Japanese Shiatsu Massage Weekend

We are happy to invite on a weekend of relax due to the recipes of the Far East culture.
Shiatsu massage is the art of touch that is centering, grounding and deeply relaxing.
It brings a sense of harmony and peace within your body and mind.
The goal of shiatsu bodywork is revitalization and deep relaxation achieved by balancing
the flow of vital life energy (known by Chinese as “Qi”) in the body of a person being massaged.
That art of touch derived from Japan. Shiatsu is given on a futon (Japanese mattress)
which lies on the floor exactly as it was done traditionally in Japan. Shiatsu bodyworker
presses down chosen acupressure points and works with the meridians of a client
who wears comfortable clothes. As a result of unblocking stagnation in the flow of “Qi”
in different parts of the body, the person is deeply refreshed and reconnected
to one’s natural life forces.
Marta Czepukojć – certified bodyworker of shiatsu and a life-coach, she studied shiatsu
in the European Shiatsu School and was taught by British shiatsu therapist Peter Woodcraft.
More details : spa@quadrille.pl, 609991209
22 July 2017 at 09:00 - 23 July