A unique place for the engagement

When the relationship is flourishing there comes a moment when the couple wants something more. They begin dreaming about their future life and their wedding. But before we get there, first comes the engagement. Although this is not a wedding day, it will also be engraved in their memory forever so all the details are important.

Men usually think long about the venue for the engagement. The choice is not easy since everyone has other preferences. On the one hand, you can choose something traditional, on the other – uniqueness is in great demand. You need to consider your partner’s expectations as for the engagement. And what if the man is not sure what is going to make the greatest impression?  Are there any universal recipes?


An evening dinner in a restaurant is very elegant but also quite predictable. A lot of men choose this option. You can take one step further, keeping the engagement traditional and making it unique and exceptional at the same time. For example, you can organize the engagement in a hotel. In particular, the one which can guarantee elegance and unique surroundings. Just a stay in such a place can be very romantic, and an evening dinner in candlelight is something completely different than the one in a simple restaurant. The Quadrille Hotel comes forward. Why shall we choose this place?

First of all, because it looks like a fairy-tale palace, and on such an exceptional engagement day a woman will feel like a princess. Interestingly, the hotel interior alone, referring to the novel „Alice in Wonderland”, is an invitation to adventure. Moreover, we prepared a special engagement offer for the couples in love. After the soon-to-be-engaged couple sets foot in the place, they feel like entering the world of magic. Then, they move on into a room with a sweet surprise waiting for them, and later, to the restaurant – with a cosy table in an exclusive area and discreet service. Together with the tasting menu we offer wine pairing enhancing the flavour of dishes and evoking an excellent mood. A bouquet of flowers will make the whole event complete. There is a possibility to organize an additional attraction in the form of live music, on request. Could you have a more romantic engagement?


Good hotels usually provide a SPA offer. Instead of organizing the engagement in a traditional restaurant, we can hold it at the SPA. Ideally, this should be an adult-only space just like in the Quadrille, where in quiet surroundings we offer some relaxing respite and intimacy. A lot of women are going to like the relaxing stay at the Spa ending with a marriage proposal. It should be noted that the water zone can be reserved exclusively for the couple so the surroundings will be favourable to express love. Regardless of a chosen option, you do not need to worry that something will spoil the moment since our professional service will oversee the situation.

The engagement involves strong emotions so it is good to make sure everything will go smoothly. You should also exclude any potential difficulties. The higher degree of certainty that everything will go well, the lower level of stress. The Quadrille Hotel is an adult-only hotel, where we invite people of over 16 years of age. Therefore, there is no risk that some toddler will start running around or crying in the most important moment. In such circumstances, the romantic charm is gone in an instant. It is worth ensuring that the magical evening will last as long as it possibly can.