan bowls and gongs

There comes a time when we feel a need to take a break, to simply stop for a moment. Despite the fact that we take a vacation, once or twice per year, and have holidays and weekends to enjoy, it is often not enough and we feel that we need more. A number of solutions […]

White Rabbit – tradition and modernity

Located in the Quadrille Palace, the White Rabbit restaurant is an unusual place which widens the horizons of culinary experiences and at the same time, brings back the flavours from our childhood years. Here, traditional dishes are masterfully combined with modern trends. Together with unique interior designs of each of the three restaurant halls, it […]

Looking for a needle in a cosmetic haystack

Aesthetic cosmetology treatments are very popular, the number of their enthusiasts is increasing from year to year. They help us eliminate our complexes, make our bodies more attractive without surgical intervention. However, for these treatements to be conducted properly, safely and effectively, quality of the equipment offered in treatment rooms is of utmost importance. Women’s […]

Quadrille – An Adult Friendly Hotel

An inaugural blog entry is a perfect occasion to introduce the philosophy of Quadrille based, among others, on a trend which has for some time now been popular in tourist accommodation industry around the world – the so-called adults only hotels. The term means that a given object is dedicated to guests above a certain […]