Relaxing concert “Down the rabbit hole…”

We would like to invite you on an unusual journey into the depths of your inner self,
in a concentrated and relaxing atmosphere of the sounds of Tibetan bowls and gongs.

It is a concert, but just like in Wonderland everything is upside down… The guests are lying covered
with blankets and experience the whole concert concentrated on themselves, with their eyes closed.

The instruments used and their implementation derive from distant countries of the Himalayas region
and have a highly positive influence on body and mind. The sounds of Tibetan gongs and bowls remove
tiredness, soothe thoughts and calm nervous tension, as well as enhance self-awareness.

Sessions are conducted by Jakub Leonowicz – a certified therapist and musician.

Price: PLN 50
Registration: or + 48 609991209
[limited number of participants]

24 June 2017 at 19:30 - 21:00