Double Deluxe Room of William Shakespeare

"The Tempest"

Storms and squalls, ups and downs constitute an inseparable part of human existence.


"The Tempest" was the last independently written play by William Shakespeare which he treated as the final farewell and his artistic testament. The main character – Prospero – is the same age as the author at the time of creating the play. In a symbolic final scene, Prospero breaks his wand and drowns his books, just like Shakespeare destroyed his manuscripts.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”


Double Deluxe Room of William Shakespeare

Find your private island of solace which will drive dark clouds away and will make the sun shine again.

A warm atmosphere is created by wooden floors and under-ceiling elements used for the lights hanging on thick ropes, as well as by remarkable tables made in the shape of wooden fire-kissed stumps. Simplicity of the interior is enriched by a romantic metal bed, a decorative bathtub with legs, whose charming style refers to previous centuries, and an openwork lamp.