unique wedding

A unique wedding reception

While planning a wedding reception, the future Bride and Groom want this day to be exceptional. After all, it will be engraved in their memory forever. More and more people look for some setting combining the traditional elements with something unique and extravagant. One of the ideas worth looking into is a wedding reception held in a place much more interesting than a standard wedding venue.

The traditional weddings have a long-standing tradition. The same games, the same music and the same dishes. How about trying something more creative? Moving on to higher things and planning the reception completely different? More and more often, the Couples look for unique inspirations and new ideas. They should get familiar, for example, with the offer of themed hotels.

What is the themed hotel distinguished by?

The themed hotels are very popular around the world. Although until recently they have enjoyed little popularity in Poland, they are gaining appreciation because of their exceptionality. And since the Couple is focused on the unique charm, what can be better than a wedding reception in such a place? The main idea behind a themed hotel refers to the fact that when you set foot in the place, you can feel like entering a completely different world. The most famous themed hotel in the world is Disneyland, but it is difficult to organize a wedding reception there. So where in Poland can we find a themed hotel where we can organize an unforgettable and elegant wedding reception?

Wedding reception in the „Alice in Wonderland” style

A marvellous offer is certainly provided by the Quadrille Hotel, where you can find elements from the all-time novel „Alice in Wonderland”. The hotel is located in a beautiful palace surrounded with greenery and far away from the noisy city. The interior is arranged in a lavish and elegant style, and you can find elements related to the adventures of the main character at every turn. At the entrance to the hotel you can see a large chessboard which makes the foyer floor. Similarly sophisticated and elegant is the interior of the hotel restaurant White Rabbit, where the wedding reception will be held. Around the palace there are numerous beautiful paths, the garden and the fountain; therefore, the reception (or its part) can also be organized in the open air. Although the subtle details related to the famous book are almost everywhere, we can take a step further and plan something more.

A wedding unlike any other

As the interior and the entire surroundings of the hotel refer to the Wonderland, we could add a few more elements to make it more attractive and get people in an excellent mood. For example, on the grass we can install large chess pieces, the famous Hatter’s hat or armchairs and furniture resembling masks. To create an exceptional effect, during the party the guests can be entertained by actors playing the characters of the novel. The Bride and Groom as well as the wedding guests will feel enchanted! Since everything will be harmonious and unique, you can be certain that no one is going to forget this wedding reception. Besides, no one will manage to outdo your party in terms of exceptionality. The wedding ceremony and reception define the one and exceptional day in people’s lives, so it is worth doing everything to have a fairy-tale event. Choosing the Quadrille themed hotel is a guarantee that this will come true.

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