Alice’s Garden

The leitmotif of “Alice in Wonderland” is one of the characteristic features of Quadrille. Theme hotels are established all over the world, however they are still quite unique in Poland. In Quadrille, the leitmotif of Alice is marked in a multi-faceted but subtle way. It can be found in the interior design, hotel-related names, as well as the atmosphere. This way, it is noticeable but not dominating. Quadrille’s leitmotif attracts fans of this unique novel, those who just for a moment would like to find themselves on the other side of the mirror and would like to share this experience with their friends and companions. Giving free rein to imagination makes it possible to bring Alice’s Garden to life.

Just a few distinctive stage set elements are enough to transform the park surrounding the Palace. Thus, an impressive figure of Alice’s guide – the White Rabbit – watching over the entrance to the building serves as an invitation to the alternative world guarded by large-sized playing cards placed in strategic spots. Here, the time is measured by a gigantic crazy clock glanced at by armchair-masks. The chessboard spread over the path is a reference to the game of chess played by the characters of the novel, whereas a large colourful hat located on the grass alludes to the Mad Hatter. These elements are complemented by the lighting which brings out the magic of spreading trees and enriches the fairy tale atmosphere of the Palace and the Garden.

The scenery is taken over by professional actors and performers playing individual roles emphasized by costumes and make-up. The characters of “Alice in Wonderland” greet the guests, flash by and disappear in order to appear in a different place. Only the Cat is sitting on a windowsill stretching slowly and playing with a ball of wool. Decor of the White Rabbit halls itself refers to the events taking place outdoors. Tables and fireplaces are decorated with colourful wild flowers, odd bottle vases and… moss. Sophisticated dishes appealing to all senses serve as a perfect addition to the unusual aura. The dinner is held in this special atmosphere and afterwards, under the Mad Hatter’s command, Alice, the Rabbit and the Clock lead the guests from the Palace to the Garden.

It is then time for artistic performances in the Garden, such as a beautiful opera etude by two Golden Piggies, a catlike performance from the “Cats” musical, and a “Swan Lake” ballet performance by swans. The Mad Hatter is also expecting the guests for a tea served at a gigantic table, richly covered with multi-coloured tableware and very odd cookies. Everything happens in a slow motion in brocade dust, in the company of Alice, the Clock, Swans, Piggies and the Rabbit. The characters interact with the guests, who pose for photos with them and then watch colourful Bird-Stilters and admire the performance of a card magician. Thus, the real and magical worlds are combined. The guests have fun with the characters and together, they enjoy the attractions of the following part of the evening: an alternative music concert and a spectacular fire show.

Nowadays when so many events are organized in very similar ways, it is nice to try something different, to surprise your guests and make them feel a part of the occasion. An event inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” is, undoubtedly, an exceptional experience and a guarantee of a long-lasting memory. Moreover, the guests will appreciate the organizer’s efforts and will feel very special.